Why Video Plays a Crucial Role in Digital Marketing?

Well! Video marketing is not new. Organizations have been using videos for a long time as it is a need and a great way in today’s digital marketing. Videos are not only helping people in entertainment but also used by marketers to improve their digital marketing strategy. Say, if you are not exploiting video marketing, you are leaving a lot of benefits. 

How Video Plays a Crucial Role in Digital Marketing

According to the statistics, 87% of businesses are using videos as an effective marketing tool. Well! There are various reasons for the increasing demand for video marketing. If you are reading this article, you might be pondering over the reasons why video marketing is winning the hearts of people and is playing a crucial role in digital marketing. 

Need not fret! By taking a rundown into this article, you will get a clear idea about how videos can help you promote your brand, increase traffic, and improve business productivity in the digital world.

Reasons why businesses are using a video marketing strategy

Let’s get started….

Boost Conversion and Sales

Just think a moment, what is the primary objective and need of all the organizations that are trying to show their product or service? If I am not wrong, most organizations aim to get more conversions and increase sales. Because the higher the number of sales, the more productivity. 

Yes! Videos will help you make more money. Adding videos to your landing page will help you increase the conversion rate by 80%. If you upload informative and engaging videos, you can easily increase your sales. After watching inspiring and educational videos, 74% of the people would likely purchase. This is just one of the tricks to survive in the digital era as a business owner.

So, start creating videos that will directly transmit the information to the human brain, get more interactions, and increase conversions. Note that not every video can do the trick; you should also be careful about the video content.

Explains Everything 

No matter whether you are planning to launch a new project or pondering how to help you reach the business goals, creating videos can do wonders! By creating a video, you can easily showcase your product or service to possible consumers, which will further help the consumers understand the concept without any second thought. 

According to the statistics, 98% of the people say that they can understand the concept more easily after watching an explainer online video. To explain the idea in an easier way, 45% of the organizations have added explainer videos on their homepage. So, start bringing your ideas to life by creating appealing and informative video content.

Improves SEO

Including online videos in your marketing strategy will help you rank in the top searches of a search engine like google. According to Hubspot, 65% of the organizations will visit the website after watching an explainer online video. The more the visitors spend time on the website, the easier it becomes to improve your search engine results. 

According to Moovly, the websites which include videos are 53 times more likely to show on the top search results. Remember, the higher the brand awareness, the more the business sales. So, make sure you are creating a video that is highly optimized as it plays a crucial role in digital marketing strategy. You can use engaging titles and descriptions to attract more visitors and inspire them to make a purchase. 

Generates good ROI

Getting more return on Investment is another reason why organizations are using online videos in their marketing strategy. 83% of the organizations that are using videos as their marketing strategy have experienced an increase in their business growth. 

Source: oberlo

Videos not only increase the ROI but also are easy to create. Remember, the better the video quality, the more consumers will view your website and make a purchase. So, if you want to see an escalation in your ROI, always create simple, informative, and short videos. I believe a two-minute video is enough to grab the viewers’ attention and inspire them to make a purchase. 

Build string customers trust 

Indeed, trust is the foundation of every business. If you can build a trustworthy relationship with the customer, you can easily convert your potential customer into a promoter. Well! Building customer trust over the internet is not a cakewalk. Marketers create new and effective strategies that help create long-term relationships with customers by offering interesting and useful information. 

Well, that’s where videos come into play. By creating appealing and productive videos, you can easily share your thoughts and build strong relations. According to the statistics, 57% of the consumers who view the videos get more confidence and more likely to purchase the product/services. If you want to achieve the business goals, make sure you incorporate videos into your marketing strategy. 

Encourage social shares 

It rightly said people love to share the content with their friends and relatives only if they find it more emotional and encouraging. Videos are a super-easy approach to express the information and share the content with others.

Always remember, the more you share, the easier it becomes to increase the traffic. According to the statistics, 76% of the users would likely share a branded video with others if they find it entertaining. So, make sure you’re creating the best and short videos to encourage social shares.

Source: oberlo

Moreover, you can also upload promotional videos on other social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc., to increase the number of shares. Well! Emotions will not create ROI, but yes, social sharing will help you get more traffic to your website and increase revenue. 

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Appeals to Mobile Users 

Almost every individual has a mobile phone. By combining videos and mobile phones, you can easily reach the business goals. Almost 90% of people prefer watching videos on their mobile devices, so a good video server has an important role. If you create a mobile-friendly website, you can easily grab the visitor’s interest in your business.

So, if you want to keep your audience going bigger and bigger, start creating mobile-friendly videos. It will give the visitors a better choice, so try to consume video content in the best possible way. 

Source: WordStream

In a Nutshell 

Video marketing is an efficient way to attract visitors and convert them into leads. Fascinating and educational videos help share the information, build customers’ trust, and inspire the consumers in making a purchase. 

I hope the points mentioned above help you understand why the organizations are using videos as an important part of their digital marketing. Still, if you have any second thoughts or want to add something in the above article, feel free to drop a comment in the section added below. 

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