Creating IGTV Videos for Your Brand: Everything You Need To Know

Videos have now become an essential part of the digital marketing landscape. The key to video marketing is speed and short videos that span less than 15 minutes gain more engagement. But there are a lot of benefits to take from lengthy videos too. Initially, Instagram stories allowed users to create stories that remained alive for 24 hours and then vanished. People then used Story highlights to make the story stay there beyond 24 hours. 

Everything You Need To Know About Creating IGTV

Then Instagram launched IGTV,  a new feature where videos uploaded could remain permanently. IGTV allows users to create, upload, and share long-form vertical and horizontal videos, which can be a minimum of 60 seconds to a maximum of one hour. 

Most marketers now use IGTV to promote their products and services. But they have to plan, choose the right strategy, and implement it at the right time to achieve the best results. If you are a marketer looking to use IGTV promotion techniques, read further to understand how to create interesting IGTV videos.

Creating an IGTV Channel

Creating IGTV channel
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IGTV app is available on both Android and IOS. Log into the app and click the settings gear icon.Click “Create Channel” to create a new channel.

How To Make IGTV videos

You can access the IGTV channel from the news feed home screen. There are some fundamentals you need to know before dwelling on creating IGTV videos. 

IGTV Video formatting

As per IGTV guidelines, videos must be in MP4 format.

The file size for videos should not exceed 650 MB for videos for less than 10 minutes.

The frame rate allowed for IGTV is 30 frames per second.

The minimum resolution should be 720 pixels.

The length of IGTV videos can vary from 15  to 60 minutes based on the type of Instagram account.

The maximum length for standard users is 15 minutes, and that of verified users is 60 minutes.

IGTV Video Ideas For Brands

Sometimes you could have proved that content is the king but might have missed out seriously on basics. This scenario will not take you anywhere on IGTV.  So you need to optimize your IGTV videos to get enough reach and engagement. 

Post Behind The Scenes

IGTV commenting
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Understand that your followers and customers want to see your real side without any makeover. Posting content on day to day life, work routine, sharing videos of your instant morning recipes are great content that your people would love watching. Marketers can post videos of the making of a product. For example, a famous fashion brand publishes how they make some of the artistry and craft products.

Create an IGTV Series

To create an IGTV series, you need to set up a name and a description for the series after uploading your IGTV video.

  • Now choose the video that you would like to add to the series and click “edit.”
  • You’ll see an “Add To Series “ option. Click “create” in the top right corner to create a new IGTV series.
How to create an IGTV Series
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IGTV series is a new feature that allows users to create a series of episodes focused on a particular theme or topic. Mejuri is an example of a jewelry brand that hosts a  weekly IGTV series in which popular Influencers will share stories on their favorite collection of jewelry. This is an excellent way to keep their audience engaged, thus revealing and promoting their new products online.

Be Cohesive

Brands can attract new audiences and sustain old ones by maintaining good Instagram aesthetics.  You can pump up IGTV views in ample by maintaining consistency in Instagram aesthetics. Editing your IGTV videos to have blue, black, and white colors can make your IGTV videos more appealing. Users cling continuously to watch such videos rich in aesthetics. The Lily News,  a newspaper brand, posts content that is important to their community. Having similar themes and fonts in regular Instagram feed, stories, and IGTV can help you attract more target audiences and gain new followers. 


If you want to get maximum reach from the audience, could post product demos, how-to’s, and tutorial videos to explain how to use your service or product. When you create many such product demos, it becomes a library of useful resources for your audience. Now the audience understands the dedication and support that you feel you want to give them. This way of posting instructional guides will provide several benefits to your audience hence increasing your credibility. Also, this is an excellent opportunity to prove your strength and authority in a particular subject.

Creating Tutorials on IGTV channel


You may already go live on Instagram regularly. Along with this, you can create educational content and upload them as videos to your IGTV channel.  With online learning trending in recent days, educational videos will be of great value to your audience. Also, this is an excellent method to strengthen your Instagram presence and reach the potential target audience in the Instagram community. Now that your followers watch these webinars, they share information about the webinar with their friends and followers. Eventually, this leads you to gain more followers quickly.

Create Recurring Segments

If you are a blogger who also experiments with different kinds of activities in your niche or topic area, you can create super-interesting videos. You can put together a video comprising the experimental results and some of the tips you got from the experiment. Such exclusive videos give a fresh feel to your audience and can be posted once a week. Adding interesting elements to the video will provide a significant boost in terms of engagement. Now, your audience will keep looking forward every week to see what you post.

Final words

IGTV is a treasure for brands and influencers to exhibit variety in their video content. It provides an extensive array of opportunities to produce excellent long-form video content. Videos are the most preferred content format and they are an important part of digital marketing.  Especially IGTV, which enables creating long-form videos can be used by people of all niche. Brands need to focus on consistency on social media and at the same time, create and maintain brand awareness. I hope this article provides a complete idea on how to create IGTV videos for establish brand reach, firm customer relationships and to convert a large number of people into positive customers. 

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