Most Trending Twitter Abbreviations

Twitter is a worldwide known microblogging and social networking service used by users to post and interact using “Tweets.” Twitter allows you to follow other users and attain followers, as well.

By following someone, you also get access to their Tweets in your Timeline. A user can choose to follow people, organizations, or brands with similar niches and interests. 

However, Twitter is the only social media platform with a Tweet limit of only 280 characters long, with the possible inclusion of links, websites, and other resources. 

Maybe the greatest challenge of being on Twitter is to express yourself, make sense, and convey your message in that 280 Character limit, which initially was only 140 Characters. 

Hence, Twitter Slang exists, and the Most Trending Twitter Acronyms are essential to converse in Tweets with the most limited characters.

Trending Twitter Abbreviations for Personal & Business Use

The abbreviations or acronyms used on Twitter are a mix of old school abbreviations, chat room phrases, slangs, corporate acronyms, and common sense short words. People stuck to their old habits of writing excellent literacy to express themselves Twitter and Tweeting would be burdensome. 

But if you are an influencer or a business knowing how to tweet and understand tweets expertly is detrimental. There is nothing more embarrassing than using the wrong abbreviations or mistranslating it. Imagine getting a customer complaint through a tweet but seeing it as a compliment and not answering it appropriately. 

Here, we have given you a comprehensive list of the most Technical and everyday used Twitter Acronyms that you need to know to deploy them for personal and, most importantly, Business and Influential account use on Twitter. They are separated by categories to make this usage a breeze:

Most Viral Twitter Acronym Categories

In this list, we have separated the most  Viral Twitter Acronyms by the categories below to make your utilization a breeze:

  1. Social Media Network Twitter Abbreviations
  2. Specific Twitter Abbreviations
  3. General Conversational Abbreviations
  4. Tribute Abbreviations
  5. Abbreviations for Conversational Slangs
  6. Business Abbreviations  
  7. Marketers Abbreviations

1. Social Media Network Twitter Abbreviations

SM or Social Media Acronyms; that are specific only to the different Social Media platforms.

FB – Facebook

IG – Instagram 

LI – Linkedin

TW – Twitter

YT – YouTube

2. Specific Twitter Abbreviations

BCC – Blind Carbon Copy: Works Just like in an Email. It means you have sent a copy of an email to an anonymous sender that won’t be visible to the original sender. 

CC – Carbon-Copy: Works just like in an Email. It means a Secondary Email Address.

CT – Cut-Tweet: A different way of saying partial retweet.

CX – Correction: To acknowledge that the recent Tweet is a Correction of a previous one. 

DM – Direct Message: A DM / Direct Message is to message a direct conversation or a personal message to another user or follower online on Twitter. It is a private message between the sender and the receiver, and the two individuals are the only ones who can read and reply.

EM – Email: The general electronic Email.

FWD – Forward: Forwarded Tweet, Message, or Comment to someone else.

HT – Hat Tip: Hat Tip is attributing a link to another Twitter Profile. Acknowledging someone else Tweet or Thanking them for the reply.

MT – Modified Tweet: This means the Tweet was edited before resharing. Usually, MT(Modified Tweet) is entered at the beginning of the Post.

PM – Private Message: Like DM or Direct Message, it means personal message and one-on-one communication with someone else. This message would not be visible to the general public and any other Twitter User. It is only between the sender and the receiver. 

PRT – Partial ReTweet: The Partial version of someone else’s Tweet. Technically it has been modified before being re-published. It only means Partial Retweet when PRT at the beginning of a Tweet. 

PRT – Please Retweet: A request and a plea for your followers to Retweet your Tweet. 

RE – Reply: In Reply, used before @ sign to acknowledge that it’s a reply to another Tweet. This way, other followers can see the conversation thread. 

RT – Retweet: Sharing someone’s Tweet on your feed is Retweeting. As a company, influencer, celebrity, or an organization, you could ask your followers to Retweet your Tweet. It’s an excellent way to enhance your audience and visibility. 

TL – Timeline: can refer to any Timeline depending on the message, whether Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or general Timelines.

3. General Conversational Abbreviations

These are the most General Trending Twitter Abbreviations that you could also use for Business and Influencer Accounts.

*** Note to Reader: In this article, we chose not to use Acronyms that have the “F” word in it. Because we believe they are used enough in the general public for everyone to be familiar with them. 

