How To Buy A YouTube Channel?

Buying or selling YouTube Channels has become an exceptionally profitable endeavor among social media networking platforms, businesses, and websites.

With over 2 Billion Monthly Active Users on YouTube, it’s understandable why people invest in YouTube Channels and strive to gain subscribers to use or ultimately sell the channel.

However, growing a channel is increasingly time-consuming, and why you might be tempted to buy YouTube Channels with a substantial number of subscribers, and you’re here to know the way To Purchase a YouTube Channel?

Why Buy A YouTube Channel?

You might be asking if a Youtube Channel is free to create, why should I Buy a YouTube Channel?

Frankly, a very good question; even if you have made up your mind about buying a channel, it’s very wise to acknowledge the answer to this one question; Why Purchase A Youtube Channel? Before paying someone a large amount of money to gain ownership of a channel and its subscribers.

Benefits Of Buying A YouTube Channel

There are many benefits to Purchasing a YouTube Channel. The obvious ones include the time and effort needed to mature a Channel to a certain standard of views for subscribers. Or others like;

  1. By buying a YouTube Channel with already posted content, you could earn a residual income from the past posted videos. Usually, the Channels that go up for sale are commonly YouTube Review Channels. You could make money for many years after using the ads and the affiliated revenue from existing videos within the channel.
  2. Gaining people to Subscribe takes time and consistent dedication. Buying a YouTube Channel would help exhaust years of effort of posting videos that will never be watched. Instead, you can continue where the original owner left off and immediately start marketing your business, brand, product, or services using your YouTube Channel. While knowing it will be viewed and your subscribers are going to acknowledge your content.
  3. Through, Buying YouTube Channels, your only focus would have to be to enhance your subscribers through your posted quality content rather than gaining subscribers and viewers from scratch. This is because a video with a high view count will attract even more viewers than one with limited or no views.

However, why are views important and part of the benefits of purchasing YouTube Channels?

YouTube Subscribers and Revenues

The reason video views are essential is that the whole Algorithm that runs YouTube is based on the viewers’ numbers on each video.

The higher a Video Count, the bigger the indication over the authority of the channel. When an audience on YouTube sees content with 100,000 plus views, they automatically put weight on the video content’s authenticity and quality even before playing the video.

Moreover, as mentioned, the YouTube Algorithm will prioritize videos based on their number of views.  The algorithm’s demographics will identify those with a Higher view count. They will then appear ahead of other videos in the search results on Google, YouTube, and the recommended video sections compartmentalized based on niche and interests for every specific YouTube User.

Henceforth, the purchase of well-established YouTube Channels with a large subscriber base will provide you with a higher view count right from the start and get you access to the revenue you want without putting in the gruesome effort.

Is It Legal To Buy A YouTube Channel?

Yes! Yes! It’s legal to be Buying and Selling YouTube Channels based on a Jurisdictional Perspective. Still, based on YouTube’s Terms of Services, there is a no-tolerance policy, and it’s prohibited.  Though, rest assured you wouldn’t be legally sued in the court of law.

Purchasing Assurance

To give you a bit of assurance of how legal it’s to buy a YouTube Channel, especially for a business, brand, or known creator, we can exemplify the global Multi-Channel Networks. MCN was built by procuring previously owned YouTube Channels.

Although it would depend on the route, you take in buying or selling a Youtube Channel. Even if you pick your channel from a verified Third-Party site on google, you should use a  reliable escrow service like Scrowise to rest assured that your channel exchange would be legally accomplished.

Issue Analysis of Purchasing a YouTube Channel

Problems of Purchasing An Account

The only problem that you would have to watch for in buying a Channel will be that if YouTube realizes that you have bought an account, they would immediately remove the account with all its traces from social media.

On the condition that this might happen and you have spent money buying the account, your expenditure would be lost upon the removal of the channel.

Solutions To The Problem

YouTube programming is unclear to us “Civilians” when it comes to an understanding how the social platform determines which account was sold and bought. Still, there are a couple of preventive measures:

  • IP Address – If you want to buy an account, make sure the IP Address isn’t halfway around the world, this will alarm you as fishy and might lead to an account suspension. Thus, get a Channel service that’s in the same country.
  • Niche and Interest Change – If the featured videos posted previously are very different from the niche and interest of the content you will post, YouTube will start to notice and get suspicious about how you acquired the channel. So, if you want to buy a channel from people, ensure it’s in sync with your genre bracket.

