Google Plus Versus Facebook

Google was not really in the same category as Facebook. Google is a Search Engine, and Facebook is the biggest Social Media Platform with 2.7 Billion Monthly Active Users, so they are incomparable. With Google Plus being born as a social network category, we can compare Google Plus Versus Facebook since they both fall under Social Media Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat with planet order and can be used as a Marketing Social Strategy.

Google Plus or Facebook?

Since they have more than a couple of similarities, it gets us thinking about whether we should choose one or the other. Except, there is no right answer; whether you use Google Plus or Facebook, you must base your decision on where you get the most strategic value and investment return. 

Henceforward, in this article, we have given you a breakdown of Google Plus and Facebook’s advantages and how you can choose the right fit for you and your marketing strategy.


As mentioned, Facebook has over 2.7 Billion MAU. Moreover, you can use the “Facebook Fan Page” to enhance your branding, social presence, and customer awareness for your Business. With a massively growing user base, it is undoubtedly an excellent community to invest in. It provides:

# Circles 

On Facebook, you can use and differentiate circles. Circles are basically groups that have specific interests and niches, with particular people. Using Circles, you can determine and separate the content you want your customers to see from the content you are posting for your corporate group. This way, you can have a Coworkers Circle, Managers Circle, Customer Circle, and so on. 

Through Facebook Circles, you can separate your business life, customer base, and Personal life. It is quickly done by creating separate group lists, niches, and interest and manage your posts accordingly based on your groups and the people in them. 

# Messenger and Group Chats

The Facebook Group Chats or the Messenger is an extremely user-friendly feature on the Social Media Application. The positive about Messenger is that it can be utilized as a separate application. You can use the Messenger to create group chats or single and personal chats to communicate with your friend list. Messenger is also not offered in Google Plus. 

# Streams 

Facebook live video real-time streaming services give you the ability to broadcast straight to their Facebook News Feed. Based on statistics, 78% of Facebook Online Audiences are watching Facebook Live Streaming. So, creating Live Video Streaming in front of the most significant Social Network Audience is a feature that you might not want to overlook. 

# Privacy Policy

Facebook Privacy does not share your account activity, location, phone numbers, etc., without your allowance. So your user data is protected and secured. Moreover, you can choose which information is seen by which groups, friends, or the general public. Though there has been a debate about Facebook Privacy, if you don’t have a Personal Account and instead own a Business Account, we can say the Privacy level in Facebook is adequate. It allows the search features to be represented and emerge on the internet and search engines like Google.

User choose Google plus and Facebook

# Educational Hub

A new addition to Facebook, the Educational Hub, gives new resources for private education. Its resources help both teachers and students learn remotely, stay connected, and continue discovering even with the Quarantine and the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The Educational Hub Produces resources like; 

  • antiracism information, 
  • self-care tactics, 
  • mental health measures
  • Digital literacy information, lesson plans, activities, and chats.
  • Group focused options for teachers, students, and parents. 

Educational Hub could be advantageous to your business if you are in the Education Industry, Counselling and psychology, computer software and hardware, and any industry concerning kids, education, and mental health. 

# Campus Platforms

Facebook is also launching a Campus Platform to obtain its original social network objective. It is a feature that allows students to chat with each other about education, events both in and other locations, and a variety of online services for better Education.

# Effective Promotions

It allows for the easy creation of business promotions. It has the tools to enable you to promote and enhance your marketing tactics at the lowest cost. But Google Plus still does not allow business pages and brands to put up promotional content. 

# Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook Empire

To use Facebook and be involved in the Facebook Social Media Network can automatically get you involved in Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook Empire. This empire gives you a wide variety of applications, platforms, and network strategies. Like:

  • Facebook App – The Facebook Application itself allows for personal accounts, business accounts, and fan pages. 
  • Messenger– This serves as a chat and group chat application and a messaging application for your smartphone contacts. The messaging app alone has 1.3 Billion Monthly Active Users. 
  • WhatsApp – A free Messaging Application for all Smartphone users. Free to be used for calls, chats, groups, and personal conversations. It has 2 Billion MAU. WhatsApp is planning to put up Ads and this in itself is a plus for Businesses. 
  • Instagram – The most popular Application owned by Facebook. It is a photo and video application with over 1 Billion users and the most significant opportunity and the possibility for Marketing Strategists and Businesses. With 80 Million photos and videos per day, it is an excellent Community Network for marketing growth, company and business recognition, product and website awareness, site location disclosure, and customer and audience procurement.

