Top Real Estate Hashtags in 2021

Have you ever thought how real estate audiences can find you on social media?

Social media marketing is all about being discovered by relevant users and converting them to leads. But if you can’t be successful in the first part, all your effort for lead generation will be wasted.

Top Realestate hashtags

Believe it or not, being discovered on social media has a simple way: hashtags. Actually, being discovered on Social Media is a bit different from when you have a Civil Engineering Blog. If you have a social media account related to real estate or civil engineering, you have to use hashtags.

Hashtags can easily put your real estate brand in the eye of countless audiences who can potentially be your customers.

That’s why we tried to explain what hashtags are important and provide you with top real estate hashtags suitable for 2021.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a phrase preceded by a hash (#) sign and looks like this: #hashtag

Hashtags are used on social media platforms to tag a keyword and simplify searching for all the posts, including that keyword.

Hashtags are actually at the heart of search engines of social platforms and play a significant role in the exposure an account receives.

In other words, when you want your posts to stand out on the explore page for a certain keyword, you need to use that keyword with a hash sign.

As a result, hashtags are always on the checklist of social media marketing strategists to help market your business. 

Many beginners might ignore the importance of using suitable hashtags and see them as trivial items. But hashtags are so important that there are several tools for creating and suggesting viral hashtags for different niches.

Every brand needs to create two main types of hashtags: niche-relevant hashtags and branded hashtags.

Real estate businesses are no exception, and if they don’t use hashtags correctly, they’ll lose the chance to be discovered by audiences on social media.

General tips for using hashtags

There are not certain rules for using hashtags, but according to experience, you’d better:

Avoid using too many hashtags

This might make your social media posts look spammy. Different social media platforms have different limitations for the number of hashtags in a post. For example, Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags in a feed post and ten hashtags in a story.

Avoid using too many hashtags within your texts

When you use lots of hashtags within a text, the context of your message will be broken, and your audience will be bothered. So try to put most of the hashtags at the end of the text and two or three within the post.

Avoid using very long hashtags

This is also another mistake of marketers. They try to string too many words together to create a single hashtag. Long hashtags are hard to remember, and the best hashtags tend to be short and easy to read.

Run competition research to find the newest real estate hashtags

You need to constantly track your competitor to find the successful hashtags they’re using.

Remember that many hashtags are not evergreen, and you need to frequently change them. One of the best means of finding trendy hashtags is competition research.

By monitoring the social media posts of your competitors, you can see what hashtags they use and how well their posts get engagement. Of course, you need to avoid copying hashtags. Instead, try to use their idea to create unique hashtags for yourself.

25 best general real estate hashtags

You need to use general hashtags in your posts to be discovered in general searches around your niches. For example, many people who’re looking for general information around condos might search #condo, #smallcondo, or similar hashtags. So you’d better include several general options when using real estate hashtags in your posts.

Here are 25 best general hashtags for real estate:

  • #realestate
  • #realestateagent
  • #realtor
  • #realtorlife
  • #realestateinvestor
  • #FSBO
  • #makememove
  • #investment
  • #interiordesign
  • #architecture
  • #broker
  • #mansion
  • #foreclosure
  • #properties
  • #condoassignment
  • #condoresale
  • #firsttimehomebuyer
  • #openhouse
  • #fixandflip
  • #homesweethome
  • #luxuryrealestate
  • #luxuryhomes
  • #smalllcondo
  • #smallapartment
  • #detachedhouse

25 best neighborhood real estate hashtags

Apart from the general hashtags for real estate, you need to bold your neighborhood to be discovered by local people in your region.

You can cover your country, province, city, and even districts in your vicinity to get the maximum exposure possible. For example, if you’re working on Canada condo assignments resale, you have to include Canada in your hashtags.

Here are 25 examples of neighborhood hashtags for real estate :

  • #neighborhood
  • #lovewhereyoulive
  • #localmusic
  • #community
  • #downtown
  • #uptown
  • #suburbs
  • #loveyourneighborhood
  • #neighborsandfriends
  • #beachlife
  • #walkable
  • #1bedroom
  • #2bedroom
  • #”neighborhood” + realestate
  • #”neighborhood” + condo
  • #”neighborhood” + home
  • #”neighborhood” + estateagent
  • #”neighborhood” + apartment
  • #”neighborhood” + building
  • #”neighborhood” + realtor
  • #”neighborhood” + renting
  • #”neighborhood” + selling
  • #”neighborhood” + condoassignment
  • #”neighborhood” + 1bedroom
  • #”neighborhood” + 2bedroom

15 best COVID-19 real estate hashtags

It’s also good to cover the events and trends in your hashtags. For example, COVID-19 has a great impact on all businesses, especially the real estate industry, so you need to cover it.

