Top Marketplaces to Buy Instagram Accounts (Authentic and Organic)

Do you know where to buy Instagram accounts?

buy Instagram accounts

The impact of social media has been increasing since 2015. This growth started with Facebook and then moved to Instagram; social media now has the largest audience in the world.

Whether you use it for business or personal use, these platforms enable you to share photos and information on them and take your appearance to the next level.

Instagram is one of the best platforms for revealing your skills and potential. Through Instagram, you can find people with the same attitudes and talents as you. This platform will help you develop skills and meet new people on the road.

Also, Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms for advertising. Multiple businesses can share their products and services via Instagram next to marketing and a strong design team, eventually leading to business growth.

#Buying and selling Instagram accounts

Buying and selling Instagram accounts is a kind of trading that many don’t know about. But people can sell or buy Instagram accounts.

Some people do it to make some money, and some others do it to advertise a business they just started. You should know that Instagram doesn’t allow this trade, and an account can be suspended or taken down.

Buying Instagram accounts usually happens for business purposes. You can buy an Instagram active that is already active and use that to promote your business with the existing followers of that account; this is the most productive digital marketing method for promoting a business.

The buyer of this account can take advantage of the pre-existing followers who are already counted as engaged followers. They can easily communicate with the active audience and promote their business.

But this buying and selling process involves some rules and frameworks. And yet, this is not a legal act, but on the other hand, it doesn’t break any specific rules either.

We want to introduce you 15 best websites to buy Instagram accounts or sell them. These are all marketplaces for social media accounts that you can trust.

#Social Tradia

Social Tradia: The Best Marketplace to Buy Instagram Accounts

Buying and selling Instagram accounts from Social Tradia is very simple. They analyze all available Instagram accounts for sale so you can get authentic followers with real engagement.

If you choose an Instagram account and want to buy it, you can just propose an offer for it, and then Social Tradia will negotiate with the seller when they agree, and you can have the account to yourself.

Social Tradia is based in Toronto. They help small businesses that need an Instagram account to promote their marketing.

They will offer you an Instagram account with a verified username and good ranking. When you buy an Instagram account from Social Tradia, they will give you 24 hours to test the account to ensure you made the right decision.

On the Social Tradia homepage, you can find a menu that provides different options based on multiple industries on Instagram. Another menu categorizes the accounts based on the number of followers and their engagement rate.

Their transaction is secure, and they use reliable payment methods. They hand over the accounts to buyers between 3 hours to 3 days. The account certification will be sent to the buyer’s email address.

All available IG accounts on the Social Tradia website are legit, and they have passed the necessary authentic filters, which is a very long process and takes time.

But the Social Tradia analysis team assesses all accounts and only chooses the qualified accounts and offers them to you; therefore, you don’t need to waste any extra time and money.

If you want to sell your Instagram account, which has authentic followers and a high engagement rate, Social Tradia can assist you. You can check out their sell Instagram account section to find more information.

They have clients worldwide who look into your accounts and put in offers. Social Tradia also does the negotiations with buyers and saves you the trouble.

Suppose you have more than one Instagram account and are interested in selling your account or buying another account for personal or corporate services. In that case, Social Tradia can be your best choice.

When you sell your first account, you can apply on their website to become their authorized seller, and you will receive great benefits; you can focus on your primary purpose, which is growing your Instagram accounts.

#Social Tradia customer feedback & reviews

With more than 1000 reviews from their customers, Social Tradia’s feedback on Trustpilot is Excellent. 92% of their customers gave a 5-star review to their service, resulting in a 4.8 score, which is outstanding in the industry.

Based on the reviews, we can say that Social Tradia’s most significant advantages are:

  • They’re very transparent
  • They act quickly
  • They have a smooth process of takeover
  • They are a responsive and cooperative team

Social Tradia’s reviews are mostly positive, but some negative reviews also mention their disadvantages.

For example, one of the sellers has claimed that they are trying to lower the price. Of course, this comment has not been accepted, and the Social Tradia team has provided concrete reasons for their behaviors. So overall, we can say that this is one of the best platforms to buy Instagram accounts.