Additionally, this article aims to help Organizations, Brands, and Influencer Accounts. Showing respect and customer service towards your followers and audiences would be your priority in the Social Media Marketing Strategy

Moreover, using vulgar language would never be accepted or appropriate, ESPECIALLY by a Business Social Media Account.

411 – Information

AB / ABT – About

AFAIK – As Far As I Know

b/c – Because

B4 – Before

BAE – Before Anyone Else: An affectionate acronym to represent someone of importance like a boyfriend, girlfriend, or a crush.

BGD – Background

BRB – Be Right Back

BTAIM – Be That As It May

BTS – Behind The Scenes

BTW – By The Way 

CD9 – Code 9: Parents are Around

CHK – Check

CUL8R – See You Later

DAE – Does Anyone Else …?

DD – Dear Daughter

DR – Didn’t Read

DS – Dear Son

DYK – Did You Know? or Do you Know?

F – Friend or Buddy

FOTD – Find of the Day

FTF / F2F – Face to Face

FTFY – Fixed that For You

FTL – For the Loss

FTW – For the Win

FWIW – For What Its Worth 

FYI – For Your Information

G2G or GTG – Got to Go

GG – Good Game

GTR – Got to Run

GTS – Guess The Song 

HBD – Happy Birthday

HIFW – How I Feel When …

HMB – Hit Me Back 

HMU – Hit Me Up 

HOTD – Headline Of The Day 

HT – Heard Through

IC – I See

ICYMI – In Case You Missed It

IDC – I Don’t Care

IDK – I Don’t Know

IIRC – If I remember Correctly

IKR – I Know, Right?

ILY – I Love You

IMHO – In My Humble Opinion

IMO – In My Opinion 

IRL – In Real Life

JK – Just Kidding

JSYK – Just So You Know

JTM – Just the Messenger

KK – Okay, Got It. 

KYSO – Knock Your Socks Off

LMK – Let Me Know

LOL – Laughing Out Loud /or LOL: Laugh Out Loud 

MFW – My Face When …

MIRL – Meet in Real Life

NM – Not Much

NTS – Note To Self

NVM – Never Mind

OBV – Obviously

OH – Overheard

OMG – Oh My God

OMW – On My Way

OOTD – Outfit Of The Day

OP – Original Poster

ORLY – Oh, Really?

PPL – People

PS – Postscript: Served as a reminder.

QOTD – Quote of the Day

RLRT – Real Life Re-Tweet

RN – Right Now

ROFL – Rolling on the Floor Laughing 

RTQ – Read The Question

SMH – Shaking my Head: It is an expression used to express disappointment and shock. 

SO – Significant Other

SRS – Serious

SRSLY – Seriously

TBBH – To Be Brutally Honest

TBH – To Be Honest

TIL – Today I Learned

TL – Too Long 

TLDR – Too Long Didn t Read

TMB – Tweet Me Back

TMI – Too Much Information

TT – Translated Tweet

TYT – Take Your Time

W or W/ – With

WBU – What About You?

WTV – Whatever

YGTR – You Got That Right

YKWIM – You Know What I Mean

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary

YOLO – You Only Live Once

YOYO – You’re On Your Own

ZOMG – Oh My God to the Max

4. Tribute Abbreviations

These Acronyms are used to thank and show appreciation to followers and customers.

BBFN – Bye Bye For Now

BFN – Bye For Now

BR – Best Regards

HAGN – Have a Good Night

HAND – Have A Nice Day

HTH – Here That Helps / Happy to Help

NBD – No Big Deal 

NJoy – Enjoy

PLS – Please

RTHX – Thank You For The Re-Tweet

TFTF – Thanks For The Follow

TFTT – Thanks For This Tweet

TY – Thank You

TYIA – Thank You In Advance

TYVM – Thank You Very Much 

YW – You‘re Welcome

5. Abbreviations For Conversational Slangs

These Conversational Slangs may be used to create discussions and relatability with your Twitter Followers. It enhances your audience. 

AMA – Ask Me Anything: It’s a way for celebrities, influencers, creators, organizations, industry experts, and even personal accounts to encourage follower contributions, Tweets, and Re-Tweets. 

ELI5 – Explain Like I’m Five: When you request someone to explain in simple terms, “Making It Stupid Proof.” Giving Simple explanations for Complex pieces of information. 

FBF – Flashback Friday: A subject matter that specifies sharing old pictures or posts with account followers. 