There are other applications and companies under the Facebook long menu like; Oculus VR, Masquerade (MSQRD), Whale, GIPHY, AUX, Bump, and Tuned.

Google Plus

Google Plus has 343 Million Active Monthly Users, which pales compared to the 2 Billion Plus Users on Facebook. There are discrepancies about the users because using google does not necessarily mean users are also active on Google Plus. Some statistics state that only 198 million users actually post any content on the Social network site. So if you are looking for a broad audience base, using Google Plus might not be it.

But what does Google Plus offer??? Well, here we go:

# Hangouts – Video Chats

One exceptional feature for Businesses in Google Plus is that it offers Video Chats. Hangouts might be a significant pointer for a Business Account. You can have ten people join a video chat at any one time. Hangouts can video chats and product demonstration polls, Question and Answer capabilities, and multiple Choices. 

Additionally, it is used to reach broader audiences. For example, many people in the music industry use Google Hangouts to post their concerts and performances to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, it can be used for private messages, status updates, or publishing on other streams. 

# Sparks

It is an impressive recommendation engine made explicitly by Google for Google Plus Users. It allows the users to find their interests and niches on social media conveniently. The feature is a users’ favorite because it enables the user to see other people’s Sparks and allows you to share Sparke that is in line with each other’s interests and niche. 

# Streams 

Google Plus Streams can be tweaked and changed so a user can view what they wish within their interest and niche. You can quickly get your personalized Streams by selecting your specific “Circles” that define your interests, and you want in your Streams. An Advantageous part of these Streams for Businesses is that you can plan your intent towards a more specific target audience.

This feature is also a pro for a small business focusing on a smaller niche and audience base within internet marketing. It might need a more specified focus on its content marketing.

# Privacy Policy

Google mentions that the gathered Data from your Google Plus location and Search activity will be used to alleviate the social platform. It is also noted that Google Plus’s information would also be used for relevant Ad selection and Google proposals. Though you may think they are taking advantage of your account, it is a circumstance that happens in practically any social network on the internet; Google is just upfront and clear about it.

# Searches and Searchability

One of the most significant advantages of being on Google Plus for a Business, specifically small business, is that if you choose to link your Google Plus to your Google profile, you would see a massive spike in your search traffic. Being on Google Plus would patently enhance your Business and Company’s visibility on the world’s most prominent Search Engine and the World Wide Web. This Criterion in itself could be a great reason to invest your time on Google Plus. A small business that is not well known or does not want to invest a fortune to get recognized on the World Wide Web; should undoubtedly use this great tactic through joining this Social Media Platform.

So Google Plus or Facebook

Well, as we mentioned previously, it depends on your Business Marketing Strategy and Social Media Evaluation. To be honest, there is no harm in investing in both Google Plus and Facebook. Especially with Google Plus’ Searchability Advantage. But if you want to evaluate which way to go, do consider the responses to these 12 questions;

  1. Which of the two social networks has the most audience for your niche and interest? 
  2. Which provides a better increase in your website traffic?
  3. A greater possibility for an increase in the target market for customer reach, awareness, and loyalty.
  4. Better Promotional advantage. 
  5. Positive and Enhanced Press Exposure.
  6. Greater impression 
  7. Greater accessibility of your target market to your business and company.
  8. Better resources for your marketing strategies and industry market.
  9. Enhanced click-throughs 
  10. Higher and Positive word of mouth mentions that also depends on your customers and your targeted market. 
  11. Higher possibility for increased followers and so broader customer base. 
  12. Growing user base and demographics for your Industry and Market. 

Once you have the answers to these questions, and you figure out which of the two platforms has the most advantage, you can go ahead and invest in Google Plus or Facebook. Just remember that Evaluation, Research, and Analysis of your Marketing Strategies and Business Aim is fundamental in any Social Media Marketing Success and Affluence. 

As we previously mentioned, the choice between Google Plus Versus Facebook is a collation that would really depend on your own specific Marketing Strategies, Business, Target Audience, Content Marketing strategy, and overall digital marketing tactic.

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