What Is Deskgram, And What Are Its Uses?

One of the biggest letdowns of Instagram for its users is that it cant be used on the computer. This problem has always been present with Instagram and its alternatives. It has never been desktop-friendly, so it doesn’t support in-app uploads from its web browser.

Instagram Users, especially creators and business accounts, have always been looking for a solution to upload photos and content from their web browser.

Since Instagram users have been looking for a way to share their content on Instagram through their Windows and Mac software application systems to no avail, we found you a website page like; Deskgram that does all that for you.

But you might ask; What Is Deskgram, And What is it Used for? Well, here we go…

How Can I Post On Instagram From My Computer?

As previously mentioned, there is yet to be a solution on Instagram to allow you to upload Contents, Photos, and Videos On Instagram directly. So, whether you like it or not, you may never be able to post on Instagram from your computer using Instagram’s own website browser window. Unless Instagram chooses to extend its services to their user’s desktop, it’s not our choice.

Henceforth, why everyone is looking to see if there is a solution to using a desktop version of Instagram, and why we have introduced Deskgram, but as it seems even though Deskgram is the best-known alternative, it’s not the most perfect.

Thus, here regardless of showing you what Deskgram and how it works. We will also pinpoint its shortcomings, what you would need to consider when using the app, and at the end of this article, two alternatives for Deskgram for ease of choice.

What is Deskgram?

Deskgram is the most well-known app on the world wide web. It gives Instagram users the power to post their content on their Instagram Account directly from their computers.

Deskgram is basically the desktop version of Instagram for users. Using this program, you’re able to upload Photos and Videos,  Tag People, Manage your Profile, View your Timeline, Research the post and Tags, and do much more, all in the comforts of the Deskgram Website extension Browser.

Deskgram’s Advantage

The biggest advantage of Deskgram is that with one software, you can use it on your chrome browser and easily drag and drop photos and videos to post on your Instagram.

What are Deskgram’s Uses?

Deskgram is the Desktop Version of your Instagram Account. You can use it to upload photos and videos to your Instagram profile directly from your PC. You could use Deskgram for:

  • Upload your Content
  • View, Manage and Upload photos and videos to Your Timeline.
  • Tagging People Within Photos
  • Managing and Writing Comments
  • Liking and Commenting
  • Instagram Profile Management

The following are the detailed steps to using Deskgram as a substitute for Instagram Account Desktop Version.

How Do You Use Deskgram?

To use a Deskgram App is simple. If you make sure to follow the related stages, you can easily use Deskgram as the alternative to your Instagram App on Mobile:

Step 1: Deskgram Application:

Firstly, open the Deskgram Website on your browser tab. Then, make sure you read the requirements under the “How Deskgram Works” button in the menu tabs.

Step 2: Deskgam  Requirements:

The Deskgram Downloading Requirements has three main Login types. To get to add Deskgram as an extension to your desktop, you need to implement these like below:

  1. If you have a windows operating system, the Deskgram requirement is to have a Google Chrome Browser or a Deskgram Extension on Chrome.
  2. For an Operating System like; Mac OS, Ubuntu, or other Linux Versions. You would need a Python 2.7 or Messaging API.
  3. Finally, for Windows XP and anything older, you need to use a NET Framework 4.0 or Messaging API.

Once you have fulfilled the Mac and Windows Requirements Steps, Step into the next stage.

Step 3: Download and Install The Program

In Step 3, you can download and install the program from the website depending on the specific software systems and network type you picked.

To Install and add the app to your desktop page, you would have to click the “Download App” button on the Deskgram Website on the top left of the menu bar to start using the app on your PC.

Step 4: Using The Program

To open the program on your browser and see it being added to your chrome, you will need to launch it like any other app add-on. After launching the program files using the downloading steps, step on to the fifth stage.

Step 5: Running The App

Now, open the program and run it on your created account.

Step 6: Registering Your Name and Data

Finally, once the program starts running, you are requested to write your Instagram Username, email address, and Password to start using your program on your select desktop processing systems like another add-on to your desktop. 