Although we will give you the benchmarks you should consider when buying an account, keep these two solutions in mind during a sale. This way, you have kept things legal, and your service as an owner of the new channel is insured.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A YouTube Channel?

To know the set price for a YouTube channel is very complicated. You can’t put a number to its worth without analyzing the vital selling points in the steps to buying a YouTube Channel.

Inspecting each step is necessary before you decide and identify how much the value of a channel is? And how much is it worth paying?

How To Buy A YouTube Channel?

If you want to Buy a YouTube Channel, you would need to consider many aspects before making a finalized decision on your purchase.

To make this process easy for you as a buyer, we will give you the step by step guide to buying a YouTube account and the details that come with it.

#1. Find A Seller

First off, you would have to find out where and from what source you will select the YouTube Channel you wish to purchase.

You could get the help of a reputable third-party site from google; that lists YouTube Channels for sale,  or you may want to look for a seller personally on your own.

Whichever way you go around and what route you wish to take first to purchase a channel, you should let an escrow service get involved in the transaction after you have made a choice.

#2. Considerations

To make the write selection in your purchase, write what you’re looking to find in a YouTube Channel. Search google to be clear about your needs first. You must identify:

  1. What are you using your YouTube Channel for? Is it a video blog channel, a review blog, or a fashion video blog post platform for promoting your fashion brand?
  2. Your particular Channel’s niche and interest,
  3. The number of YouTube subscribers you would need upon purchase.
  4. The revenue you want from the YouTube channel,
  5. What are we aiming to achieve from the channel? Are the YouTube subscribers going to subscribe to our newsletter, website, or purchase a product at the end? What’s our marketing strategy?
  6. The IP address that you want your YouTube Channel to come from.

Once you have the details you want, you can make your way to the next step.

#3. YouTube Subscribers Within The Channel

The YouTube Subscribers in a Channel are an essential criterion, but unlike what people might think, it’s not the main factor of a Channel’s value.

Since the audience who subscribe to a YouTube Channel may be fake, if this is the case, they will bring down a channel’s value even if their numbers are high.

Fake Vs. Organic Subscribers

Thus, to know how much a YouTube Channel is worth, we need to look at the number of real followers. That has genuinely subscribed to that account due to quality engagement factors rather than money given to subscribe to the said channel. Fake YouTube Subscribers will never give your video posts the views, comments, and likes you need to help your business.

Thus, to make money from your account and every click, like, and view you receive, it’s essential to know how many YouTube subscribers are within a channel you’re purchasing.

#4. A Monetized YouTube Channel

If a YouTube Channel starts generating good income profit, we would say the YouTube Channel is a Monetized Account. This criterion is first in importance when it comes around to channel value.

Usually, people who own a business, a brand, or a video blog channel wish to create a Monetized Channel. If you look to purchase a YouTube Channel, try to find a Monetized account to enable a sure profit per month.


If there are a million YouTube Subscribers in a channel, it will not make any money unless it has been monetization approved by YouTube.

Something is wrong regarding the way the channel might use video post, strikes, or copyrights on the condition that you find a channel with a significant number of YouTube subscribers but not a monetization approval.

The Pre-requisites Of Monetized Channels

A Monetized YouTube Channel with a monthly revenue has particular prerequisites set by YouTube:

  • Video Posts should have 4,000 hours of Views within 12 months.
  • The Channel must have 1,000 YouTube Subscribers.

Monetization Approval Process

If the owner who wishes to sell the channel hasn’t started the monetization approval process, don’t purchase the channel. Instead, ask the owner to begin the approval process before buying the channel.

#5. Monthly Revenue

Once you identify whether a YouTube Channel has been monetized, you would need to recognize the average monthly revenue from the videos to determine its value.

We would recommend to get and take the average Channel’s profit per month by analyzing the evolution of the said account over three months.

Channel’s Monthly Revenue

Analyzation of a channel is a better way of gaining insight into whether YouTube Channel Monetization produces enough monthly profit.

By analyzing your chosen channels through three months, you will gain insight into:

  1. Amount of profit gained per month.
  2. The Evolution of the Channels over Time and the amount of attention the YouTube subscribers may need.
  3. Your Return of Investment is based on the evolution and videos posted on the channel.
  4. Your Expectations regarding your profit, audience view, and subscribers.

#6. The Channel’s Age

The older the channel, the more authority it has over a new channel. Especially if the older channel has an active engagement level, it’s worth more as an asset.

