Top social media marketing jobs in 2020

Looking for a well-paid job? Do you want to get rid of traditional workplaces? Social media has provided this chance for everyone to make a good amount of money.

In this post, we’re going to introduce several important social media marketing jobs. Take the time and read the following sentences to know how you can get one of these positions.

Social media

More than a whopping 3.5 billion people around the globe are using smartphones. The thing is that these people don’t use smartphones just to call.

Many of them are using other features of digital technologies. Social media are one of the most sought after features of smartphones that is outdoing the initial application of cell phones.

Social media has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other. The number of social media apps/sites with different features is increasing year by year.

Here are top social media platforms in 2020:

Number Platform Founded Monthly active users
1 Facebook 2004 2.45 billion
2 YouTube 2005 2 billion
3 Instagram 2010 1 billion
4 TikTok 2016 800 million
5 Snapchat 2011 360 million
6 Twitter 2006 330 million
7 Pinterest 2010 322 million
8 LinkedIn 2009 260 million

Social media marketing

With an unbelievable audience reach that social media platforms can provide, almost all businesses are marketing their products/services on them.

Of course, marketing via these apps/sites is not as easy as you might think. Great knowledge of the market, detailed information about the niche audience, and also a good command in social media features are required.

Be sure that every successful brand has a strategy for social media marketing to achieve SMART goals:

  1. Goals should specifically determine what should be achieved in the end.
  2. Goals should be measurable.
  1. Goals should be attainable based on the resources.
  2. Goals should be relevant to the niche.
  3. Goals should be time-bound.

And this is just the first stage if a business owner wants to embark on social marketing.

After setting goals, they should:

  1. Identify niche audiences
  2. Select suitable social services
  3. Generate content
  4. Increase followers and engage with them
  5. Analyze the performance

As you can see, social media marketing has a lot of aspects that are required to be taken care of. So, many job opportunities have been created during the last decade to respond to these needs.

Top social media marketing jobs

Every stage of social media marketing needs its own expertise. Searching social media jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed, Freelancer and other similar sites will result in thousands of job opportunities.

Fortunately, you can even do these jobs remotely. In fact, you don’t have to be at the company’s workplace. Remote working in the world is skyrocketing, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19.

This has several advantages for both companies and social media employees. Companies’ expenses for facilities, computers, and workplaces will reduce significantly. Social media employees can also use their free times and pay less for commuting.

Of course, the salary of social media team members who work remotely is considerably less than that of traditional employees.

No worries though, we recommend to pay attention to your performance and try to work with professional groups. This will definitely lead to higher salaries sooner than you can imagine.

Here are several important social media marketing jobs:

Social Media Director

This is a perfect job opportunity that you can achieve on social media. A social media director takes care of the most important decisions about the company’s social media policy.

He/she might avoid involving in all details of everyday social activities. However, all these details must have been done according to his/her plans.

In fact, short-term activities of social media managing team is not the director’s concern. Overall objectives of the campaign and annual performance of the project is his/her main duty.

Generally speaking, a social media director should:

  • Help in developing social media marketing strategies
  • Take care of metrics and performance measurement tools
  • Be active at the decision-making level and policy development
  • Determine public engagements and media coverage
  • Build networks and links within the niche
  • Match SEO techniques and social strategies
  • Assign the responsibilities of designers, email marketers, content creators, etc.
  • Collaborate with the manager of each social network

These responsibilities are such important that many companies are ready to pay more than $20/hour to employ a good director.

The important thing is that the marketing director of a company might earn way higher than a social media director. To be honest, you’re only directing social media profiles of the company, not all marketing plans.

However, this is strongly dependent on your skills and the size of companies. You need to choose companies that their marketing strategies are mainly focused on social media.

Social Media Manager

Social media marketing management is one of the top-searched jobs on the internet. Of course, it is among the highest-paying job positions in the digital marketing world.

As it comes from the name, a social media manager should manage the social media marketing of a company. So, as a manager, you’re responsible for all the successes and failures of your company’s social marketing campaigns.

Generally speaking, a social media manager should:

  • Create plans to achieve previously defined marketing objectives
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to reach SMART goals
  • Take care of increasing social presence
  • Monitor and analyze the performance and adopt proper actions
  • Optimize social media campaigns based on analytics
  • Choose niche social media influencers and build partnerships with them
  • Manage all employees

Social media managers who work for big companies earn up to $100,000 annually. There are thousands of job openings but you need the expertise to take them on merit.

Social Media Marketing Strategist

If you’re interested in strategies, this is a perfect choice for you. It’s actually a senior social managing job.

Generally speaking, a social media marketing strategist should:

  • Take care of the planning and setting SMART goals
  • Build the company’s social media marketing strategy
  • Take care of budgeting
  • Implement the strategy and monitor the overall results
  • Define short and long-term action plans
  • Take care of changing and optimizing the strategies

This is a highly competitive job opportunity with up to $60,000 annual salary.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

One of the most searched digital jobs is a social media marketing specialist. A social media specialist should directly involve in strategy developing, planning to implement, and results monitoring.

In fact, any other thing in the marketing campaign happens around the company’s social media specialist.

Generally speaking, a social media marketing specialist should:

  • Help to build social media marketing strategies
  • Do competition research in the market
  • Take care of events, scheduling, and deadlines
  • Choose and use social media tools to manage and automate the procedures
  • Make sure that the marketing ROI remains high
  • Work with both senior managers and marketing team members

Only skilful persons can take this high salaried job opportunity. You can earn up to $60,000 annually as a social media marketing specialist.

Social Media Assistant

If you are interested in the social media marketing industry, this will be a great career for you. Social media assistants work directly under the supervision of a specialist and CMO.

As an assistant, you need to be involved in the procedure of strategy development and decision-making.

In fact, if you do a good job as an assistant you’ll be a good candidate for becoming a social media manager.

Generally speaking, a social media marketing assistant should:

  • Work as a member of the marketing team to implement strategies and campaigns
    • Provide reports, analysis, interviews, and suggestions constantly
    • Collaborate with influencers, content writers, managers, and other team members
    • Help senior manager in optimizing the strategy

Companies pay up to $15 per hour to social media marketing assistants. There are thousands of job openings if you’re interested in this job.

Social Media Coordinator

Coordinators are central to many projects and social media marketing is no exception.

A social media coordinator should coordinate the entire marketing team and clients. You will be closely in contact with social media managers, CMO, and assistants. The main responsibility of social media coordinator is communication.

Generally speaking, a social media marketing coordinator should:

  • Collaborate with the marketing team
    • Establish contact between the manager and the rest of the marketing team
    • Help to implement the marketing strategy and campaigns
    • Generate reports and performance analysis
    • Take care of social media accounts
    • Prepare presentations

This is also a competitive job opportunity which requires communicating skills more than anything else. You will be paid around $10-15 per hour as a coordinator.

Final word

We tried to summarize some of the top jobs related to social media marketing. Make sure that you know what you want from a job and what your skills and interests are. This can help you apply for the most appropriate job.

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