How to Write on Snapchat?

Snapchat is the American Multimedia Messaging Application created by Snap Inc. Snap Inc is a camera organization. Their main objective was to reinvent the camera because they believed it would open new doors for their users, in favor of new opportunities and improvements; and towards new ways of life and communication.

Snap Inc believes that they are contributing to our personal progress through empowering expression of self, experiencing our present and enjoying it, opening our eyes to the world and the enthusiasm to know more, increasing our confidence in our self through the camera, and most importantly having fun and relishing in being silly.

In this article, we will see what Snapchat is, describe How to write on Snapchat? And how we can use it in our Social Media Marketing. So, let’s jump to it.

Snapchat App is…

Snapchat App was initially launched in 2011, but today it is one of the most well-known social messaging, photo, and video sharing applications. Based on a 2020 statistics it has 238 million daily active users worldwide, and 46 million MAU (Monthly Active Users) in the United State of America alone.

The new and hot platform among the many of the social media platforms; has been booming since its arrival. It focuses on photo and video sharing, and though it may seem simple, Snapchat’s confusing navigation has made it harder to control for Marketers and Businesses and so why it may seem intimidating.

Social media marketers are especially daunted by Snapchat, because of its large younger users. Whereby, based on statistics is just an assumption, and the United States adults use and enter the application slightly more than the younger generation; which maybe 2 to 5 minutes more a day compared to their younger counterparts that use the app for 28 minutes per day.

In the beginning, the Snapchat app promoted person to person communication, but today it presents 24 hours; “Stories” Screen, that can be shared between all or some of your viewers and friends. Along with the new; “Discover” Screen feature, that permits for short ads. 

According to the founders, this allows the separation of “Social” and “Media”. It enables the users to choose which content they would want to see when they open the app by splitting the two screens. Correspondingly, this has created a unique ecosystem compared to other Social Media platforms. 

Therefore, it is important to plan your Snapchat Strategy before focusing on the 178 million active daily users who usually check and use their accounts at least 25 times a day.

There is an extensive procedure for building your Snapchat Strategy but, the simplest technique would be the addition of texts to video and photo snaps or even Snapchat drawing. It is the utmost identifiable property of Snapchat application and the easiest tactic for drawing your viewers’ attention with a few simple verses.

Let’s start with the guide to; How to enter your Texts to your Snapchat photo and video.

How to Add Texts on Snapchat?

Unlike other features on Snapchat; the Snapchat text is the most recognizable and easy to use. Here are the 10 steps to guide you to write on Snapchat:

  1. Firstly, once you open Snapchat capture or record the Snap photo or video you want to post. Texts can only be added on your Snap or Video so make sure you have that first.
  2. Once you have captured your Snap or Video, you will be redirected to a screen that allows you to review your Snap before sharing it. While reviewing it, you have the choice to add “Several” layers. This includes Geofilters, Filters, Emojis, and TEXTS. These are all tabs that you can see on the Screen on the top-right-hand corner and add them to your snap by tapping on the tabs.
  3. Under the review screen in the menu tab, tap on the “T” button on the top-right-hand side. This “T” tab stands for “Text”. Upon clicking it a Black Outline would appear on your Snap post screen.
  4. Now, you can start typing. You can type or paste the text you want in the outline guide. Make sure if you want to paste something, you would have copied it before starting your Snap or Video. But there is a CATCH! You can’t add any more than 80 characters of Text.
  5. After you are done writing, you can move your text line over the screen to position it, where you please, and where it fits best. You can also change the “Alignment” of your Texts. You can tap on the “Paragraph” Icon / Tab, next to the “T” Tab, and move your text to right, left, or center of your screen.
  6. After you have positioned the text at the right spot. You can consider changing the Text Size. Snapchat Fonts gives you the choice to change your text size from “Classic” to “Big Text”. Using the “Classic Text Style”, you can only change its color. On the other hand, by using the Snapchat font; “Big Text Style” you can use both the features of color and size.
  7. Changing the “Big Text Style” Size is Simple. You would just have to increase or decrease the size by using two fingers on your screen and scissoring it over the text to change its size and get what you want.
  8. Now you can consider changing the Color of your Texts. There would be a color bar on the top-right-hand corner of your screen when you tap on your text. You can either tap on the wheel in the color bar or move the wheel vertically over the bar to change the color.
  9. If you want multiple colors within one text, you would just have to select and highlight each letter or word and then pick the color of your choice using the guide in step 8.
  10. Going Bold, Italic, or Underscored, in your texts is easy too. You would just need to hold your finger on the text and wait for a bar to open above it, for you to tap and select your choice and make the change you want.

Now that you know all the steps to “How to add Texts to Your Snapchat?”. You can now select a filter by swiping left or right and finding a suitable filter before sending in your Snap by tapping on the “Send To” tab.

BUT, why would we want to write on Snapchat? And What can we get out of it?

SO??? Why Write on Snapchat?

There are several reasons why and how you should add text in your Snapchat, and how it can largely benefit your Business and Social Media Marketing. Below are some of the benefits of Text on Snaps and why you should use them:

  1. It strategically results in enhancing your Return of Investment.
  2. It grasps the focus of the viewer as they go through Snaps. Since they need to pause to read your text.
  3. By writing random facts about your business you can create customer engagement and brand awareness.
  4. You can make your business and brand relatable to your customers by writing your views. This enhances their commitment to your brand and humanizes your company.
  5. A simple text, like; #BLM (Black Lives Matter) could make a lot of difference in engaging and relating to your audience and their problems. It can add life, humanization, engagement, reliability, and relatability between your customers and your company.
  6. By adding Motivational or authentic quotes, you can engage your audience and create further commitment. This also encourages them to reshare your Snaps, and open Snapchat and check your account on intervals.
  7. The use of Text; increases Traffic on your Snaps, and so brand awareness and engagement.
  8. A text gives an explanation, a caption, and a subtitle to your Snap, making it easier to understand, remember, and consider.

Think about the text you want to add. Try to be engaging, remember the more relatable you are to your viewers the easier it is to create brand awareness and engagement. This is our main objective in Social Media Marketing so try to achieve it.

Also do consider having fun with your snaps and promoting humor and being silly in the text or features you use. That is the main motive of Snapchat so try to be in line with the vibe of the Snapchat platform and its users. Users are there to first and foremost have fun and enjoy life. Consequently, add humor and soul to your Snap.

Final Verdict

So here we are ladies and gentlemen, with How you can write on Snapchat? And why you should consider it if you are jumping into Snapchat Social Media Marketing. It is the simplest technique to add in your Snaps to enhance your Return of Investment through just using this one simple Snapchat feature called; TEXT.

Although it must be mentioned for the best results you would need to consider the whole package of features to create an effective Snapchat Strategy. This may include; Snapchat drawings, photos, videos, text, emojis, and more, so do consider them.

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