Deskgram Plans Offered

Deskgram offers two major plans as an add-on. One plan is completely free and would allow you to use most of the features. But, the other would hold a monthly fee. You could register for a 2 Day Free Trial for the PRO or Premium Plan before you make your decision to pay for the premium membership under your name. The differences are like so:

Free Plan

In the Free Plan, there is:

  • Limited Number of Image or Video Upload
  • No 60 Second Videos
  • No-Tag in Contents
  • Can like, comment, or delete posts
  • Ability to View Timeline
  • Search People and Tags
  • Check Activity
  • Update Profile
  • Have access to the “Contact Us” email support.

Pro Plan

In the Pro Premium Plan with $2.99 a month, apart from the features above, there’s the addition of:

  • Unlimited Upload Number of photos and videos.
  • 60 Second Video Upload
  • Ability to Tag 20 People in Contents through one click at a time on your posts.

Deskgram’s Downside

The Downside to Deskgram is that the platform would need to be downloaded to allow the user to have all rights reserved to use it. You cannot just hit enter and use it straight away on your internet website browser. Furthermore, Deskgram doesn’t offer any other additional features, so that it won’t make you a professional Instagrammer.

Henceforward, we give you the following alternative Apps for your Instagram profile management on your Windows or Mac  Browser.

Deskgram Alternatives

If you search for Instagram desktop alternatives on the web, you’ll realize there are multiple versions of third-party apps available to allow you to use your Instagram from your PC. But, they don’t all provide security. The cookies used on the website might duplicate your personal information from your Instagram and device to be used against your permission.

Consequently, if you are giving all rights reserved to a third-party app, it’s wise to select an app that guarantees the safety of your personal information, uploaded photos, contacts, email address, passwords, and account details under your name. The cookies on the website could easily access the data on a Users’ device if given permission.

We shortlisted two alternatives for Deskgram to access your account on Instagram without downloading the app.

#1. Instagram Desktop Version

Our first alternative is the Instagram Desktop App, which by making some changes to your Google Chrome features, you can easily access your account on your PC. But do note that this alternative might not work for Windows and may only apply to Mac Devices. 

How Do You Post On Instagram On Mac Chrome?

To start posting on Instagram Desktop Version, you have to:

  1. Open the Google Chrome website on your Mac device.
  2. Login to your profile on Instagram.
  3. Right-Click on the “View” button on the Mac Menu bar above your screen.
  1. Then, click the “Developer” tab and tap on the “Developer Tools.”
  1. Now a new screen opens. Click on the mobile icon and choose your mobile type.
  1. Finally, refresh the tab, and now you can view Instagram as presented on your phone with all its attributes.

This account version gives access to all the Instagram features available on the phone app.


The downside to this platform is that it’s only used on Mac devices, and it isn’t very easy for the general user. Technically it’s not an “Easy-Peasy” solution.

#2. AiSchedul

An additional substitute for Deskgram is AiSchedul. This is a Management tool that gives the ability to manage a few Instagram accounts simultaneously.

You can use AiSchedul to:

  • Share photos, videos, posts, and Instagram stories through your PC Device,
  • Schedule various posts to be uploaded at a later time,
  • Create auto-response to comments and direct messages,
  • Tag people and locations,
  • Find and re-share posts and stories within accounts, and
  • Simultaneously manage multiple accounts.

Upside to AiSchedul

The upside to AiSchedul is it’s:

  1. Ability to view Instagram Stories anonymously,
  2. Share Instagram Stories and Lives with appropriate Dimensions,
  3. Administer reward campaigns for followers in different accounts,
  4. It doesn’t need to be downloaded,
  5. Works for all PC Devices,
  6. Allows Hashtags Monitoring Tools, and
  7. Can directly be used on your internet browser and from the AiSchedul website.


In conclusion, we can say that regardless of all the details, Deskgram is the perfect tool to use to upload your Instagram content using your desktop.

Now that you know what Deskgram is and what are its uses, limitations, and alternatives. You can make a wise choice of which third-party app you would like to use to upload photos and videos to your Instagram using your Desktop Computer and your Web browser.

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