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To understand the topic, you need to know what messenger codes are! They are something like QR codes. When you scan them while using the Facebook messenger app, it opens a messenger chat for you, connected to a chatbot.

Anyway, the Facebook messenger codes option is not newly introduced, but it comes handy for users. You might think that you have heard the name of QR codes more often. How come it was not very successful in getting widely used?

You are right, but the problem with QR codes was its complexity. You also had to download an app, which sometimes did not work correctly for scanning QR codes.

It gets more comfortable when it comes to Facebook messenger codes. You have to install the Facebook messenger app on your phone, yet most cellphones already have it. You might wonder, ok, what now? What good does it do me? Well, you can use this to your advantage, no matter what business you are at, it can be beneficial for you if you know how to use it properly.

How can I find the messenger code?

It is one thing to know what something is; it is a whole other story to understand where to find it and how to use it. Before talking about usage, let me tell you how you can find the messenger codes for yourself.

In the desktop view:

· Go to your Facebook page

· find the top menu and click on messages

· click on the spiral-shaped button

· you will see a window where you can download your code

You can let your followers know that they can scan your code by posting your messenger code (which looks like a png picture) in your posts on your page.

In the mobile view:

If you want to do this with your cellphone, follow these instructions:

· open the messenger app and go to the Facebook page’s message

· click on the spiral-shaped messenger code at the bottom

· again, you will see your code, and you can download in 3 different size

Where are the best usages of Facebook messenger codes?

Let’s review some of the cool ways to use a Facebook messenger code together. Note that you should have a Facebook page. In other words, a Facebook messenger code is given to Facebook users. This policy was not an obligation at first but was changed later to increase the number of users who follow Facebook.

1. Advertisements for jobs

You certainly have seen job advertisements in shopping centers or universities. A quick way to get to the submission process is by using messenger scan codes.

As mentioned before, the scan codes are connected to chatbots, which can answer all your questions regarding the job position, needs; you name it.

This is the gift of the 21st century to job seekers to speed up the process of job hunting.

2. Exhibitions and expositions

While walking in an exposition, you will see exhibitioners busy answering people, giving them pamphlets with information on it, and most likely cannot handle the crowd well. You most certainly cannot answer everyone entirely while you have others waiting or asking you questions simultaneously.

Some try to ask visitors to check their related social media for further information, which is not a wise choice. The visitors want information on the spot; otherwise, they could find you on social media even before coming here.

If you are not taking advantage of the new technology as a business owner or an average person, you only blame yourself. It is common knowledge that most people who get the pamphlets or brochures drop them into a trash can after a glance, maybe because it is too long or they are not in the mood to read it there in the crowd.

A Facebook messenger scan code can be super advantageous to exhibitors. People can scan the Facebook messenger code and get the same information you presented to them on pamphlets or through your staff. You could provide the gist of the data for the ones who scan the Facebook messenger code. This would be more convenient for the reader, and you are also helping the environment at the same time since you do not have to print out thousands of brochures and pamphlets.

You also save time since you do not have to answer all the visitors’ questions, like on social media. The chatbots do that for you.

The golden point in using the Facebook messenger code for business owners is that whoever scans the code and interacts becomes a subscriber. Don’t you think it works super than some old ways, like having to follow up with email?

3. Artists

Some of the artists or bands are still using old ways to sell their music: CD! It has become old fashioned, and not many are into CDs anymore. There is a way to solve this problem, which is the “Facebook messenger scan code.”

When users scan a code, they go directly to a bot that gives them all your available music. To top that, they can also pay for that in the messenger. Could it get more convenient than that?

There also is an option for users to get notified when anything new comes up related to the artist, like new releases or shows. This is something that QR codes could never offer.

4. Attract and retain customers

Attracting and retaining customers, also known as loyalty programs, can help both the customers and the business owners.

How it works is, the customers scan the code with their Facebook messenger, anytime they make a purchase or enter. After scanning, they will be rewarded with points in their account. The related bot lets them know how many points have they collected so far and when they can claim your reward.

The usage of this brilliant method is just rising as it was unknown to business owners. These days you can see this usage in restaurants, coffee shops, retails, or even gyms!

5. Merchandise and retail

Some countries are already using the messenger code in their restaurants. It has been welcomed widely. They put the code on the food item so that you can scan it. By doing so, you will be presented with all the information about the food, including originality, nutritional information, and ingredients. Isn’t that fascinating?

Also, you can see the same thing being used for clothes. Once you scan the code, the chatbot will give you information about sizing, and even helps you find different sizes in other stores, if available.

Some businesses are expanding the Facebook messenger code usage and are trying to put this on other merchandise to attract more customers. A live example is cars. They are trying to put the code on the cars’ windshield so that you can get all the needed information. All you have to do is scan the code.

6. Expand your business card information

Business cards sure have limitations because of the size. You cannot put everything in there. A Facebook messenger code has made it possible to give a lot of information with a simple code scan. By placing a code on your business card, you leave the rest of the work to the bot to present all the information about your business.

This helps you to avoid lengthy explanations while you give someone your business card. However, it is a good idea to help people scan the code while you are there since it might be a new app for some users.


As the technology matures, we should evolve with it to keep up and not fall behind. Facebook messenger code option is one of the latest ever. Of course, the usages mentioned above are just a small part of a whole. You have to keep in mind that you can use them almost anywhere and for anything, that is the point of this whole article.

Of course, hats off to Facebook to enable us to do a lot with a simple scan of a code. Also, to create a messenger that is edging QR codes out.

What’s important is that you should take advantage of the Facebook messenger code’s tremendous usage and the convenience it gives you and your customers or clients, especially these days. People refrain from having personal face-to-face contact to ask for extra information. You could provide the chance through the simple use of Facebook messenger code.

Do not forget to have a follow-up with your subscribers, or you’ll get half of the benefits from Facebook messenger.

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