FBO – Facebook Official: Making a public announcement on Facebook about real-life events, like; new locations, relationships, change of jobs, or events. 

FF – Follow Friday: Follow Friday is a trend that initially started on Twitter itself. It is the process of giving shoutouts or HT / Hat Tips to accounts that deserve more followers and extra recognition. It is an abbreviation that could be used in Influencer Accounts to Promote Organizational or Branded Accounts. 

ICYMI – In Case You Missed It: Used when you share old content, thoughts, and ideas but may have been missed. Content that has been overlooked and is not current. For example: referring back to an old Tweet. 

ISO – In Search Of: Usually utilized in groups that Buy, Sell, or Exchange Products or Services.

LMS – Like My Status: Used for initiating conversation and participation from followers to engage in a Post. 

MM – Music Monday: Can be used as another marketing tactic to encourage follower involvement. It was originally initiated to promote Music Education by students, educators, and the music industry.

MTFBWY – May The Force Be With You: It’s a Star Wars Term and Reference. Used as an encouragement and a “Good Luck” Phrase. 

OTP – One True Pairing: Usually used in Fan Accounts and Fan Pages. It would point out to two people or fictional characters deemed as the perfect couple and pair. 

PSA – Public Service: Announcement: A way to broadcast information of importance to the general public.

TBT – Throwback Thursday: Like FBF or Flashback Friday, it encourages participation that involves sharing older posts and photos. 

TFW – That Feeling When …: Used as a conversation starter for sharing real-life and relatable experiences and moments. 

TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday: A slang first invented by the Restaurant TGIF. But now it is used to show excitement for the Weekend. 

WBW – Way Back Wednesday: Another conversation starter for posting and sharing old content, pictures, and posts, like FBF and TBT. 

6. Business Abbreviations

Acronyms related directly to Organizations and Influencers on Twitter and at times in other Social Media Platforms

B2B – Business to Business: Companies, Organizations, or Businesses that cater and give Services to other Businesses alike. 

B2C – Business to Consumer: Companies, Organizations, or Businesses that sell products and services to consumers and customers directly.

CM – Content Management – Is the process of collecting, scheduling, optimizing, and governing the general management of information. They are used mostly for digital programs, links, and websites.

CMGR – Community Manager: A Community Manager is responsible for managing an organization or brand’s relationship with its customers, audiences, and community. 

CMS – Content Management System: The System you use to create, edit, schedule, and post any type of Online Written information for the World Wide Web, it is the process of Content Marketing.

CPC – Cost Per Click: This is the number of dollars you would need to pay for every user who clicks your online advertisement.

CPM – Cost Per Thousand Impressions; or Cost Per Mille: This is the number of dollars you would need to pay for the Online Ad Impressions, rather than clicks.

CR – Conversion Rate: This is the measurement of the number of people who took action divided by the number of people who could have taken the step. 

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization: The measure you take to improve conversation statistics

CTA – Call to Action: Used to encourage action from the audience. To take a particular action and drive a specific result.

CTR – Click Through Rate: The percentage of users who clicked on a link based on being given an option.

EM – Email

EML – Email Address

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions: The answers to questions commonly asked by customers and users of a product or a service. Referring to your FAQs is a good tactic because it pushes your users and followers to your Website.

FTF – Fair Trade Federation: It’s a Nonprofit association that gives support to North American Businesses.

JV – Joint Venture: An enterprise undertaken jointly among two or more parties while retaining their separate identities. 

NSFW – Not Safe For Work

NYT – Used in Industry based groups to exchange trade names, forums, and circles.

PP – Privacy Policy: The Privacy Policy of an organization, business, or brand.

ROI – Return on Investment: The rate of how much profit you made compared to how much was spent originally on the specific action. 

RR – Re-Run: When a performance, show, or product is shown, performed, or produced again. 

RTF – Read The FAQ: Read the Frequently Asked Questions or the answers to commonly asked questions. The FAQ’s would usually be on the company or organization’s Website.

RTQ – Read The Question or Re-Tweet the Question

SFW – Safe For Work: Safe for Work means a particular product or practice is safe for the working environment.

SMB – Small and Midsize/ Medium Businesses 

SoLoMo – Social, Local, and Mobile: The merge of Social Media Marketing with Mobile Marketing for a locally targeted Market.  

SRP – Social Relationship Platform: This is a Centralized Platform that allows you to Publish Content on several Social Media Networks and later monitor, analyze, and measure the results.