Flipo, buy Instagram accounts

E-Flipo is another valid platform to buy Instagram accounts or sell them. Besides selling accounts, they have connections with many influencers who can promote your business.

They use reliable and safe payment methods and offer verified accounts to their clients.

All the accounts that sellers suggest were verified and passed the necessary filters. Their team provides a detailed report about the account growth process that is available for purchase.

This helps buyers to make well-informed decisions about their investments.

This process will bring more trust and gratification among customers. Also, influencers have a critical role in promoting these accounts, and clients can decide which influencer to work with for promotion.

#E-Flipo customer feedback & reviews

This eCommerce agency from Sri Lanka has only 13 reviews on Google and 5 on Trustpilot. Therefore, we can’t judge their platform based on the reviews.



Finding a perfect Instagram account is a challenging job these days. You can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month if you own a famous account with a high engagement rate and authentic followers.

So if you have such kind of account and want t receive profit from it, then you need websites like FreewaySocial. They provide buyers and sellers with 2-week exchange security.

Whether you trust an account or not, FreewaySocial will get the account verification for you so you can buy it there; when the account is verified, you can buy it because its privacy is guaranteed.

#FreewaySocial customer feedback & reviews

Unfortunately, FreewaySocial has not been able to gain good reviews on valid platforms like Trustpilot. Try to search more on the web and be sure about everything before starting your business on FreewaySocial.

#Accs market

Acc Market

If you are seeking an authentic IG account with real followers, you can find it on the              Accs market. The accounts available on websites are supervised and observed to prevent scamming or misuse. You can keep track of how the account is doing at any time, and there are some analytics tools to assist you in the process.

They accept different forms of payment, such as PayPal, credit cards, and Western Union, for buying a verified Instagram account. You can exchange your account with others or buy someone’s account before deactivating it. They have reasonable prices which fit different budgets.

#Accs Market customer feedback & reviews

Accs Market has very good feedback on Trustpilot. It has more than 360 reviews from its customers.

Around 87% of their users gave a 5-star review, resulting in an overall score of 4.8.

The most salient advantages of Accs Market mentioned by users are:

  • Smooth transfer process
  • Easy and safe transaction
  • Good support team
  • Trustworthy

Very few users have not been satisfied with this platform. For example, some problems in the middle of an agreement or banning some users from using the site. However, negative comments are really rare, and overall, you can trust this website based on its customer reviews.



Z2U is an application designed for buying and selling Instagram accounts. By accessing this app, you can buy a legit Instagram account.

These accounts are verified with a high engagement rate compared to regular accounts. Z2U is user-friendly and an excellent choice for accessing high-quality Instagram accounts. This platform is the best option for anyone seeking to start a business with an Instagram account.

Also you can upgrade your subscription to premium as well. Z2U is a good website, and you can trust its services.

They have special package prices, and they provide a variety of selections for Instagram accounts. This website develops enormously via proper marketing and authentic growth.

#Z2U customer feedback & reviews

Z2U has a whopping 3896 reviews from their customers on Trustpilot. Also, 81% of the users have given a 5-star review to their service, which is good in this niche.

Here are some of the advantages of using this platform based on their reviews:

  • Responsive team
  • Smooth transaction
  • Safe accounts
  • Real followers

Along with these positive comments, some customers have mentioned problems when working with the platform.

For example, one customer has claimed that their team has charged him wrongly. Of course, the good news is that their support team has immediately responded to this complaint and promised to fix the problem.

This is important when choosing a site to buy Instagram accounts because if a problem occurs, you can be sure they’ll certainly fix it.

#Account Warehouse


Account Warehouse’s main job is to offer high-quality verified Instagram accounts via a simple and easy process for customers to find the proper Instagram account.

You don’t need to spend multiple hours searching the internet for influencers with many promoting you because Account Warehouse will do the job for you.

The accounts available on this website are verified, and their activity is based on Instagram’s terms of service.

Therefore, you can make sure these accounts are leg, and you can buy them without worries and start your brand or business.

#Accountwarehouse customer feedback & reviews

Accountwarehouse has more than 1035 reviews from its users on Trustpilot.

More than 76% of their customers have given a 5-star review to this platform, making it a trustworthy site to buy Instagram accounts.

