7 Top SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital ‎Marketing in 2021

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a dynamic and diverse arena, which takes a lot of detail, skill, and tools. SEO tools are necessary for Digital marketers to create an effective outcome from their content.

SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital ‎Marketing

SEO Chrome Extensions can help Digital Marketers to optimize their content as they are building them. Though extension tools are not perfect on their own, with the right combination and mixture, you could create unique, optimized content. 

In this article, we have pinpointed the 7 Top SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing that should be used by any marketer going forward in 2021.

Our seven choices of SEO extensions apply to 4 Categories:

  1. Content Writing
  2. Marketing Metrics
  3. Optimizations Extensions
  4. Website Design

Chrome Extensions

Searching for applications manually through all the search results is a story of the past. Today withWith apps and programs that become part of your browser. These small programs can not only personalize your experience as you create your content.

To find these extensions, you could search for them on different search engines or find them on the web stores. 

But for Chrome Extensions that could help with your Search Engine Optimizations, we would recommend the seven we have listed in this article. 

The 7 Top SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

Since we are in a digital age, Digital Marketing has also become a big deal. What our online presence portrays has become detrimental to businesses and brands alike. So the role of digital marketers has become ever more essential and critical to companies and their success.

Since image and perception have become the source of how audiences see our business, applying the right tool is vital to any Digital Marketer.

In the categories of Content Writing, Marketing Metrics, Optimizations Extensions, and Website Design, we have selected the following 7 Top Chrome Extensions. 

# Top Chrome Extension for Content Writing

The written information that builds the content of your marketing material is crucial to your overall outlook. So its optimization is also part of your SEO process. Writing articles may seem easy but writing material that inspires, engages, and creates website traffic is difficult. Optimized writing is very different from everyday essay writing. 

Optimized writing is a skill that must be gained and practiced to be mastered. It may be less formal, but it needs to be packed with more information, have increased captivation, and the right expressions to drive search and traffic on Search Engines. It is in this process of building content that Grammarly can help. 

  1. Grammarly 

Grammarly is a free writing app that can be installed as a Chrome Extension. It is used to correct your articles and create clear, engaging, and accurate texts. Though if you are a professional Digital Marketer, we will propose to get the premium Grammarly account. 

With Premium Grammarly, it not only checks your grammar, but helps in rephrasing sentences, creates text clarity and engagement, and identifies plagiarisms. By using Grammarly, you can ensure your writing is readable and engaging. A poorly written content with typos, grammar mistakes, or unnecessary mistakes will lose your audience and so your website traffic.

We believe that Grammarly, whether its paid or free version can have a significant impact on your writing and is the only extension that would be Top on our list and necessary to any marketer. 

Grammarly SEO chrome extension

# Top Chrome Extension for SEO and Marketing Metrics

We have chosen two top SEO metrics for chrome extensions that could aid you in optimizing your webpages. If its your first time creating a webpage, we do recommend you to request for professional consultation from a SEO Service provider to identify your website’s Google ranking. 

  1. Alexa Traffic Rank

To know your website ranking on Google, you would have to analyze your business’ overall traffic and website performance. Alexa Traffic Rank is an extension that gives you quick traffic analysis and website performance while on the search engine. 

Moreover, it provides SEO metrics like your website’s load time, links present, website traffic, and more. 

  1. MozBar

Keywords are critical to your website traffic. MozBar helps by providing you with keywords and data that could enhance your website traffic. It gauges how easy or hard it is to target your website based on the used keywords. 

MozBar creates a performance extension bar on your chrome that edits and analyzes your page authority, domain, and overall first impression of your page and website.  

Moz SEO chrome extension

# Top Chrome Extension for Website Optimization Extensions

Your website is your first impression to what people will think about your brand and business. First Impressions are critical to both B2B or B2C businesses, because it drives audiences, customers, and ultimately profit. We have listed two of the must have extensions that you should use to gain SEO for your website. 

  1. Web Developer

The Web Developer Extension has a variety of useful tools that can help you in optimizing your webpage. These features and tools can enhance and change the websites’ images, outline, sizing, information, content, margins, and more. 

Web Developer has a tool and a feature for every thing that you might want to optimize or modify on your webpage. It is a wholesome extension to your chrome, and so why we highly recommend it. 

Web Developer SEO chrome extension
  1. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is an extremely powerful extension that allows you to analyze your website comprehensively. It allows you to gain a complete analysis of the websites’ JavaScript framework, website traffic, website performance, and content management. 

Furthermore, it allows you to see what your competitor websites are doing and how you can apply the right SEO’s to gain the upperhand. 

Wappalyzer SEO chrome extension

# Top Chrome Extension for Website Design

As mentioned first impressions are important and so what your website looks like, how well it is structured, what pictures are on it, the quality of your content and everything that makes up your Website Design is critical. So to optimize the most creative aspect of your business interface is just as important as any other category. 

To gain organic traffic you must make your website visually attractive, appealing, and engaging. But do ensure you do not get carried away with colors, images, or designs; remember simplicity is elegance. 

We have selected the top two Chrome Extensions that you would need for your Website Design.

  1. Page Ruler

The Page Ruler is an extension that measures your every object, content, and addition on your website. It can measure and help you adjust images, elements, margins, paragraphs, and texts on your website. 

This is very useful because nothing is worse than a website that looks unruly and distructured. It looks Sloppy and lazy; and neither are good for your business and brand impression. 

Page Ruler sets a ruler on your web page. Then you can use it to readjust your texts and graphics. It also has a “Element Mode” feature that enables you to measure each element on your website page separately. 

  1. Pic Monkey

What makes a website more alluring is the images that are on the website. Pic Monkey is the best extension for editing pictures from the internet immediately. You wouldnt need to download them or put them on other softwares, you can directly improve and revise them from your chrome. 

Pic Monkey is not only fast but also easy to use. Henceforth, it is a must have for any Digital marketer and website designer. On this extension you can also edit your images, download, and post them on other social media platforms. It has many features namely; overlays, fonts, filters, and texts.

All in All

We cant mention enough of how important Search Engine Optimization is to your websites and ultimately your business. It may seem unimportant but it has direct impact on your website traffic, online visibility, organic audience procurement, generation of revenue, increase in customers, and eventually return on investment. 

If you want your website to rank in 2021 we propose you turn the above tools into a permanent addition to your Google Extensions for better and more effective SEO application with your websites. 

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