How to Edit Instagram Posts

One of the biggest anxieties of users on any social media is posting what they didn’t intend to publish—or just posting content that wasn’t supposed to be published the way it did.

Edit menu on Instagram post

Social Media definitely, has its pros, specifically when it comes to staying connected with family and friends, catering for your self-expression, promoting your business with the least value, and being a platform to promote your niche and interest. One of these great platforms is Instagram, designed to promote simplicity, enjoyability, and creativity in the way we capture life and interests in our images, photos, videos, and stories.

One of the Cons is posting something too soon and realizing it would have needed an edit before being already posted. The anxiety is scary and disheartening, especially if your self-image is essential, and you are posting to achieve a result. However, do not fear if your post is not Insta Ready. You can always change the already shared, or Edit your Post and suppress your anxiety altogether.

Respectively, here we are with all the ins and outs of How to Edit Instagram Post?” and what you need to know.

Being Insta Ready

With billions of users, if your planning to stand out on Instagram, there is a lot of user engagement, quality posting, like score, save earning, and scrolling to beat to stay on top. If you are a business or an influencer standing out would have to be your priority within your Instagram Post.

However, remaining abreast shouldn’t be at the cost of your reputation. Branding is critical to any Business and Influencer because it directly impacts your followers’ perception of your branding identity and customer expansion.

Being Insta Ready is being aware of your content and recognizing your posts’ quality and how your followers perceive it on Instagram. Nevertheless, sometimes even when you have gone the extra mile to create a post, you notice its flawed. After posting and seeing it on your profile, you realize you have to go back and edit your Instagram Post.

Don’t Panic! There are ways to fix it. You can add, edit, or delete your existing Instagram Post. Here we have broken down all the ways you can Edit an Instagram Post. Your Posted Content on Social Media reflects your Brand, Company, and Name.

Accordingly, we will help you create an entirely professional Insta Ready Post by teaching you how to Edit an  Instagram Post.

To Edit or Not to Edit Instagram Posts?

As a Business or Influencer, there are two persuasions that you would have to consider before you start editing a photo or video you‘ve already posted. Although your posts reflect your identity and branding on Instagram and have to be professional, editing them may also negatively impact your Instagram account.

This negative impact is mostly a technical marketing strategy issue. If you have a Business or an Influencer account, your ranking, likes, and comments are highly lucrative because it is part of your exposure, marketing strategy, and investment return.

With a high engagement rate and a follower base, if you choose to edit an Instagram post long after it has been posted, you may have already gained over thousands of likes. If you decide to edit and then repost your content, it will automatically wipe out your progress, reset the clock, and start off from zero.

Fundamentally, this means Instagram resets your total engagement ranking by removing all the likes and comments you have had achieved to the point of editing your post. Hence, resetting all the thousands of likes and comments that had responded to your post until that time.

Consequently,  if you want to edit an Instagram Post, timing is detrimental to your marketing strategy. Supposedly, if you’re going to go back and edit a post a few minutes after publishing it, then go ahead. But if you are editing after a couple of hours or days; To Edit or Not to Edit is really your call. Just remember that there are pros and cons to editing, and if you are aiming for Engagement Rates and going Viral, you would need to really consider them.

Whether the Edit is; unfavorable to your branding and professionality portrayal, or it will ultimately kill your engagement rate progress, is two circumstances that you would have to weigh and consider before using Instagram edits as a specialist and expert account.

Regardless, we would just recommend that as a Business or an Influencer, always triple check your content before posting to ensure its Insta Ready and is flawless regarding its quality. Proofread everything and be sure of your posts’ caption tags, Instagram Photo, Video on Instagram, multiple photos, Hashtags, Emojis, Spaces, Information, location, location tags, and Paragraphs.

Make sure all the articles on your picture, video, or posts are on point, related, helpful, and at its best. Primarily, be mindful that if you have also shared the Instagram post on Facebook, the Edits you apply on Instagram will not change on Facebook. You would have to change them separately on Facebook and Instagram at different intervals.

If you need to make an edit, just recall that it must be implemented immediately after rather than a couple of hours, days, or weeks of reaching its maximum engagement.

What Can I Edit?

After posting on Instagram, you can:

  1. Edit the Caption you originally included, add a Caption to your post, or delete the Caption.
  2. Edit, Delete or Add a Location
  3. Delete, Add or Edit Tagged People in the Photo
  4. Or Alt Text – For people with visual impairment.

But, sadly, you CAN NOT edit your Instagram photo or videos. So, if the quality is not up to par, the image needs a different filter, it wasn’t cropped right, or if it’s just not flattering, you would just have to deduce to either deleting or leaving it, but you can’t edit the picture or video.

This is due to the Instagram Policy; that’s states once photos and videos are posted, they can’t be edited because they may be exchanged with prohibited content that violates Instagram policy and rules.

Henceforward, be certain of the picture or video you are posting; it’s not part of the Instagram Edits. Moreover, once you delete the post you published initially, you will lose your engagement rates and followers’ feedback.

Let’s go ahead with the Steps to Editing Your Instagram Posts.

Editing Instagram Posts

You can edit a Caption, Location, Tagged People, or Alt Text all at once in iPhone or Android Edit.

  1. Firstly, Locate the Post you want to edit.
  2. Tap the three dots vertically positioned on the top-right corner of your post.
  3. A menu will open from the three dots.
  4. Tap “Edit.” Now, you have access to editing your Location, Tagging People, Alt Text, and Caption.
Screen shot for how to edit Instagram post

For Location

  1. Click on “Add Location” or your previous “Location”; below your profile name and photo.
  2. A Search Page will open to “Select a Location.”
  3. Search your location to Add or Change it.
Screen shot for how to edit Instagram post location

To Tag People

  1. Click “Tag People” on the bottom left-hand side in your Photo or Video.
  2. Tap on a Spot in the post.
  3. Search for a User or Follower.
  4. Click on the Follower’s Profile.
  5. You can Drag the Tag HyperLink of the person within the photo.
  6. Or Tap on it to delete it.
  7. Once done, click on the “Checkmark” icon on the top right corner for Android or Click “Done” for iOS.
Screen shot for how to edit Instagram post tag

Alt Text

The alt text gives a caption to a photo or video for people with visual impairment. It is located on the bottom right corner of your post. You would just have to:

  1. Click on the Alt Text
  2. Add your “alt text” to the new page.
  3. Include the description for the post then tap “Done “or the”Checkmark” Icon.


  1. Once you click “Edit.”
  2. You will find “Write a Caption” below your Post to add a caption,
  3. Or your previous caption below your post
  4. Edit, Add or Delete a Caption. Tap on the Caption Bar to Start.

All Edits Done.

Once you are done with all the Edits, click on the “Checkmark” icon on the top right corner for Android or click “Done” for iOS. Make Sure you Change all your edits for the different sections simultaneously before reposting your content on your Instagram Social Platform again.

Final Note

The best advice we could give is to recheck all your edits, proofread, and apply your amendments correctly before reposting and completing an Edit. You do not want to be editing a post numerous times because it will directly impact your self-image and branding. Your followers Do pay attention, and you DO NOT want them to think you are sloppy and unprofessional. So put your best foot forward when Posting or Editing, and reduce it to a minimum.

Keep in mind your Instagram Posts represent you and your account, so always try to reduce edits. But, if modifications must be applied, consider your options, contemplate the advantages and disadvantages, and review your work to ensure that all the amendments have been utilized before reposting.

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