Here, we have mentioned some of the advantages of using this platform, according to their customers’ reviews:

  • Very quick process
  • Helpful and polite team
  • Safe transaction**

They also have some negative comments. For example, sometimes, they delay the response after receiving the money. Of course, this has not always been the case, but be careful when working with this site.



Surgegram is another website for buying Instagram accounts. If you don’t need your account anymore, or if your account is hacked, or you want to take advantage of Instagram features before they all change, there is no better place for you than Surgegram.

Buyers can find authentic accounts with good prices that are much cheaper than other websites.

Sellers can list their accounts for sale and make sure buyers will be interested in purchasing these accounts because of the reasonable prices and various discounts.

Surgegram provides secure and easy methods for customers to find proper buyers or sellers for Instagram accounts. Also, some tools help you list or sell your account.If you decide to close your Instagram account to take a break or want to say goodbye to Instagram forever, but you have an excellent, engaged account, Surgegram can still help you.

#Surgegram customer feedback & reviews

Surgegram has only 20 reviews from its customers on Trustpilot. Almost 90% of their users gave a 5-star review to this platform, but we can’t judge it based on 20 reviews. You have to read all the reviews to become familiar with these opinions.

For example, sometimes customers have complained about hacking during the process. Of course, their team has responded, so we can say that at least their team is responsive.



There are many websites for buying and selling Instagram accounts, and it might be challenging to choose among them with this variety. That’s where you can count on PlayerUp. They brought up all social media marketing sites together with an extensive community that is out there to provide you with the services you need.

They offer a safe atmosphere so you can find an Instagram account that fits the buyer or seller profile; it allows you to contact other buyers or sellers, negotiate, come to an agreement and close a deal.

PlayerUp has a friendly user interface and a simple payment process. To sum up, you need a few clicks in PlayerUp to buy or sell an Instagram account.

#PlayerUp customer feedback & reviews

With just about 2747 reviews on Trustpilot, PlayerUp has great feedback. It has received 5-star reviews from 87% of the customers, resulting in a total score of 4.5.

Here are some positive points about their site based on the customers:

  • Good delivery
  • Safe and secure
  • Responsive team

There are some negative messages from their customers about the delays and fake followers. Of course, almost all the complaints have been answered by their team on Trustpilot, so we can say that their customer service is fine.

#Too Fame


Too Fame has five years of experience in the online market. They have over 700 satisfied clients with accounts that were chosen. Too Fame is one of the most reliable Instagram account trading markets. Clients can easily buy Instagram accounts or their own accounts.

They guarantee you to receive accounts that are authentic with real engagement. They help you to increase your account’s performance. You can make sure this account will grow naturally in an accurate way.

They offer 24 hours service for payment and a 7-day refund policy for customers unsatisfied with service. Their structured experience turned them into a successful platform, continuously working on enhancing their team.

#Too Fame customer feedback & reviews

Too Fame has just about 117 reviews on Trustpilot. Almost 100% of their customers have given a 5-star review to the site, scoring 4.9.

Here are some advantages of buying Instagram accounts from this platform based n reviews:

  • Safe process
  • Smooth transaction
  • Responsive team

Some of their customers have complained about fake followers and also some delays. So be careful when working with this platform.

#Insta Sale


Insta sale is another well-known platform to buy Instagram accounts. They offer a comprehensive range of sports, nature, fitness, travel, and more accounts. The team analyzes all accounts and verifies them before the exchange process.

The website also points out the benefits of using this method. They talk about how making a business account can save time and energy.

Buying an IG account that includes your target audience is easier and faster, and you can introduce your business to the world in a blink of an eye.

#Insta Sale customer feedback & reviews

Insta Sale has around 185 reviews on Trustpilot, which is a good source to judge the platform. Around 89% of their reviews are 5-star, resulting in a 4.8 score.

The most repetitive comments about their platform are

  • Fast process
  • Safe escrow service
  • Responsive team

Some negative comments also insist on fake likes or followers. So you must be more careful about the accounts’ followers when buying an account from them.



Payment transactions are done through trusted methods that guarantee the safety of these payments—all the accounts listed for buying and selling.

Fameswap offers 24/7 customer service, even after your purchase, and you might need further assistance. Their communication channels are robust and straight.

