Social media manager salary

The amount of social media manager salary is one of the most frequently asked questions among young job seekers.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the qualifications and skills required for this job and the money you should pay to a manager. 

Social media

Social media has now become the number one means of communication in the world. It has revolutionized many aspects of daily life and it seems that it won’t stop growing soon.

Apart from old platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, a lot of new apps are emerging day by day. TikTok, and Reddit, Lasso, and Vero are all among these new networks.

Many of these services are focused on a specific area. For example, LinkedIn is an employment-oriented platform that is suitable for both employers and employees. Also, Reseachgate is a network for researchers and writers to share their articles and projects.

The more professional social media platforms become, the more job opportunities are made. So, countless brands and individuals are looking at social media as a business tool rather than a socializing medium.

Social media marketing

With more than a whopping 3 billion active users, social media can provide an unprecedented audience reach. Building brand awareness by social media is now much easier than it used to be in the past.

However, social media marketing isn’t as easy as posting on social networks is. You need literacy and expertise in your target market and in using different social tools to be successful.

Build a social media marketing strategy is a must for every marketer if they want to get ahead of this competition. Although there might be different approaches about marketing strategy, you can build your own based on the below steps:

  • Conducting competition research.
  • Setting clear goals and metrics.
  • Identifying target audience.
  • Selecting suitable social media platforms.
  • Creating compelling content.
  • Scheduling posting time.
  • Engaging and promoting your posts.
  • Analyzing marketing performance.

Social media managing

Building an accurate social media marketing strategy might be a bit hard for brands, especially for beginners. Additionally, managing social media platforms exactly based on the strategy is also difficult.

You need a consistent social presence and effective engagement if you want a high ROI. If you appear infrequently on social media, you will lose your followers. Your customers will also forget your brand. On the other hand, if you post too frequently, you will bother your audience.

So, a considerable amount of time and effort should be spent to build a brand identity and gain followers. This needs a careful managing so that you can make sure you will be successful in your marketing.

This is why many brands recruit social media managers to take care of their platforms. In fact, they’ll take control of all your social activities from setting goals to analyzing the results.

Social media managing is an important position for many brands these days. For example, if you just search on LinkedIn, you will see more than 24,000 job opportunities related to social media managing. So, if you want to know more about social media manager salary and his/her responsibilities, read next sections.

Social media manager responsibilities, qualifications and skills

Social media managers should communicate with the public on your behalf using different social services. They’re in charge of spending your marketing resources and are responsible for your marketing ROI.

Creating and posting content, including pictures, videos, texts, and Polls is their core duty. Also, engaging with your audiences and make them following your accounts is an important objective of their job.

A good command of different social media features/apps such as social automation tools is required for a social media manager. This is especially necessary for brands that own a handful of accounts on many social platforms. For example, Increditools offers the best LinkedIn automation tools.

Managers should also monitor the target market and all trending technologies, topics, hashtags, keywords, and challenges. This is a must if you want to get maximum exposure and increase your engagement rates.

So, it’s recommended that a social media manager hold at least a bachelor’s degree (exceptions are rarely possible). Other requirements of social media managing are:

  1. Creativity
  2. Communication skills
  3. Researching capabilities
  4. Computer skills (especially ICDL)
  5. Graphics
  6. Leadership abilities
  7. Team working
  8. Time managing
  9. Marketing skills
  10. Analytical skills

Social media manager salary

The income of social media managers might varies by location, expertise, field of study, and the size of your company. There are valid sources such Indeed, Glassdoor, PayScale, UpWork, Freelancer, and FreeUp that can be used to estimate how much you should pay your social media manager.

Here is a summary of social media jobs salary in 2020 (Indeed, 2020):

Average salary United States
Marketing manager $68,194
Digital marketer $61,944
Content marketer $61,280
Marketing coordinator $45,088
Social media manager $44,695
Social media specialist $36,093

 Social media managing is usually a well-paid job and 44% of social media managers in the United States are satisfied with their salaries.

This trend can be seen in almost all countries. Here are several examples of social media manager salary in other countries:

  • The average salary for a social media manager in UK is equal to £32,000 (£21,000 – £43,000).
  • The average salary for a social media manager in Canada is equal to CA$50,349 (CA$31,000 – CA$86,000).
  • The average salary for a social media manager in Germany is equal to €45,765 (€27,000 – €63,000).

As you have more related experiences, skills, and university degree, you will earn more. For example, advertising, communications, and marketing degrees are respectively the most suitable field of studies for social media managers.

Final word

We tried to describe the importance of social media managing for your business and top qualities and skills managers must have. Also, the average salary for social media managers was summarized in several countries. Of course, if you look for a competent social media manager, you should pay him/her w

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