Establish Your Business Brand with Instagram Shoutouts

Instagram is a social media platform that has displayed great growth in recent years. Active users on Instagram are increasing every year, making it the ideal platform for businesses to connect with about one billion people daily. If you are not on this dynamic social media platform you are missing a great avenue for your brand. 

Establish Your Business Brand with Instagram Shoutouts

Instagram has an impressive global reach; however, several business owners overlook the marketing potential it has. This results in missing out on regular profits, intense engagement levels, and brand awareness for their businesses.

This post will give you insights into how Instagram marketing can help your business gain a competitive edge in the market. If you are registered on Instagram it is high time for you to jump into action with the tips given below.

Building your business brand with Instagram

Given below are successful ways to establish your business brand on Instagram and boost web traffic, earn a strategic edge over your peers in the same business niche and enjoy better sales conversion and revenue in the market. Create strategic partnerships to increase your followers on Instagram by embracing.

  1. Instagram shoutouts- Most business owners are frustrated that they do not know how to increase the number of followers or brands on Instagram. This frustration is justified as without a good number of followers, you will not get likes, comments, and shares to build a potent marketing channel.

However, building your follower count is not as hard as you think. A super effective way for you to increase your business followers is to enter into strategic partnerships with other accounts on Instagram.

To build these strategic partnerships, you should-

  • Make a list of Instagram accounts popular in the market that reaches out to your target audience.
  • When you have located them, partner with these accounts in the form of “shout-outs.” They can either be unpaid or paid. The difference between the two are-
  • An unpaid shout-out is generally known as a share for share. Here, both Instagram accounts generally share the content posted by one another. Both of you encourage your account followers to follow the account of the other. In this way, you gain access to their followers, and they get access to your followers.

For free shoutouts, business owners need to concentrate on Instagram accounts with a similar reach as theirs. The account owners will be open and more receptive to share partnerships on Instagram as both of them will benefit from such an arrangement. For instance, both of you could agree to share an image from your respective Instagram accounts and encourage your present network of followers to follow them too.

  • Paid shout-out- if you want to reach a large segment of the targeted audience, you can pay for shoutouts. Now, paid shout-outs are only meant for those business owners who have allotted a budget for social media marketing. This partnership helps them reach out to a wide segment of people, and in the process, they can gain thousands of targeted customers.
User get shoutout

When you have decided to pay for shout-outs, you must target Instagram accounts with a much higher social media engagement level than you. The number of followers who have like their content should be high, preferably about two to three percent of the total followers. 

When you have decided to pay for shout-outs, you should ensure that a call-to-action is included in this shout-out. Here, the owners of the Instagram account you enter into the partnership with agrees to ask their followers to take the desired action you want on something relevant to your business. 

The best strategy, of course, is to ask them to follow your account. You can buy followers, likes, and views from Instagram from Blastup if you are a new business. This helps you build a decent number of followers first before reaching out to other popular Instagram accounts to ask their followers to follow your accounts via a paid shout-out strategy.  

In the process, with time, when you have gathered some thousand or so followers, you can gradually drive them to your business website. This will make them engage with your business brand and subscribe to the business email list too. 

  1. Create content compelling enough to be shared – To utilize shoutouts for Instagram marketing, you must ensure that your creation is worthy enough to be shared. One effective Instagram strategy is you should create powerful yet informative content that not only resonates with the targeted audience but compels them to share and engage with your brand. This helps you to expand your reach and grow your business brand in the market. The formula for the creation of great content is rather simple. You should-
  • Create imagery with good resolution 
  • Pair it up with engaging text
  1. Request for engagement – There are several business brands that start with Instagram and later become frustrated primarily because people do not share their posts or engage with them in any way. The reason here is simple- you do not ask for this engagement. You can include a call-to-action in your Instagram posts and ask your followers to share your posts or invite comments from them. You should reply to all these comments so that user engagement increases and brand presence is built. You can ask them to double-tap on your post if they agree with what you have posted, or you can ask your followers to tag their friends. Both these ways are great tactics for you to build your Instagram followers for your business brand. 

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that registering on Instagram and building a follower base with the help of strategic partnerships via shoutouts is not a hard task. You need to take the first step and tie-up with other popular Instagram accounts to increase your global reach. Creating compelling posts to share and asking your followers for engagement is the next step for establishing your business brand in the niche market with success.  

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