How Are Reviews Hidden By A Sensitivity Filter?

If you have ever bought a product on Amazon, you probably have wanted to leave a review for the product you purchased. Immensely since when purchasing a product, it generally helps the consumer to decide on their purchase using what they read in the reviews, and you would have enjoyed contributing to other people’s decision of whether to buy or not. 

At times you might want to review a product, read your previous review, or other reviewers’ comments only to realize that A Sensitivity Filter hides the Reviews and you don’t know How to reveal the original review. 

Thus, we will help you Identify the Reviews that are Hidden By A Sensitivity Filter and How you could Fix It On Amazon?

The Application of Review Hidden By Sensitivity Filter On Amazon

Reviews being hidden by a sensitivity filter is a regular occurrence for many Amazon Buyers who comment on products. Commentators believe that these hidden reviews on Amazon are an abuse of the buyers’ decision-making and product quality identification, ultimately harming them. 

You might have never encountered it happening in your comments; you might not have never paid attention to it and might ask, where it happens, what does it apply to on Amazon?

Comments and Hidden Reviews

It does not make a difference what the critique assessment is for; You might be commenting to assess a cosmetic product, a stuffed bear, or a reusable cup. It would be possible to get the “Hidden By The Sensitivity Filter” Notification. If it has been happening to you repeatedly, you might think that the reason you are getting this stamp on your comments is a coincidence or a glitch. 

But that’s not the case; it isn’t a glitch or a  happenstance. There is a reason why you, as a buying commentator, have gotten the “Sensitivity Filter” stamp to your comment. So, since there is a reason, there is also a solution to work around it so you could solve it and stop encountering this annoying restriction, especially if you have been getting it implied to your reviews repeatedly. 

This article will give you all the ins and outs of what these “Hidden Sensitivity Filters” are on Amazon. We will let you know what happens when you end up receiving them, how you could fix these hidden filters, and how you could continue reviewing and commenting on products unrestrained. 

The Review Hidden By Sensitivity Filter On Amazon and What It Is?

If you search what is “Reviews Hidden By Sensitivity Filter,” the first thing that will pop up as an explanation would be that; “Reviews that are Hidden By A Sensitivity Filter On Amazon” are the reviews that won’t pop up in the public version of your Amazon Profile. This is where everyone will see all the product items that you have reviewed and critiqued. They would be available to read and view but not within the public profile perimeter. 

What Is Being Hidden By Sensitive Filter?

Technically, if you make a public assessment or critique contribution towards a product on Amazon that has been classified as “sensitive,” you will realize that your review or comment has automatically been hidden from the general public.

Though your comment or review is not necessarily lost and still present under the product’s page, it is just as the name suggests, only hidden from view. 

What Are The “Sensitive” Products On Amazon?

There is a clear outline of what Amazon lists as “Sensitive” product classification; some of these product categories are as follows:

  • Some Personal Care Products 
  • Intimate Clothes 
  • Jewelry and Accessories 
  • 18 + or Erotic Media
  • Erotic Accessories and Items
  • Contraception Products and Items
  • Self-help products 
  • Personal Protection Items 

The above products on Amazon are categorized as “Sensitive” because they wish to protect their customers and consumers from possible embarrassments and harassments from the general public who aren’t necessarily looking at a product to purchase the item. 

Thus, if you have left a comment on a sensitivity classified product, Amazon would automatically display your reviews only as available for “Private Viewing” rather than “Public Viewing.” So this is where the “Hidden By Sensitivity” filter stamp comes into the picture. 

We understand your frustrations, especially since you wouldn’t necessarily get a notification of why and when your comment and critique were suddenly removed and hidden from your public account. 

How Does An Amazon Product Review Work?

If you have ever bought a product online, you would know that the specific platform would encourage you to leave a review for the particular product you have acquired, no matter whether your review might be positive or negative. As the consumer, if you choose to leave a review, whether it is complimentary or not, it would encourage trust and purchase. Moreover, it stimulates the producer and the seller to produce better products with higher standards. 

Reviews and The Zero Tolerance Policy

Whether Amazon or otherwise, any platform would expect you as the reviewer to write a genuine critique, and it would not matter whether it is positive or negative. Still, they do have a Zero Tolerance Policy if they realize that your reviews are manipulating and misleading. If they notice that the commentator is exploiting the business due to it being a competition rather than actually being its buyer, it will apply severe actions against the reviewer. 

