7 Best Tips for SEO Copywriting for Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to bring more traffic to your affiliate marketing copy? Then, you know what you need to do – focus on search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO has crawled into every nick and crack of copywriting, and affiliate marketing is no exception. You need to prove to search engines that your copy is worthy of people’s time to get a better rank in search results.

So, if you want to improve your affiliate efforts, you need to resort to strategic and effective optimization. To help you navigate your copywriting towards SEO, we have compiled a list of the best SEO copywriting tips for affiliate marketing

1. Provide a Solution to a Problem

Show that your copy offers real value by solving a certain problem within your copy. Rather than selling the product, write affiliate link-friendly content that offers helpful advice.

For example, if you want to incorporate a link to a reusable water bottle, you can write about eco-friendly traveling tips. Travelers who want to find a solution to green traveling will be led to your content, and the link will be naturally added within the story. 

A solution-based copy is more likely to attract the attention of users and search engines. Not to mention its role in terms of getting more click on the link. If you provide a link to a product as a part of the solution, users are more likely to make a purchase than if you write copy that focuses on selling. 

2. Craft Attractive and Informative Headlines

The headline has one of the most demanding jobs – getting people to make the first step and click on your copy. If you don’t snatch their attention with the headline, your affiliate link doesn’t stand a chance.

The headline that is both optimized and engaging has to be direct, informative, and captivating. To write such headlines, you should:

  • Use power words such as “irresistible,” “best,” “simple,” “cheap,” etc.
  • Give a glimpse of the problem that your copy solves
  • Evoke curiosity with questions
  • Hint that your copy offers a unique solution, idea, or information

Bear in mind that the headline must be related to the rest of the copy. Click-bates can only hurt your credibility with search engine algorithms. So, it is better to write a simple but straightforward headline than to mislead the audience with tempting but irrelevant words. 

Craft Attractive and Informative Headlines

3. Mine the Target Audience’s Commonly Used Phrases

Writing in the language in which your audience speaks and writes will help you guide more searches to your copy. But in order to do that, you have to do your research.

Go to Amazon reviews or forums that discuss products that you want to mention in your copy. Then, mine the most common phrases, expressions, and words that your target audience uses.

“Those words and expressions are the same words and expressions they’ll type in the search engine. If you use the same lingo in your copy, search engines will lead your target audience straight to you,”- says Brid Hernandez, an editor at SupremeDissertations essay writing service.

4. Write Descriptive and Relevant Anchor Phrases

Both users and search engines have had enough of “click here” or “buy here” anchor phrases. It’s time to put some effort into crafting relevant and explanatory anchors.

“Explain what the product is, rather than using the generic affiliate link phrase. If a link leads to affordable translation software, let that be your anchor,”- says Kristin Savage a contributing writer at WowGrade and GrabMyEssay writing service.

However, bear in mind that the anchor shouldn’t be longer than 60 characters. Passing that limit can lead to Google penalizing your copy and readers’ losing interest in the link. 

5. Have a Skimmable Structure

A glimpse at your copy should be enough to signal search engines and users what your copy is all about. That’s why you need to have a skimmable structure.

Web crawlers focus on your copy’s readability just as they focus on its quality. Even high-quality copy can be disregarded by users if it’s poorly formatted.

What can help you to organize your copy into a skimmable structure is:

  • Short sentences
  • Short paragraphs
  • Subheadings
  • Use bullet lists and numbering
  • Use bolded text

Writing services that help students with writing my paper can help you edit your copy to make it more skimmable. Their writers are experts in organizing various information into well-structured content, so they’ll have no trouble with this task. 

6. Add Long-Tail Keywords

You probably already know that search engines love keywords. But do you know that they love long-tail keywords more?

Long-tail keywords are phrases of 3-4 words. They are more specific, and therefore, they provide more information to the search engines. 

Let’s say that your main keyword is “CUBE bike.” You can improve your optimization if you turn it into a long-tail keyword “women’s CUBE Access mountain bike.”

Considering that 70% of all online searches consist of long-tail keywords, you’ll have a better chance of driving relevant traffic to your affiliate copy. 

Give your best to use the main long-tail keyword in the headline and at least one subheading. Just be careful not to ruin the copy’s quality in your attempt to add more long-tail keywords. Quality always comes first – remember that. 

7. Rely Solely on Credible Sources 

Rely Solely on Credible Sources

Surround your affiliate link with credible and well-researched information. Not only will this give you more credibility with your target audience, but it will also give you credibility with web crawlers. 

No matter what kind of product or service your affiliate link leads to, you need a trustworthy copy to convince the audience to click on it. The foundation for that trustworthy copy is built from reputable sources.

Providing false information can demolish your reputation with users and search engines. For example, if you are linking to a product that has aloe vera extract, you need to do some research before you start making claims about it in your copy.

Using data and statistics from reputable sources will make your copy credible, informative, and engaging. If the audience can trust you, they’ll stick around.

Final Thoughts

Both SEO and copywriting are a challenge on its own, but when you intertwine them, things get even harder. However, these tips can show you a safe path towards efficient copywriting that is backed up with optimization. 

Take your time to write high-quality and SEO-friendly copy. It’s the only way you can make your affiliate marketing success in this competitive world. 

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