Many people want to know about changes in companies’ policies during the pandemic. So you can use this opportunity to put your real estate brand in their eyes.

Here are several top covid-related hashtags for real estate:

  • #socialdistancing
  • #remotework
  • #stayhome
  • #staysafe
  • #quarantine
  • #homebuyingCOVID
  • #qurantinelife
  • #remoteopenhouse
  • #virtualtour
  • #covid_condo
  • #covid-19safe
  • #coronavirus
  • #testingcenter
  • #inthistogether
  • #workingfromhome

30 Best listing real estate hashtags

One of the most sought after things people search for on social media is listings. They’re hunting for apartments or condos to buy or rent. So you have to make the most out of listing real estate hashtags to increase your visibility and your conversion rates.

Here are the 30 best listing hashtags for real estate:

  • #home
  • #homeproce
  • #condoprice
  • #apartmentprice
  • #property
  • #forsale
  • #forrent
  • #realestateagent
  • #bestcondo
  • #bestapartment
  • #newhome
  • #dreamhome
  • #househunting
  • #midcenturymodern
  • #victorian
  • #edwardian
  • #apartmenthunting
  • #sold
  • #homesforsale
  • #justlisted
  • #renovated
  • #curbappeal
  • #turnofthecentury
  • #shiplap
  • #petfriendly
  • #smallcondoforsale
  • #smalhomeforsale
  • #besthomeprice
  • #leasthomeprice
  • #leastcondoprice

Different real estate hashtag strategies for different platforms

As you know, different social media platforms have different kinds of users. As a result, speaking with them has to be different to get the best result.

Hashtags are one of the items that might be different on different platforms. The limitation of platforms and the interest of audiences require you to use different real estate hashtag strategies on them.

Of course, some key hashtags and strategies remain the same, but others need to be different.

Real estate hashtag strategy for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social platform focused on employment and working matters and is perfect for both job seekers and recruiters. So it is one of the best networks for boosting real estate businesses.

When using hashtags on this platform, you need to be more professional and employment-oriented rather than selling-oriented. Try to avoid using more than 3-5 real estate hashtags in each post on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides you with an opportunity of being discovered by those who have followed a certain hashtag even if they haven’t connected with you. Try to recognize the most-followed hashtags related to real estate and use them in your posts.

Real estate hashtag strategy for Twitter

Twitter is another platform useful for real estate marketing, but despite LinkedIn, it’s not completely professional.

So your tone of voice and also your hashtag strategy for your real estate brand can be different. In other words, you can be more relaxed when using hashtags but don’t indulge.

In each tweet, you’d better use 2-3 relevant hashtags. It’s better to use hashtags in your text to look more natural.

You can also look at the Trending tab on Twitter to know the trendy topics and hashtags and use them accordingly.

Real estate hashtag strategy for Facebook

Facebook is king in the kingdom of social networks and is a must-use platform for every business.

Its users are the most diverse users among other platforms, and therefore, you can target different audiences on it.

Try to minimize the number of hashtags in each post on Facebook to receive maximum engagement rates. You can find the most-used hashtags on this platform using relevant Groups and Pages.

Real estate hashtag strategy for Instagram

Instagram is definitely one of the most attractive social media platforms in the world, and its users are mostly Millennials. Apart from the popularity of Instagram, its users are following business accounts more than any other social network users, and therefore, is best for digital marketing.

So it’s a perfect place for marketing your business, especially for reaching out to the house hunters.

As mentioned earlier, Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, but surveys show that using too many hashtags is not a wise course of action.

Some famous blogs in this industry like UK Construction Blog use less use 15 relevant hashtags or less as a good start on Instagram. In stories, you’d better use less than five hashtags.


Hashtags are always part of social media marketing strategies. You need to have a plan for using real estate hashtags in the correct way to get maximum exposure and avoid bothering users with excess use of hashtags. Remember that this is an ever-changing thing, and you have to track the trends consistently to be able to use real estate hashtags effectively.

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