How to Use Copyrighted Music on Facebook Legally?

If you are unsure of what type of music to use on your Facebook legally or having a hard time finding the right permitted track, then you have clicked on the right link and article.

Facebook Music

This article will show you how to learn to use copyrighted music on Facebook Legally and how to go about it. 

Facebook Policies About Copyrighted Music

Based on Facebook’s Legal Copyright Policies in their Frequently Asked Questions section, the only way to be sure that you have posting rights and aren’t violating copyright laws by Facebook or any other party is to post musical content made initially been by yourself. 

But you might ask;

  • What if it’s a public song, and I only played it in the background?
  • What if you had bought the song from iTunes, the internet, or from a CD, and then chose to use it in your content?
  • I chose to mention in the disclaimer that you didn’t own the video or the related copyright rights, write where you obtained it, and accurately identify the copyright owner in your related post information?

Unfortunately, if you have a business or influencer account, you would most probably be violating a copyright law of some sort or the other, under all those guidelines and questions. It is only legal to apply any of those questions if you have a personal account, and your followers are limited to your family and friends.  Otherwise, you are breaking a musical posting law by someone who owns the track.

If you do break the copyright laws based on these assumptions, your intent won’t help you avoid a defense regarding breaking the copyright laws. Even if you didn’t intend to violate or break those laws, you can still get into trouble, break copyright laws, be removed from Facebook, and be judged for it.

This violation of copyright permission would be a lot more applicable if you have a business or an influencer account with the chance of your content going viral and out of hand. Your posts, page, and video information can easily be used against you in a court of law and create issues for you.

The Right Way to Use Copyrighted Music on Facebook.

If you don’t want to start violating all the policies on Facebook and every social media platform, you might want to learn and start following these guidelines. To add music to your content without running into every copyright policy, you have a few options to follow. Here are a few things like:

#1. Facebook’s Audio Track Library

Facebook suggests not to break any copyright laws; creators could also use Facebook Sounds Library. Recently listed and created by the Facebook group of companies. It includes an assembly of permitted complimentary content, music clips, videos, and samples that could be used to create content for Facebook videos.

Facebook is launching this library listing of music tracks to make sure infringing copyright law violations are minimized. In their “Sound Collection,” Facebook has included various audio options for use, including; audio tracks, sound effects, and videos.

Facebook owns the content of this library. As a creator, you are clear to use any of them on Facebook or Instagram without charge.

#2. Stock Music Royalty-Free Libraries

The Stock Music Libraries are large stores or music platforms full of stock tracks created by pioneering musicians who are just stepping into the industry. The tracks found in the Stock Music Libraries are mostly instrumental only, so don’t have any lyrics or hit songs that have gone viral among them.

Even though the selection of stock tunes is quite diverse, they don’t have the influential power you would need to elevate your Facebook videos. Finding the perfect tune in a stock library is sometimes as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.

These libraries are mostly royalty-free and can be obtained with a minimum cost or none. Some may need attributions, but otherwise, they would be allowed for commercial use on Facebook.

#3. Creative Common Zero Content

If you want to be successful in your Facebook content creations, we would suggest you familiarize yourself with Creative Common Zero (CC0) Content. Whether it is music, pictures, or videos, it is vital that you know and be certain that you aren’t violating any copyright laws in your Facebook uploading content.

You can search for Common Zero Licensed contents by searching for it on your search engines. Some of these websites are like:

  1. CreativeCommons.Org – This is a website system that stocks music from artists that have released their songs under the Creative Common Zero License. On this website, you have all rights reserved to use music for your videos by not mentioning the artists’ attributions. Although, some artists allow usage but do ask for attributions. But overall, they are mostly complementary or cost very little and have flexible CC0 Copyright Licenses.
  2. Free Music Archive.Org – The Free Music Archive is a website that offers music, track, and song downloads under the Creative Common and other flexible Licenses. The website has a great selection of genres for musicians, filmmakers, and creators alike. The website gives you the freedom to share, remix, and reuse content found on their websites.
  3. – The Sound Cloud Website and Global Community gives trending tracks, songs, and music, from trending and global artists and bands. It allows all artists worldwide to upload their work under the CC0 permit and be used by creators in their content.

There are many more websites with CC0 Content Licenses that could be searched for on Search Engines.

#4. Direct Permit from The Copyright Owners

If you need good known music for your Facebook content, you could select the ideal music and then contact the copyright owner directly. Though, it may seem an impossible task to find a music’s copyright holder.

Firstly, you would have to recognize the copyright holder. Remember, a variety of people or bodies may own a music’s copyright. For Instance, it may be the publisher, the record label, or the artist’s agents, though you may go on a never-ending pursuit. Even if you find the copyright owner, they might refuse your request or ask for a hefty sum just for a license exchange.

#5. Finding a Hit Music Easily

Additionally, suppose you want to use patented and permitted content on Facebook without trouble while avoiding contacting and getting permission from the owners yourself. You could use different websites that provide music without hassle.  There are sites like:

  1. – That is a Music Library with 20,000 over music and commercially used tracks with pre-clearance from the copyright holders for social media content use. Through websites like Lickd, you will also be given access to a broad range of high-quality music videos; that you could categorize and refine based on their genres, style, musicians, moods they offer, and more. Though there is a price point, it is a lot less than contacting the owners themselves.
  2. Pos Music – This is a website with a complimentary Trial period but can also be subscribed to monthly. With a small fee, it provides powerful music for the use of creators on their content.

Certain of Its Music Source

Ignore common recommendations; they are mostly false and trick you into thinking you aren’t breaking copyright laws.  Protect yourself from the repercussions of using music beyond proper copyright permissions.

A repeated infringement offender could risk having their account suspended, revoke your ability to have any activity on your Facebook, or ever have an account at all within the Social Media giant depending on the nature of your infringement or violation. 

Generally, Avoid

Generally, our only advice in using Copyrighted Legal Music on Facebook is always to be sure of your music’s legal copyright laws. You wouldn’t want to be flagged or removed by Facebook for using a piece beyond someone else permission on your Facebook post and account. So learn the Copyright Laws before wanting to upload your content and avoid uncertain information, track, and page use within your Facebook.

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