The Best NFT Accounts on Instagram

Do you like to learn everything about NFTs? Follow the best NFT accounts on Instagram.

The Best NFT Accounts on Instagram

The NFT market is now one of the most sought-after places for tech lovers and also investors.

You might have been familiar with the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but what about NFTs?

This is one of the trickiest industries and needs careful attention and continuous studies. There is a lot of content on the internet and social media platforms about NFTs.

For example, Magic Mint is an excellent platform to mint NFTs and be aware of the NFT calendar and trending NFTs.

Another great source of NFTs is NFT influencers on social media platforms, especially Instagram. If you follow their accounts, you will highly unlikely lose any good things. Of course, you must choose influencers wisely, as there might be many fake accounts.

In this article, we’ll introduce some of the best NFT accounts on Instagram.

Gary Vaynerchuk

This is one of the most famous influencers who talk about different tech-based matters, such as NFT.

He has more than 10 million followers on Instagram and also numerous YouTube subscribers. All the content he shares with his followers is about learning by doing. His focus is on finding ways to find better information on the fly.

He has become an icon on social media due to his great passion for learning new things and his goals. Gary is also a great investor in some famous companies such as Venmo, Coinbase, and, more importantly, Twitter.

He is a world-renowned entrepreneur, bestselling author in New York Times, and a great speaker. He has also founded two successful companies, VaynerX and VaynerMedia.

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban has more than 1.9M followers on Instagram and is one of the best NFT influencers on the platform.

Best recognized for his look at the American enterprise fact display Shark Tank, Mark Cuban has an anticipated internet really well worth US$4.five billion.

Follow him to benefit from monetary and private advice and learn how to interrupt this digital world.

Mark Cuban owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and Landmark Theatres and is Chairman of HDNet. He bought to Yahoo in 1999 for $five.7 billion.

He is an investor withinside the NFT marketplaces – Mintable and SuperRare, and NFT tracker CryptoSlam. Mark has been thinking about turning sports tickets into non-fungible tokens.


Metaverse is the third-best NFT account on our list. With around a whopping 1.3M fans on Instagram, it’s a great place for NFT and Metaverse lovers.

The Metaverse stocks unique reporting, analysis, commentary, interviews, podcasts, events, and extra with crypto-maximalists and crypto-targeted newcomers.

The Metaverse is the optimum virtual real property for people and businesses to learn, speak, and interact with their nearby Web3 community.

Our product permits customers to discover, speak and connect to the present-day NFT tales in a quick and green way.

NFT Wealth

Nft_wealth has more than 809K followers on Instagram and is one of the best sources for NFT and Metaverse.

Along with other best NFT accounts on Instagram, you’d better follow NFT_Wealth to urge the newest news on blockchain-enabled projects. This exclusive and safe house has been created to produce the most advantages and facilitate everybody fascinated by the NFT Blockchain technology.

NFT_Wealth is the initial academic space for blockchain enthusiasts by fintech professionals.

Here you’ll realize valuable data on the latest news, projects, and benefits provided by our partners.


SuperRare is also a great page to follow. With more than 404K followers, it’s one of the best NFT accounts on Instagram.

SuperRare is a group of extraordinary artistic endeavors you may trade. Follow, accumulate and redeem your artistic endeavors from the maximum particular artwork collection.

This is the primary decentralized cryptocurrency artwork gallery withinside the world. Only collectors, curators, and artists can upload works to Supperrare.

Artists add their works to the SupperRare platform. Collectors are those who personal particular crypto arts withinside the shape of virtual documents on SupperRare platform.


With more than 288K followers on Instagram, Rarible is the next best NFT account on Instagram.

Here you may find out wonderful merchandise from creators across the world. The merchandise Rarible sells are virtual and geared up to be collected, traded & bought through you.

RARiBLE is the primary market wherein customers can change virtual property in alternative to bitcoin. It is a progressive platform for retaining the music of your crypto property, offering situation reports, and documenting provenance from your organization’s inception to the present day.

NFT Insiders

NFT Insiders is also a perfect choice to follow if you’re an NFT fan. It has gained more than 263k fans on Instagram.

If you’re new to the world of non–fungible tokens (NFTs), you definitely need to comply with NFT Insiders. They publish loads of sensible advice, informative articles, and tips.

NFT Insiders has been created to proportion news, mind, and insights on new traits in the blockchain area from our perspective.

It consists of an insightful breakdown of a currently introduced enterprise event, an interview with an enterprise have an effect, or insights into a given project’s dreams and progress.

Matt Medved

This one has more than 87 thousand followers on Instagram. Matt combines his blockchain and social media talents to help individuals, developers, and brands.

He shares investment tips, advice, and insights on the stock market and penny stocks.

Matt Medved is now the co-founder and CEO of NFT, which is a web3 digital media company that provides NFT news, features, and analytics.

He is an early cryptocurrency trader and investor, so his account is a great place to learn new things about NFTs. Matt’s first company built and sold a decentralized social media network before the term blockchain was coined.

NFT Next

NFT Next is the next page we’re going to talk about. With more than 24K followers on Instagram, it’s one of the best NFT sources on this platform.

NFT Next is a well-curated account focused on trending NFTs. It’s always streaming gameplay NFTs and an exceptional app for current NFTs.

NFT Next is one of the main sources of journalism, research, and innovative content creation around NFTs, Web3, and Crypto art.

Founded with the aid of an NFT artist, this account gives you an insider’s angle on the artwork of collecting.

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