Future of Video Marketing: 10 trends to watch out for in 2020

You don’t need a crystal ball to tell where the video marketing trends are going. That’s because viewers made it clear where they wish to take the video trends in 2020. Last year, videos changed the way our world communicated and operated. The new methods also have made a great change in brand awareness. Today, customers communicate through videos on social media websites, giving videos marketing a prominence in day-to-day communication.

Two friends send each other videos of themselves recording as they do things, companies go Live on social media sites to include users in their launch events, people watch Paris Fashion Week Live on their laptops. You can also see a big increase in personalized video making. These are all a sign of what the future of video marketing has for us. It also gives us a hint about the new ways of making videos for marketing a product or service.

Video marketing has future

Some statistics make a strong case for how much marketers need to use video marketing with suitable content for deeper engagement –

  • A Forbes report states that 65% of executives check out the marketer’s website and social media, and 39% call a vendor after viewing online videos.
  • Invodo reported that 52% of consumers said watching product videos made them more confident in their online purchase decisions.
  • Wyzowl says 72% of businesses say online videos have improved their conversion rate.

Brand marketers and video production agencies today have more options than ever to experiment and use videos for conversion. These days using video in marketing has become natural. Based on our observations from last year’s customer acclivity, we have compiled a list of 10 video trends to watch out for in 2020 –

1. Spontaneous Videos

Snapchat did start a trend which was then followed by social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. In 2020, spontaneous, unplanned online videos would drive people crazy, enforcing deeper engagement with the channel or platform. This is because a spontaneous video is authentic, has more credibility, and is high on thrills. This does not mean that you have to be carefree about the content of the video. Brand marketers must keep a good video production agency and its infrastructure handy, so they could shoot good quality spontaneous videos to attract customers to their channels.

2. More Live Streaming

This became a trend last year but would reach its peak this year because next to spontaneous videos are the live streaming videos where customers get to ‘attend’ events without physically being there. Fashion and lifestyle brands holding fashion shows, or car companies unveiling new car models or electronics companies launching a new gadget – all this being shown live is going to be the new normal for video marketing in 2020. This proves that watching videos live has become a new video marketing strategy that helps with brand awareness.

A guy working on video marketing

3. Live One-On-One Videos

Ask-me-anything (AMA) and Question and Answer (Q&A) videos have suddenly become so popular that they would most likely become a hard marketing strategy in 2020. People just love to geek out on topics, issues, or causes they really and truly care about. And for that, if they have an expert on board with who they can ask anything, they are all out for it. Video Q&As today are possible on any platform and social media, be it Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitch, Crowd cast, or Snapchat. Social Media Production Companies can use these platforms to plan one-on-one interactions with the brand CEOs, CFOs, or product heads about their services or products, using interactive videos.

4. Search-Friendly Videos

Accessible videos will easily trump others simply because they are available at the right time with the right search results. For many businesses, properly captioning and describing their videos is mandatory; for others, this is a great chance for improving visibility with their targeted customers. It’s time to use all of your SEO skills to make your videos as much search-friendly as possible.  Recently Google even announced about adding the video previews to the video carousel that appears in search results. As you can see, proper video marketing has its twists and turns.

5. 360-Degree Videos

When they first became trending in 2016, nobody took them quite seriously, but more and more industries realized what they could accomplish through a 360-Degree Video as a great way of video marketing strategy. Travel and tourism, hotel, and real estate industries are embracing 360-Degree Videos to help their potential customers walk through the spots, virtually helping them make purchase decisions. This is a great example of marketing with videos.

6. Mobile-First Videos

This one is a no-brainer because back in 2017, mobile phones already surpassed the screen time people gave to a desk or a laptop. People are comfortable watching a video on narrow vertical screens, as a result of which square and portrait videos are on the rise. This brings in a whole new level of creative challenges for the post-production agencies looking for exciting ideas. And since this trend is new, 2020 may see some exceptional video production content.

trends of video marketing on laptop

7. Video E-mail Marketing

Just like green eggs and ham, video and email are the new perfect partners in these days’ video marketing. A video that loads easily can help marketers stand out in a plethora of emails that customers get on a daily basis. If ‘video’ is in your subject line today, it does increase open rate and engagement manifolds. A short, crisp video that explains the product or the offer is on the rise this year as an effective marketing strategy.

8. Online Paid Video Courses

Masterclass.com sure began a great trend for videos a few years ago. This is picking up big time in 2020 as more and more teachers, instructors, and field experts turn to video production agencies to produce online courses. Since E-learning is on the rise worldwide, this trend was bound to be because video classes feel much more personalized to customers than text curriculum. Food and beverage companies now have the chance to create short-term cooking courses with their celebrity chefs to attain deeper engagement and branding.

9. Recurring Video Series

Video production is not going to be just adverts anymore as the new field of video marketing is wider. It will now involve engaging video series that either has educational or informative content for viewers. When businesses and companies create recurring video series, they will have valuable statistics to target their customers better. This new way of marketing strategy has been made possible, all thanks to video streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

10. Podcast Videos

Podcasts are a huge hit with millennials because they can be heard while on the fly. Now podcast videos would add to the popularity of podcasts in general. Customers who have already engaged in a podcast series would eventually want to go home and watch a video related to it. This is a golden opportunity for B2B and B2C enterprises to capture their customers as it is a sure thing that people spend time on that. The year 2020 is going to be a period of overhauling for many of these trends. The Best Video Production Companies would fight it out in terms of creating the most cutting-edge video for virality. The future of video marketing is now known to many people since marketing with video for a product or service is now more common than ever. Keep in mind that social media is playing a big role in shaping the future of video marketing. It seems to be the most exciting time since Facebook was founded. What say?

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