How to View Instagram Profile Picture?

On Instagram, as one of the most impressive social media platforms, you would be eager to view your friends’ Instagram profile picture in full size and even download it! So, let’s find out more.

Talking about social media apps, you can easily see and even download any profile photo you wish in full size, to keep or use for another social media’ s profile picture in the future!

However, on Instagram, whenever you wish to view your friend’s profile picture that was recently being posted, you find yourself unable to click on the profile picture. You have just the chance to see a small photo on the top corner of the users’ profiles! It seems Instagram’s main drawback.

As one the most amazing and user-friendly social media, Instagram users expect to not only share their favorite photos and Instagram stories, but also view, download, or even save Instagram profile pictures.

Always, there is a way! If you are one of those who are curious about finding some tricky ways to get it done and enjoy Instagram, be here and get the handy ways!

View, Download, and Save Instagram Profile Picture on Your Computer

If you search about viewing Instagram pic profile, you may go through the following steps to view a pic of profile:

1.      Firstly, visit the website on your computer

2.      Then search for the account you are going to see the profile picture

3.      Now, click on the profile picture and then click on“Open image in new tab” 

4.      A new tab will be opened containing the full-size profile picture

Although you are somehow done with it and you can see the profile photo, you are not able to expand the size. In this case, you are in need for more special tools.

Special Tools to View Enlarged Version of Instagram Profile Pictures

InstaDP Tool

One of the most practical and free tools to view a full-size Instagram profile picture on the Internet is InstaDP one.

By using InstaDP, viewing your friend’ s Instagram profile picture is not that much challenging anymore! All you have to do is to go to the on your computer or mobile device, enter your friends’ Instagram usernames and by clicking on the search button, view the enlarged version of the target profile picture and even save it on your device. enjoy the magic!

Even more, you will be able to view all the other uploaded photos, not only from a private profile, but also from Instagram business one!

Izuum Tool

Similar to InstaDO, Izuum tool has been recently developed to help Instagram users view and download each other’s profile pictures easily and freely!  

Take the following steps to see how it works and save profile pic:

1.  Open

2.  Then enter the Instagram username of the person whose profile photo you want to       view.

3.  By clicking on the photo, you can easily save it on your PC or mobile device.

4.  Done!

How to View and Download Instagram Profile Pictures on Android

By using some third party apps on your phone, you will also be able to download Instagram profile pictures on your mobile device! 

Insta Profile Pic Zoom & Save APP

Wondering about viewing someone’s Instagram profile photo in full-sized version without having to open the Instagram app? We highly recommend Insta Profile Pic Zoom & Save APP to view profile pictures.

This completely free and easy to use app lets you download and save Instagram profile photos. All you need is to download it from Google Play Store, enter the profile name and tap the “Get Profile Pic” button. Then by tapping on the “Save” icon at the top corner of this app, you can save it for yourself!

Now you are done and the target profile picture is saved!

How to View and Download Instagram Profile Pictures on iOS

IGProfile Tool

If you are one of the iPhone users and wondering about downloading Instagram profile pictures, don’t worry!

There are some handy and free tools available on the app store for you too. IGProfile app is one of these free apps that would help you to download the Instagram profile photos in an efficient way.

To do so, follow below steps:

  • 1. Firstly, open the Instagram app
  • 2, Search for someone whose profile picture you want to download
  • 3. Write this person’s username on your clipboard or copy it.
  • 4. Then it’s time to go to the app store and download IGProfile app
  • 5. Launch the app.
  • 6. Paste the username where required, and enjoy it!

So, you have successfully viewed the profile picture on Instagram using the IGProfile tool.

To Sum it up!

Next time you like to expand or save one of those gorgeous Instagram pictures or just want to save and keep interesting profile pictures on your computer or mobile device, try one of these methods and live it up!

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