They also provide coded messaging services. Buyers and sellers can also communicate with customer service about their issues.

#Fameswap customer feedback & reviews

Fameswap’s feedback on Trustpilot is Excellent. They have more than 765 reviews from their customers. 85% of their users gave a 5-star review to their service resulting in a 4.7, which is good in this niche.

The users of this platform have mentioned these advantages:

  • Fast process
  • Helpful team

Of course, there are some rare negative comments. For example, a user has claimed that he has not received the money or the account back after the process.

However, the team has quickly responded that they’ll immediately fix the problem. So we can certainly say that they have a safe process and responsive team, and you can be sure about the result of the transaction.

#Viral Instas

Viral Instas

Viral Instas is another platform that buys and sells Instagram accounts with many followers ranging between 4K to 251K. Viral Instas’s team analyzes and evaluates the potential accounts available for buyers or sellers; they gather information like the number of followers and what posts they are interested in before you decide about buying the account.

Viral Instas offers an audience analysis service, which is free; this service can help customers who want to take care of their accounts. This analysis helps them to solve their challenges easier.

#Viral Instas customer feedback & reviews

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any data about Viral Instas reviews on Trustpilot or any other platforms. Of course, this doesn’t mean that this marketplace can’t be trusted.

#ACC Farm

Acc Farm

This is one of the best places to buy and sell Instagram accounts; they help you find Instagram accounts with authentic followers. ACC Farm offers 24/7 services to clients, and their delivery process is %100 safe.

When you enter their website, you will see a list of some Instagram accounts with different price categories. You can find the Instagram account you are looking for based on your budget, the number of followers you have in mind, and some other critical factors.

For example, if you are looking for an Instagram account with 100 followers and uploaded content on the account, it will cost you $5.99.

But if you want an Instagram account with 20,000 followers and more content, it will cost you $89.99. They have options for everyone with different tastes or budgets, which is excellent.

#Acc Farm customer feedback & reviews

Despite the fact that this is a good platform, it doesn’t have a lot of reviews on Trustpilot and other reviewing websites.

#Bulk Accounts Buy

Bulk Accounts Buy

Bulk Accounts Buy is a platform where users from different parts of the world can sell their accounts there and exchange their followers or even buy Instagram accounts with a specific number of followers.

This is an excellent chance for Instagram lovers to promote their business via Instagram without the need to spend an unreasonable amount of money.

This platform has multiple options, such as $0.02 per follower; therefore, anyone can use Bulk Accounts Buy services. Their website is user-friendly, with an excellent customer service team that answers all your questions.

Whether you are looking for a personal or business account, Bulk Accounts Buy can be your choice. You can also search for other Instagram accounts related to your niche on their website.

You can also search for usernames on Bulk Account Buy, which means you can find an IG account that matches your needs with their username, and they will also assist you in finding other related accounts.

#Bulk Accounts Buy customer feedback & reviews

This marketplace has only 16 reviews on Trustpilot with an average grade. Of course, you must search more for detailed information about the customers’ experiences.

#Insta Tradia

Insta Tradia

Insta Tradia is copy of Social Tradia for trading Instagram accounts. There are various accounts available for sale with multiple packages. However, the UI is not that great.

You can also make your account o Insta Tradia and put it for sale for only $9 per month. Yes, making money on social media by selling an Instagram account is as easy as it seems. This is just one of the fields that InstaTradia will make everything easier for you.

#Insta Tradia customer feedback & reviews

Insta Tradia doesn’t have so many reviews on Trustpilot. It has only 22 reviews from its customers, and 96% gave a 5-star review, scoring a score of 4.6. That’s kinda a yellow flag compared to other competitors.


Buying an authentic and verified Instagram account is a great way to make money easily and without trouble. You can get any number of followers between 1000 to 50,000, depending on your goal and what you are looking for. Some people are looking for an account for personal reasons, and they want to have some fun, but others want to promote their brand or business, but in any of those cases, you do have the chance to get what you want by choosing the right platform that matches your needs.

Buying and selling Instagram accounts is considered one of the different digital marketing methods. This is one of the newest strategies for promoting your brand’s existence and introducing it to the world.

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