Although the Zero Tolerance Policy does not just apply to negative feedback, if your positive feedback promotes a product falsely or describes things that don’t apply to the item you are reviewing, you could be penalized too. 

Unacceptable Types of Reviews

Some Unacceptable Review Types Include for products include:

  1. Positive Reviews are written by people with direct financial gain from the product sale. 
  2. Positive Reviews from People with apparent ties to the Product seller, either personally or through their own business. 
  3. Positive Reviews from the seller acting as a reviewing buyer for their own products, manufactures, or artistic work.
  4. Negative Reviews by a competitor company or people affiliated with the competition. 
  5. Or comments unbiased or not by people who are hired by the competition to comment on the rivals’ products and services negatively. 

No matter which of these instances are implied, they would get you a penalty from Amazon or any other platform if applied to product feedback. The review will get removed, but there would also be penalties for your future feedback. 

How Are Reviews Hidden By A Sensitivity Filter Works?

As mentioned, a sensitivity filter hidden is basically when your reviews and critiques won’t appear to the general public or general Amazon Profile, where everyone else would have access to study and see the feedback. They are not removed but only hidden.

For certain products like contraception, dandruff or skin products, or intimate size creams, you might welcome having your feedback hidden from general consumer views. However, if your comments only concerned a face cream or reusable cup, you might not want your comment hidden in hopes that your feedback could help another buyer.

Sometimes particular sensitivities are applied to products due to computer errors. If an item listed uses certain words or has certain ingredients, it could fall under “Sensitive Filter Items.”

Why Does Amazon Use The Hidden By Sensitivity Filter?

Aforementioned, the reason Amazon or any other platform uses the “Hidden By Sensitivity Filter” is mostly for the consumer, reviewer, and commentators’ own’s good. Companies like Amazon would prefer to protect you as much as possible rather than taking matters lightly and having a prosecution petition on their hands. 

It is basically designed to give you security against your activities, private information that you might include in a review, or contributions that you may not wish everyone to know about. They have basically presumed that everyone who leaves feedback on Amazon would not necessarily want the general public to start reading them.

The Hidden By Sensitivity Filter was added recently among a few others in the user’s privacy settings for accounts. These new additions included the user’s feedback, questions, wish lists, and any other personal content and searches, thus, why many reviewers weren’t aware of the change until their critiques just suddenly disappeared.

Even though the new filter addition has been applied to all users entirely automatically, there is a way to expose your reviews if you choose to go public and contribute to product feedback more well known. Henceforth, if you are adamant to reveal all your comments and disable any hidden reviews due to the sensitivity filters, you would just have to follow a few short steps.   

How To Fix The Review That Is Hidden By A Sensitivity Filter On Amazon?

As an account holder on Amazon, you would be able to customize your profile to fix the “Hidden by a Sensitivity Filter.” You would just need to touch up the settings to expose and display your reviews to the public, whether the comment is for a sensitive product or a wrongfully labeled item.

To do so, you would just have to change your filtering setting as such:

  1. Sign Into the desired Amazon User Account.
  2. Select the menu tab next to the Account & Lists at the top right-hand side of your screen.
  3. Select Your Account Name.
  4. In the Account Setting Page, Scroll to the bottom of the Page.
  5. Then Click on your Amazon Profile Page.
  6. Then click on the “Edit Your Public Profile” Tab.
  7. After, click on the “Edit Privacy Setting” Tab.
  8. Then in the Privacy Setting screen, unselect all the “Hide Sensitive Activity” Checkboxes.
  9. Finally, click “Save” to save all the changes and finalize the sensitivity filters’ disabling.

Now, all your comments, activities, or contributions falling under the “Sensitive Filters” will be removed and made available to other public members away from your profile pages. Of course, if you regret the changes you have made, you can simply refollow the steps and re-check the “Hide Sensitive Activity” Checkboxes to enable your old privacy.


All in All, it’s really up to you and your preferences of how private you want to be when commenting or giving feedback on your purchased products. We have given you all you need to know about; how a sensitivity filter hides reviews and how you could fix it if you choose to remove them and go public. It’s now your choice and your move.

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