Although you would have to ensure that it’s not an old channel that has been inactive. It should still produce the three months monetization profit before you let the transaction occur.

An inactive channel would mean inactive subscribers who might not know that the account still exists.

#7. The Strike’s History

On a YouTube Channel, the worst punishment for an owner is gaining a Strike from YouTube. This is because a strike could ultimately lead to the deletion of a channel. Strikes might arise for many reasons, but they’re practically always related to YouTube’s Copyright Infringements. Strikes don’t happen in one miss-step, and neither do deletion of accounts.

Deleted YouTube Channel

For an owner to get their YouTube Channel Deleted, you would have to have had three Strikes in three Consecutive Months. Only then your rights reserved will be revoked to reply to the three Strikes. When Strikes are given, they would mean that YouTube has validated the punishment, how it must be rectified, and enough reason for the channel owner to cause the given strike.

Do Consider that these sanctions aren’t permanent. They have a time limit of three months, which they disappear. Nevertheless, do consider strikes when you want to buy a YouTube Channel, especially if they have had their three strikes around the same time of selling or buying the channel.

#8. Number of Videos In A Channel

You would need to inspect how many videos and in what quality the videos are present in a Channel before deciding to buy the account. The higher the number of videos, the better each video’s quality, the Channel’s value, and the new legacy you could continue. Thus, the importance of the number of videos.

#9. YouTube Channel’s Audience Location

Whether you’re an owner of an organization, a brand, a blog, or an influencer, your subscribers’ location is essential. Your Channel’s audience location will determine how accessible your content will be when they search for it on Youtube and Google. Consequently, how many people will view, like, or click on your videos.

To buy a Channel with 1,000,000 subscribers from the U.S isn’t the same as buying a channel with 1,000,000 subscribers from India. Primarily if you’re located in the U.S, and what you wish to sell or promote is location-based. However, it’s mentionable that in the U.S, the Cost Per Mile is much higher than in other countries, so if you’re looking to earn revenue, do buy a YouTube Channel from the U.S.

#10. Face Affiliated With The YouTube Channel

Usually ignored Face Affiliation might be the most crucial aspect of Deciding whether or not to Buy a  Selling YouTube Channel. This detail could help or set you back after your purchase.

Channels with an associated personality can be a great revenue source for the original owner but problematic for the new one. It would be complicated to purchase an account with an affiliated face because the transition will be more challenging or even impossible to move from one owner to another after selling or buying a channel.

The channel would have gained its subscribers and its value through the videos representing the people associated with the YouTube Channel. Thus, if you were to change the people’s association from the channel, those subscribers and people may not want to be connected to the new Channel ownership anymore.

Henceforward, suppose you’re trying to select which account to purchase. In that case, it’s recommended to choose one without the associated face, so you can be assured that the transition to receiving your bought YouTube Channel would be smooth.

#11. Price Negotiations

Now that you’re done with your search for channels you like and have analyzed all the above steps against each one, you can negotiate with the owners to see how much they wish to sell. You can move to outreach and let the channel transfer begin.

Outreaching Finalizing Of A YouTube Channel  Transaction?

Every YouTube Channel might be associated with multiple emails, but it would have one primary owner. To make a good and secure transaction away from scams, you would need to involve an escrow website like Scrowise.

Scrowise Outreaching Finalization

Once you’re happy with the negotiation, to gain a safe and secure transaction between all parties, you must involve Scrowise, regardless of the website you use to purchase a YouTube Channel.

You can take this step personally, though it’s not recommended to sell and buy without an escrow service, mainly because it may be a scam.


One of the best websites on google is Scrowise; with $2.5 Million completed secure transactions.

To sell and buy using Scrowise, your negotiations are safeguarded from scams and fraud since it gives you the precautions and preventive security needed to sell or buy a YouTube Channel.

Scrowise will:

  • Safeguard transfers using customized service.
  • Ensure the Buyer receives their channel, and the seller gets their money.
  • Scrowise removes transaction Fraud.
  • Scrowise uses high-quality services and live-chats within a click.
  • Transactions are done in 24 hours.
  • They handle refunds in a few days.
  • Funds are secured, and
  • Chargebacks aren’t applied in cancellations.

All with a short click and sign up within Scrowise.

Nonetheless, whether you’re planning to sell or buy a YouTube Channel, assure you have taken a sheltered route through Scrowise.

Wrap Up!

Ultimately, guarantee you follow all the steps given in this article for a successful transaction to buy a YouTube Channel.

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