Twitter bookmarks desktop

Ever tried retweeting or liking old posts? With this new amazing feature added to Twitter in 2018 you can do so;

By bringing Twitter bookmarks to your desktop, access them across your devices.

Twitter bookmarks desktop

Recently, Twitter has added a bookmark feature to its app. By equipping yourself with this feature, you can easily save a tweet to a specific part of this app for quick access later. Although Twitter has first claimed that this new feature is supposed to be used on its mobile app, a couple of weeks later, interestingly it has been clear that this amazing bookmark feature is also usable on desktop version in near future.

With its suitable practicalities, managing, keeping, and saving tweets would be a piece of cake. As there are a bunch of liked tweets, retweets, and quoted tweets; keeping and managing specific tweets are not easy. By using the bookmark feature, you don’t have to necessarily retweet or like any more tweets just to keep them saved for later to be read or referred to, you’ll be able to bookmark them and read them whenever you want.

Just like any other bookmark feature, it makes it easy to add or remove tweets and content whenever and wherever you wish.

As bookmark quality can be cluttered and confusing, to be more exact in using it in a good and practical way, you would have to be careful while using the bookmark feature. Disappointingly, this feature is restricted to the Twitter App and that is its sole drawback, but the good news is that you can enjoy it through; Twitter mobile.

So how do you bookmark a tweet? Here we go with a detailed guide.

Accessing Twitter Bookmarks

As Twitter bookmarks cannot be a section of the desktop version, by visiting the mobile version of Twitter, you can access this bookmark feature to bookmark tweets and enjoy it in the mobile web version.

There are some simple and nifty steps to get started with and bookmark tweets:

● To access Twitter bookmarks, visit the mobile web version of Twitter. Log in with your username and password, then sign in. Be sure to be signed into the mobile web version.

● When you come across a tweet and you want to save it for later, in iPhone devices; tap the new “Share” icon to the right of the old “Like” button and select “Add Tweet to Bookmarks” from the menu.

● And in the case of mobile websites and Android devices, tap the new “Share” icon. And to bookmark a tweet, select “Add Tweet to Bookmarks” from the options. 

● After trying bookmark tweets on desktop and mobile, now you may be concerned about how to save tweets; don’t worry. In this step, you will receive a notification saying, “Tweet added to your Bookmarks”. So, your bookmarked tweets are privately saved for your future access.

How to View Saved Tweets

Once you are done with the saved tweets in Twitter Bookmarks, you may be wondering where to view them. Just follow these steps to find them easily:

● Firstly, open Twitter and tap the “Profile Picture” icon at the top-left corner,

● Then a menu will appear. Now tap the new “Bookmarks” section. You can see all your bookmarked tweets here.

How to Remove Saved Tweets

If you do not want a bookmarked tweet anymore and you feel no need to keep it for later access, it can be removed by just going through following easy steps: 

● In the very first step, tap the “Bookmarks” section and select the tweet that you want to be removed. 

● Then it’s time to tap the new “Share” icon and choose the “Remove Tweet from Bookmarks” option. 

To conclude, bookmarking has been in-demand for a long time, so Twitter users will find it as a reasonable and effective alternative, which of course is a convenient way to save and manage the desired and wanted Tweets.

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