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QR Codes are a barcode that contains certain information, the code is a registered all rights reserved identity. Facebook QR Codes are a simple solution for summarizing your Facebook information, link, profile, and business. It’s a mobile-friendly solution to give instant information without typing or entering links. It’s like a great solution to promoting your Facebook account with a quick scan of the QR Code.

But what is a Facebook QR Code? and How can it promote your Business? Here we go with a detailed overview of the Facebook QR Codes.

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What Is A QR Code?

A QR Code is an abbreviated form of; Quick Response Code. It is essentially a Matrix Barcode or a two-dimensional barcode. Just like any barcode, it is used to store specific information and data. The QR Code was initially invented in 1994 in Japan for the motorized industry. Its usage was to trail vehicles while being manufactured.

Later, the QR Code became popular in the general industry because of its quick illegibility and enhanced storage capacity. It’s the best solution for effective time and information management.

Today QR Codes are widely used because they store information like; locators, identifiers, trackers, websites, applications, product stalking, article credentials, time tracking, document organization, and marketing management; all through the square grid.

What Is Facebook QR Code?

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The Facebook Quick Response Code or QR Code is the speedy feature to connect a Business or Personal Account and its information to its users, through a mobile-friendly solution. It contains the link to your Facebook page. Henceforth, it is the perfect solution to promote your Business Facebook Page, even in printed marketing resources, with a quick scan of the Facebook QR Code.

Let’s go through some of the benefits of having a Facebook QR Code.

Why Do I Need A Facebook QR Code?

So Why should you have a Facebook QR Code here are some usages and benefits to consider!

1.     Generating A Facebook QR Code.

A Facebook QR Code can exhibit:

  1. Direct Link to your Facebook without the need for a website to be typed in.
  2. Description of your Business, along with a headline.
  3. Incorporation of an image like; your logo or the use of your brand colors within the QR Code.
  4. The function to enable the “Like” button immediately upon entry into your Business Account.
  5. You can switch off or leave on your Facebook Page “Likes”.
  6. Supplementary link to your website, blog, or landing page below the given Facebook details.

2.     Summarizing Your Facebook Business Page

When scanning your Facebook QR Code, the user would be provided with a fast and direct summary of why they ought to visit your Facebook Account; using a headline and a short explanation. Then they are given an option to “like” your page without the need to visit it. This of course is entirely up to your Business Strategy.

You can also link your website and other pages, below the information of your Facebook Page which enhances your audiences’ reach on to your other platforms. This is the quickest way to streamline your users to your Facebook Page easily through their smartphones.

3.     Complementary To Your Business

You can customize the QR Code and the Page that pops up when it is scanned, to be complementary to your company, brand, and business. Within the QR Code, you can use your brand colors, your logo, custom frames, or a variety of edgings to entice your viewer. Moreover, you can choose various formats, sizes, and styles to fit your printed and digital marketing materials.  

4.     Possibility To Edit And Update

QR Codes in general are dynamic, they are never permanent. This marketing solution is made easier and more affordable to use because you can edit or update the data connected to your QR Code at any time you please without having to re-create the Code or reprint an already published marketing material. This minimizes the cost and resources needed to design the QR Code or re-distribute it.

Additionally, if you make an error or find the need to add, update, or change the information in the QR Code you can easily do so. Finally, you can even change the QR Code Solution, if you believe the Facebook QR Code is not the best solution to promote your Business. So, your QR Code can be linked to another platform rather than your Facebook.

5.     QR Code Tracking

QR Codes are extremely advantageous to your Marketing Strategy because they provide QR Code Tracking Metrics. This software allows the generation of real-time information, every time it is scanned. It gives you a demographic of your users by providing; the location it was scanned from, time scanned, operated device used, and total scans. These are essential information if you want to strategize your marketing plan, calculate your Return of Investment, or obtain a demographic of your customers.  

6.     Mobile-Friendly

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To Scan a Facebook QR Code or QR Codes in general you would have to use a mobile device. It is critical to make your content viewable and presentable on mobile.

Since QR Codes are Mobile-Friendly it is a quick link to your online platforms, and because Online Marketing is now dominant compared to other marketing media strategies; to use the QR Code on your printed marketing is a fast track opportunity to your marketing strategy, brand awareness, and return of investment.

7.     Print Marketing Tactic

Using a Facebook QR Codes is the greatest resolution for easily connecting your printed marketing strategy to your digital marketing strategies and platforms. By adding your Facebook QR Codes to your printed campaigns, you can gain;

  1. User’s easy access to your Facebook Page
  2. Increase of Followers and Likes through connection to your Page.
  3. Presentation of other Business Links and Online Platforms.
  4. Easy Brand Awareness

And eventually Increased ROI through multiple platforms and marketing strategies.

You could print your QR Codes on; posters, flyers, booklets, magazines, table tents, clothing tags, marketing uniforms, in dressing rooms, in washrooms, product packaging, or in manuals.

Where Is The Code Generator On Facebook?

There is no Code Generator on FB. The code generator for Facebook can be obtained through a third-party tool. To create QR Codes or Facebook QR Codes you can do so by using the steps below:

  1. Sign up to a QR Code Generator website.
  2. Then Select the QR Code and choose the “Facebook” Tab.
  3. Name your QR Code and customize it to your liking.
  4. Enter your Facebook Page URL and add the headline and description of your company.
  5. Then download your registered trademark QR Code and use your all rights reserved matrix.


Facebook QR Codes are the quickest technique to connect your Social Media Marketing Strategy to your Printed strategies. It is a quick, coherent, easy, and stylish presentation of information. It increases your customer demographics, social media marketing, competitive advantage, brand awareness, a boost in sales, and ultimately return of your investment in your marketing strategies.

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