10 Top Apps to Create Instagram Stories

Do you know how you can make your Instagram stories more beautiful with some applications? In this post, I’ll let you know 10 top tools by which you can create attractive Instagram stories.

Why Instagram?

First, you need to know why you should use Instagram. Here is some reason to choose this network both for business growth and improve personal development:


Visual content is on the rise and Instagram is one of the best multimedia-based social networks.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the funniest features on social media. Although it’s a copied version of Snapchat’s Story, it’s now way more popular than that.

High engagement rates

Engagement rates on Instagram are considerably higher than those on other social platforms. 

Number of users

More than 1 billion users are using Instagram monthly and 500 million of them use it at least once a day.

Age and gender of users

The majority of Instagram users are less than 35 years old and 52% of them are women.

Business profiles

More than 80% of users on Instagram follow at least one business profile and use the platform to find their favorite products/services.

These aspects make Instagram unique among many social alternatives so you need to use it to grow your business online.

Why Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is one of the greatest places to share your moments with your audiences. It’s a self-destructive post that automatically disappears after 24 hours.

When you want to tell a story that’s important just for one day, Instagram Stories is a perfect choice. With this feature, you can make a sense of urgent and encourage your visitors to be aware of what story you want to tell.

Moreover, there are a few things such as:

  • 500 million users use Instagram Stories each day.
  • 1 out of 4 young people uses Stories to find products and services.
  • 15%–25% of users swipe up on business links in Stories.

So you need to use Instagram Stories to get ahead of this competition on social media. Of course, everyone can post a mediocre story so you have to perform better to gain the attention of more users.

There are many useful tools that can be helpful when it comes to creating a beautiful Instagram story. Try to use these tools to do this social media job better and be different from other accounts on Instagram.

10 Top Tools to Make Instagram Stories

Here is the list of best applications that you can use to create beautiful Instagram stories. 

1. Over

Over is a great tool for creating Instagram stories and allows you to add any text and graphics on your images or even videos!

With tones of images, fonts, and templates, Over is one of the best Instagram story editors available out there. Using Over, you can easily create high-quality stories for your Instagram campaigns and grab the attention of more audiences.

2. Storyluxe

One of the newest apps for creating fantastic Instagram stories is Storyluxe. This app has numerous templates for Instagram Stories allowing you to make your stories stand out.

If you want to find unique and creative templates for your Instagram campaigns, Storyluxe is a must-use application. You can also make your story better with its background suggestions, filters, and color pallets.

3. InShot

InShot is a great tool for editing videos or pictures and you can use it for creating stories on Instagram. This app provides you with a lot of features to simplify the process of creating Instagram stories. 

With these features, you are able to trim, break, cut, crop, or combine images to reach your desired design. This app also offers various filters that help you to be more creative.

4. StoryArt

StoryArt is one of the most favorite Instagram Stories makers among Instagram users. This app provides you with a vast variety of templates that you can use to easily create Instagram stories for your campaign. 

Apart from the templates, it also provides a vast variety of interface effects to make Instagram stories unique. 

5. Storyboost

Animations are really on the rise and Instagram is a great place to use them. If you’re looking to add professional animations to your Instagram stories, you need to become familiar with the power of Storyboost.

With Storyboost, you can easily create slides with animations and engaging transitions between each slide. Using this method, your visitors will never stop watching your stories.

6. Canva

Canva is a common photo editor that allows you to create beautiful images for your Instagram stories. With this app, you can easily overlay any text or effects on your images.

This is actually a graphic design app that has more than 600,000 sets of templates and 1 million backgrounds. You can easily use them to make engaging Instagram stories and include a lot of cool stickers, stock images, and filters.

7. PhotoGrid

This is a cool and easy-to-use application for making collages of images or videos that are extremely useful for your Instagram stories.

PhotoGrid has also a lot of beautiful templates that you can choose from, specifically for Instagram Stories. This has also a variety of filters, fonts, stickers, and effects to make your images more attractive. ‎

You can use PhotoGrid to create memes for Instagram Stories and add GIFs to them.

8. Adobe Spark

Making Instagram stories would be really easy when using Adobe Spark application. The Spark app allows users to add video clips or combine images and create high-quality video stories.

Adding effects to images is another feature of the app that can be of use when creating Instagram stories. You will be able to add various sound effects to animations and different filters to images in your stories and making them more attractive.

9. Unfold

This is a freemium/premium tool for editing Instagram stories. The app ‎provides you with unique templates for creating your Instagram stories and ‎supports both photo and video stories.

You will have numerous design options without being forced to set up an account. You can easily download the ‎app and immediately start making high-quality stories and directly share them on Instagram.‎

10. Typorama

You can’t find any better app than Typorama if you’re searching for an app that lets you easily add fun texts to your Instagram story.

It helps you to quickly create beautiful designs by selecting a context and typing your message. The app has a large variety of styles than you can choose from to improve the quality of your Instagram stories.

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