How Do You Set Up A Group Chat On Discord?

A Multi-Platform Communications App; Discord is designed for gamers and non-gamers to communicate using voice and video calls, text messaging, media exchange, direct messages (DM), and groups in related chat channels.

Group Chat On Discord

If you’re new to the Discord App or unfamiliar with its features, you have come to the right article to learn how you could set up a group chat on Discord.

Discord Group Direct Messages

The majority of users who have had Discord primarily use it to communicate with the general public, invitation-only servers, or one on one Direct Messages or DMs. But, generally, the Group Chat Direct Message feature is hugely underrated.

To create a chat with someone or a New Group DM is quite simple for anyone a bit familiar with the internet’s social media networking channels.

But, Why would you want to set up a Group Chat on Discord? Well, a Group DM could have a lot of benefits.

Benefits of a Group DM

A Group DM will allow users to join a private grouping with a maximum of ten people without creating a server, configure a channel server, or obtain any permissions.

In Group DMs, you can add friends, send text messages to the people in the group chats. You can use emojis, send pictures, make a regular call, send video calls, and videos to the people in the message. You can also send other external links, content, and attachments by sending or communicating with all the members at any one time.

Additionally, you can create a voice, and video call with all the people in the group chat in the friend list, although they can choose to join the call.

Finally, the Discord Group DM’s best addition is to share your desktop or smartphone screen with your friends on the Direct Message list during the call. This feature is a great addition compared to other communication Apps. By sharing your screen during the call, you could use Discord Group Chats for meetings, demonstrations, and guidance.

How Do I Set Up The Group Chat Direct Message on Discord?

There are generally two ways to set up a group chat in the direct messages of Discord. There is no right or wrong way; it would depend on the user and their use.

Firstly you could open an existing one on one friend’s message name and invite anyone you want from your friend’s list to a newly made group DM with a simple click of a button.

Alternatively, you could create a new group DM from scratch and invite or add your friends’ through the name of the friends’ list. Then you would see them in the message you want to chat with them in. You can add someone with one click of a button on their name through the friends’ list.

So, Do you want to add friends to DM Groups? Do you like to add and learn how to create a Discord Group DM? Well, here we are with the answers to your questions and a 2021 all rights reserved guide.

To Create A Discord Group Chat

If you want to add and create a group DM, the related steps are as follows based on the two ways that you could do this.

Technique 1 – Using Existing One on One to Create Group DM Chat.

It’s Simple to open a Group DM Chat using an existing one on one message;

  1. Firstly you would have to click on your friend’s message among your messages in your DMs.
  2. After you click on the DM in your friend’s message, click on the “Add Friends to DM” icon. This Icon can be found on the left of the “search bar” on the top-right hand corner.
  3. Select your friends from your friends’ list by clicking on their user names. You can now add and invite up to ten friends to the Group DM through one click at a time.
In the existing one to one DM: Click on the "Add Friends to DMs" Icon to add your friends from your "Friend List." On the Top Right hand corner.

Image: In the existing one to one DM: Click on the “Add Friends to DMs” Icon to add your friends from your “Friend List.” On the Top Right-hand corner.

Note: In this method, you’re not inviting your friends to the private message of the friend you used to make the group DM. So your private conversation isn’t open to the rest of the users in the Group DM.

By adding your friends to the DM by clicking on their names, they would be invited to a new group DM Tab. Then the new grouping would feature yourself and the friend whose message you were using, along with all the new people addition of anyone else your invite was extended towards.

Tip: Although you would have to bear in mind that the same tactic doesn’t work in group chats. Since you would just invite the existing friend list to another Discord group DM, rather than send invites to someone new to start a new DM, engaging in calls and chats.

Technique 2 – Using A New Group DM Chat.

The second alternative; is to make a grouping from the start using your “Friends” Screen. To do so, you would want to:

  1. Go to the “Friends” Screen on Discord by clicking the icon; “New Group DM Button” with the “Plus Sign” on top of it. The Icon is on the top right-hand corner of your “Friends” screen.
"New Group DM" Icon Button

“New Group DM” Icon Button

  1. The Discord Server will then guide you to another screen to choose the ten members you want to add. With a simple click on your friends’ icon button name, you can send them an invite to start your group DMs.

Note: Just keep in mind to add someone to a message, you would have to be Discord Friends. To see that, add them using their email address or search them on the Discord search bar. Once you have them on your friend list, you can search and add them to your group message.

The Best Way To Set Up Group Discord DMs?

Whichever technique you use, it’s quite simple. With a few clicks of a button here and there, you can quickly start a group DM with someone on Discord and engage in calls. It would be up to you to see which technique is better for you as the Discord Server User.

Once you have a DM with many people, anyone can choose to add someone to the DM as long they are a friend on Discord. You could also generate a link using the “generate link” icon to invite someone by sending them the link to their email address or contact numbers to allow them to join your Group DM on Discord.

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