Advantages of Micro-Influencer Marketing

Generally, influencers are people that have a strong online presence and reputation on social media. They are individuals or groups who can be a great brand ambassador. However, there are different types of influencers, namely; Macro- influencers and Micro-influencers.

Depending on the size of a company and its intended sector that has to be advertised, a brand should focus on promoting itself using different influencers. but, not all influencers are a good fit for all brands or digital marketing platforms.

Micro-influencers are influencers with 10,000 to 100,000 followings. So they may not be Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but they are certainly a figure in their own right, and most importantly…

easier to Entice, Attract, and Market on.

Social media micro-influencer marketing

If a small business needs to promote itself online, collaborating with a macro-influencer or a celebrity is not a good choice, because it would be too expensive and a start-up brand will not be able to handle the generated cost.

Besides, they may not even be compelled enough to promote your brand and company. So the Advantages of micro-influencer Marketing is TEN-FOLD.

Micro-Influencer Marketing 

As mentioned a micro-influencer only has 1,000 to 100,000 followers. They concentrate on a particular market or niche and are largely known as an industry expert or specialist on the subject. They have stronger connections than macro-influencers. Just because they are a lot more modest and relatable with a more intimate number of followers.

Henceforth, such pioneers in social media have minor but highly active followers, and as a company, you can also work with them for much less than it would cost to hire a celebrity or macro influencer

Many people still believe that a successful influencer must have millions of followers, which simply isn’t true. As much as the influencers’ number of followers is higher, their engagement rate with their followers is lower.

Through the value of micro marketing, a brand can gain advanced leverage in the industry, because it is applying target marketing on their consumers and users.

Marketing with Micro-Influencers 

Influencer marketing began with brands that paid celebrities to promote their services and products for years. There have always been so many celebrities available, who usually charge a massive sum of money. That is why celebrity marketing doesn’t work well for all brands on different scales specifically when they are just starting.

Here you can find Ten Advantages of Micro-influencer marketing:

1.  Targeted Audiences = Target Marketing

Note that micro-influencers have more tailored follower accounts than millions of celebrities’ followers. For example, if a clothing brand partners with a celebrity with a massive number of followers on Instagram. There’s an incredibly high chance that a large percentage of people who may be following the said celebrity will not be interested in fashion.

Moreover, the millions of followers of the celebrity may not even be in the same location or even continent as the celebrity promoting the clothes. So even if they were interested they would not be able to obtain the product.

On the contrary, if the clothing brand is linked to 100 fashion small bloggers with about 1,000 followers each, it would connect to a smaller but more targeted and engaged audience. Their Audiences would abide by every recommendation presented, and these targeted social audiences give you better demographic content of your customers.

2.   Higher Engagement Rates

While choosing micro-influencer marketing, there may not be as many followers as the superstars, but they have an active close relationship with their followers. They work with highly active and vocal people who frequently respond to posts on social media or blogs, and there is an enormous trust between them and their audiences; because of their relevant admirations.

Their supporters are also really interested in what is posted by the influencer and take their advice seriously. This trait alone enhances; your engagement rate as a brand, your name in social media, and your return of investment.

Micro influencers Instgaram

3.   High Conversions

Considering marketing using a micro-influencer supports your brand through the easiest strategy, and you will earn revenue from their fans and see an improvement in the number of your connections and consumers effortlessly.

Many of the micro-influencers marketers are specialized experts in their field. Whether it’s lifestyle, travel, tech, or gadgets; their followers believe their sharing on the subject is honest and real. These followers can help achieve a higher conversion value compared to cooperations who use larger influencers.

4.   Affordability

The vast majority of micro-influencers are ordinary people who use social media and blogging as a hobby next to their daily lives. Because of this, businesses will usually work with them at a significantly lower financial cost or none at all.

To find these influencers; there are some resources like; influencer marketing networks that have collected the names of the thousands of micro-influencers marketers in a database. A company can decide with whom they would like to collaborate, and which one would have a better platform and conclusively likely be a better fit.