TOS – Terms of Service: Terms of Service refers to the legal guidelines of a Social or Internet Platform.

UGC – User Generated Content: This refers to any content produced and created by a Social Media user.

WFH – Work From Home

7. Marketers Abbreviations

Marketing Acronyms are essential for any Social Media Marketer trying to thrive on Twitter or any other Social Media Platform.

API – Application Programming Interface: API is a Set Of Rules that determine how software interacts with each other. 

CX – Customer Experience: Refers to a Customer’s holistic insight and perception of their experience with your brand, organization, or product. 

EM – Email Marketing: It is a Digital Marketing Strategy based on Sending Emails and developing audiences and customers through Emails.

ESP – Email Service Provider: It is a Software that you use for Sending Emails. 

EZine – Electronic Magazine

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out: Spurs followers to keep up with the account, product, or a deal. Often it is a way to tap into your target audience as a marketing strategy. FOMO can be used as a Conversational Slang too. 

GA – Google Analytics: A Digital Analytical Software Service, free on Google that allows Digital Media Marketers to analyze their websites and social media platforms in depth regarding audience traffic and the people on the website. 

ISP – Internet Service Provider: ISP is the company that powers the Internet Service.

PV – Page Views: It is the number of traffic landing on a particular web page. 

RSS – Really Simple  Syndication: It is the “Rich Site Summary.” Technically a feed with all the published content from a blog source.

SaaS – Software as a Service: Subset of Companies that provide different third party software programs accessible online using paid or free subscriptions.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing: The act of enhancing search engine visibility through paid Ads.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization: Making improvements to your website contents to increase traffic and ranking among relevant search results.

SM – Social Media

SMM – Social Media Marketing: Marketing on Social Media Platforms.

SMO – Social Media Optimization:  Social Media Optimization is the process of making improvements to your Social Media Contents, Posts, and Tweets to increase audiences, followers, and Investment Return

SMP – Social Media Platform: Used to refer to a site of a specific Social Network. For example, FB / Facebook.

SN – Social Network

SOV – Share of Voice: The percentage of exposure that an organization possesses compared to its industry competitions.

SROI – Social Return On Investment: It’s a principle method for evaluating and measuring extra-financial value. 

TT – Trending Topic: A term born for Twitter refers to the most used topics, keywords, and hashtags utilized during a specific period of time.

UI – User Interface: The Visual interface of a tool that is controlled by another person. 

URL – Uniform Resource Locator: The World Wide Web Address; used to identify, locate, and address a website page. 

UV – Unique Views: The viewers of individual pages. It may also apply to individual Tweets, Posts, Images, Photos, Content, Blogs, and Videos.

UX – User Experience: The best practice for users and how effortlessly they can interact with a particular action, website, or application.

WOM – Word of Mouth: Word of Mouth is a marketing tactic that refers to the passing of brand awareness and brand name through the audience and user conversation. In other words, you go viral through the reviews and critics of your followers, users, and customers. It’s the active encouragement of a brand, organization, or influencer to promote their name.


Although knowing and being competent in these abbreviations / Acronyms is essential for your Social Media Marketing Strategy on Twitter. Overdoing its usage is not necessarily good either. So, use them appropriately and in moderation. Just remember to:

  1. Maintain your Brand Voice – Keep your target audience in mind when using acronyms. If you are talking to other Businesses, maintain your professionalism, but if your target audience is younger, teens, go ahead and use other generally known abbreviations.  Always has your Social Media Strategy in mind. What you decide to achieve from your presence on a Social platform must be maintained.
  2. Know your Content – Know your goal and aim for a Tweet. Suppose it’s a Complaint; respond with professionalism and Tribute. You do not want to use YOLO (You Only Live Once) or TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) for a customer complaining about your business and services. 
  3. Don’t Overplay – Don’t Overplay the use of abbreviations. You can’t fill up all the 280 Characters with acronyms. It would be hard to read while making it evident that you are just trying too hard; Don’t Force It!!!
  4. Know the Slang Respond with That Slang – Understand your audience so you can interact with them better. Know the followers’ Slang so you can create a bond with them. After all, an increase in the target audience is the main aim of Social Media Marketing.

Comprehensively, if you are a Business or an influencer on Twitter, remember your Social Media Marketing Target, and understand that your Tweets represent your account, organization, and brand. So, use the Most Trending Twitter Acronyms wisely and gain maximum use of your social media presence.

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