How to find free graphics for commercial use

Finding free illustrations for commercial use might seem easy since you can find anything and everything on the internet. So, what might be so hard about finding free graphics?

Well, when it comes to choosing imagery for commercial use, there are copyright laws. Henceforth, you can’t just use any picture you come by on the internet; you must use illustrations that allow commercial usage.

There are tons of free vectors, vector images, vector art, photos, images, and sites with loads of imagery when you search online. Although, the websites are ALL quite deceptive and usually ask for a certain amount of necessary fees to allow downloads and usage. Subsequently, why finding free illustrations on a site is great pain. 

So, How to FIND Free to utilize Graphics for Commercial Use?

Skilfully, we have made your job easy. Instead of letting you go through site after site and realizing you must pay to use the imagery. We did this tedious job easy for you and have organized 16 different websites that offer Creative Commons Zero (CC0) License. CC0 signifies that you can use the illustrations for any commercial use, without needing permission or the mention of their imagery attribution. Whether it’s a photo, graphic, vector art, or vector image, you can copy or alter the illustrations without breaking the copyright laws.

Finding Free Graphics

The websites we have provided are all free of charge, but their terms and licenses may change over time. You would have to ensure you reread their terms and conditions to find if they are under the Creative Commons Zero License and waived Copywrite laws. We suggest you always do your research before using any vectors, graphics, photos, or images obtained from the world wide web.

Here we go with the list of the 16 Free Illustration websites for Commercial Use:

1. Unsplash

Unsplash has 2 million quality images brought to commercial and personal users by more than 210,000 photographers worldwide. These are all free usable photographs and pictures, which are handpicked and selected for the website. You can get quality photos that are all free to use without necessarily having to Sign Up for the website to gain access to the millions of images. So, you are free to use them as you wish. The upside of the website is that ten new photos are uploaded every ten days.

2. Realistic Shots

Realistic Shot is a free stock of robust photos for commercial and personal use. The upside of the website is that it uploads seven new images every week. It is quite popular, with 62,000 visitors per month.

3. Pixabay

With 1.8 million high-resolution photos, vectors, and images, Pixabay doesn’t have any commercial use restrictions or need for attributions. Along with a Creative Commons Zero license, it is a great website to find any image you want. All their illustrations and data are free to use for editorial, personal, or commercial use. The upside is its variety in designs of quality photos, vector graphics, and art illustrations.

4. Life of Pix

Sharable and downloadable for free, Life of Pix has quality images for personal and commercial use. Photographers, both local and international, make this website. It’s recently optimized to be mobile-friendly while also desktop accessible. The selections are quite impressive, with the upside of a great categorized media library.

5. Gratisography

As the website mentions, it’s a collection of high-resolution images out of the ordinary, quirky, and modern swag holds the Creative Commons Zero License. Different compared to other free graphic websites for commercial use.

It is undoubtedly creative in its handpicked selection, and so makes your life easier in terms of editing or altering your content for your project. The upside is that the photos added on to the website weekly; are eccentric and engrossing in choice. Additionally, the images have an individual personality, weird outlook, and a story behind them.

6. Free Nature Stock

As the name suggests, the Free Nature Stock is the website of a stock of Nature photos and videos; free to utilize for personal and commercial use. You could choose to download a “Bundle” under the nature categories, but it is not compulsory and instead used as a support incentive for the company overseeing the website. The upside is that it is only a stock of nature images and photos. 

7. Vector

Vector is an excellent resource of free vector mascots, free vector art, free vector images, illustrations, and characters. An outstanding assortment of vector graphics, photos, and art; the upside of a superb selection of free vectors on Vector Though, the downside may be that some vectors may cost a small fee for download.

8. Super Awesome

Free vector graphics and images for any usage, the Super Awesome Vectors allows you to get free vector downloads from free vector images, free vector art, clip art, icons, backgrounds, and more. The upside is the easily accessible website and precise categorization of illustrations for free vector graphics.

9. Magdeleine

Magdeleine is another website that handpicks its choices; its content is marked with CC0 License to determine that the pictures have waived all copyright and related rights of their work. The upside is that its categorized and sorted based on type, colors, tags, and even photographers; and updated daily.

10. Foodie’s Feed

We thought this should be a MUST ADD, just because of how delicious, enticing, and high resolution the images are on this website. Free premium, high quality, and creative imagery that are all about foods and cuisine. The upside is that you can get all the indescribable food imagery with all their rights reserved waived.

11. StockSnap

Stocksnap is free from copyright restrictions and does not need any attributions. With a wide variety of free imagery and categories, the upside is its high quality and resolution. Moreover, it’s an admirable choice for printed materials, digital marketing, and crafting and creative projects.

12. Kaboompics

Kaboompics is a personal one women website with free CC0 License and royalty-free images. It has over 18049 Photos, 15 million views and visitors, and over 16 million image downloads. The upside is that it is unique and personal.

13. ISO Republic

The ISO Republic has both Photos and videos that hold the Creative Commons Zero License. You can find and get high-quality photos and videos for free download and commercial use on this website. The upside of the site is that it includes videos along with a wide variety of imagery.


Freepik might be one of the bests when it comes to variety and content provided. It has free vectors, photos, backgrounds, banners, logos, business cards, abstracts, posters, flyers, frames, brochures, graphic design ideas, and even wedding invites. Significantly, the backgrounds, pamphlets, and illustrations; which are ready to use and easy to incorporate.

The upside is that they have all the resources you might need for individual and marketing materials, whether printed or digital. Although a fee may apply, most are free vector images, vector art, and illustrations with Creative Commons Zero License for commercial and public use.

15. Vecteezy

Vecteezy has a wide range of backgrounds, illustrations, brochures, vector imagery, and photos too. Practically all are vectors for free with a waived copyright license. Unless you wanted to go pro, you would have to pay a small fee, and you may have to give attribution for some of the premium illustrations. The upside to Vecteezy is the range and quality. But the downside is that some of the licenses for images don’t permit usage for merchandising.

16. Public Domain Vectors

With free Vector art, Clip Arts, Backgrounds, and Icons in every category, whether it is animals, architecture, business, flags, foods, drinks, nature, objects, people, signs, symbols, and transportations; it has it all. Moreover, designers have waived all Creative Commons Zero license copyrights to the vector images, making it easier for commercial graphic designers. The upside of Public Domain Vectors is the high range of vector images, vector art, and illustrations.

To Conclude

In this article, we handpicked the best websites that hold the Creative Commons Zero License, which offers Free illustrations for Commercial Use. Even though we are confident there is a lot more than what we have listed; we believe that these are the creme de la creme; particularly when it comes to restrictions applicable to copyright laws, download, and usage. Overall, we recommend on whatever websites you find your graphics, to please always check the license and their terms and conditions before utilizing and incorporating them in your work.

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