Then, the company has to pay a subscription fee to be a member of one of these campaigns. However, the expense is still considerably cheaper than paying massive fees to macro-influencers or celebrities.

On the other hand, often at times, these influencers may choose to obtain products rather than the financial cost, and they may hold off on their payment in order to initially attract and gather more people for a longer presence as an influencer.

5.   Authenticity

Being close to followers is one of the most important values of marketing and working with micro-influencers. If a follower relates and communicates with a micro-influencer on social media who has the same desires and regular niches as themselves; they can feel their satisfaction, understand them, and relate to them a lot faster and easier.

The problem with macro-influencer and celebrities marketing is that they never feel authentic. Primarily because they are always far from their fans, and according to the fans unrelatable to their lives.

Henceforth, it is up to the micro-influencers to be selective about the goods and topics that they would want to share, advertise, and market. Because authenticity in marketing is everything to their followers who want relatability and reliability. It is the only way that an influencer can sustain their engagement rates.

6.   Long-Term Relationships in Micro-Influencer Marketing 

Long-term partnership with the influencer is more important to your market than “on and off” relationships. As this connection is more real and sincere when an influencer promotes a brand over a long time, rather than a few weeks of a one-off campaign.

Since the cost of macro-influencers and celebrities is so high, it is dramatically a lot more difficult and impractical for brands to sustain long-term partnerships that will have long-term effects with celebrities. For long-term projects, micro-influencers offer a more cost-effective strategy for marketing and a better value in the investment.

7.   Where Advertisements DON’T Reach

Most users today have ad blockers and there are some people who are even ad-blind; that means they don’t pay attention to the advertisements that are in front of them and instead carry on with their intention. People are tired of ads and apply every strategy to ignore them.

But today more or less everyone is on social media, and they all concentrate on the social media platform’s content and insights. Using professional influencers put ads in front of the right people at the right time through strategical marketing.

8.   Higher ROI (Return on Investment)

Because of the improved reliability, confidence, and higher conversion rate potential, while working with micro-influencers, you will gain; a better return on your investment, with a lower cost rate, than if you were to spend with a macro-influencer.

Additionally, you can spread the budget through multiple influencers and channels. This way enhancing the value of micro-influencer marketing for your own organization and adding a wider range across both your audiences and locations.

Social media expert

9.   A Higher Number of People to Work With

Research from “Mention” reveals that nearly 16 per-cent of Instagram users were micro-influencer marketing groups. It sums up to 1 billion Instagram users, that means a company might potentially work with 157 million influencers.

Besides, this also creates a competitive domain that allows you as the company or brand to have the upper hand in attracting these influencers and creating an; all rights reserved on that specific influencer.

Also, the good news for your organization is that no matter what your niche may be, there’s someone to partner with in relevance to your brand and organization

10.  Give a Human Character to Your Brand

Humanizing your brand is critical to creating brand awareness and consumer loyalty through a genuine strategy. Using an influencer already allows you to obtain this loyalty in the eyes of your customers.

But it certainly adds value to the relatability and reliability of how your influencer is marketing your brand if you treat your influencer with the same respect as your customers. When people’s communication with an organization is more than just an official corporation and contract, it goes a long way in maintaining a positive relationship.

Especially, because you would have to bear in mind that at the end of the day these influencers are just like your customers; they are normal people and not professional actors or marketers. Henceforth, their satisfaction with your brand would bluntly be obvious to their followers and so will impact your customers. If as a brand you do want all rights reserved on your customers and their loyalty, you need the trust and satisfaction of your influencer to equally gain their support.


To summarise; Micro-influencers help marketers quickly achieve their marketing target, with minimum cost and maximum time. They are particularly advantageous because they are cost-effective and efficient for small businesses, and they have higher rates of interaction comparison to macro-influencers, meaning more people will notice your brand.

Lastly, they have a real niche audience, and this will give you more high-quality and reliable leads. In return, this reliability will decrease risk management and marketing loss aversion through targeted marketing strategy. These Modern-day Marketing Campaigns is the highest effective strategy to target the new age consumer, while also increasing sales and revenue.

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