Why You Should Use Explainer Videos in Education

Know how to use explainer videos in education. The manner in which we work and how we live is now changed. In short, after this pandemic, our lifestyle has changed a lot. Almost double of the people are not working remotely and working from home since the pandemic started.

80% of the students are learning from home and at this stage, we want a good education system where everyone can be involved in education in any situation. Health is the biggest wealth in today’s age. Our only motive is not to educate everyone but is to make a world where everyone is learning safely without any health issues. Our most important motive is to make children capable of making their own careers. Explainer videos in education are a very powerful weapon.

 Because of the rise in learning from home because of this pandemic, all the educators, parents, and students are very much tensed about how they will learn effectively as they used to learn in schools and colleges.

Explainer videos have proven that they are best at explaining something difficult in a very understanding manner. Explainer videos are very much effective when you need a simple and quick explanation of any concept.

Today in this post, we will explore the way through which, we can make education easy by using explainer videos and why we should use explainer videos in the education system.

What exactly are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are the type of videos that are very much good at explaining something whether it is a product, service, or any mobile app. It’s difficult to convince a teacher to engage with students every time and also we can’t say to our children to engage with the lesson all the time, it really depends on what they are grabbing.

Engaging with the same type of lesson is so monotonic and we can’t be on the same track going on every time. To avoid this monotony, teachers manage various trips and motivational guests to engage children in studies but in situations of this pandemic, it is not always possible to invite a guest speaker and to go on trips. To avoid this, we have come with a new era of learning that is e-learning. Through E-learning, students can study from the comfort of their homes.

Animation educational videos are best for explaining something difficult and act as a substitute for teaching students. Animation videos are very good at creating engagement in students and it allows the student to make an image in their mind regarding their respective subject.

How are they useful?

Teaching logical subjects

Teaching science by the use of animation is the best way to quickly convince the abstract phenomenon and complicated processes to students in an engaging and understanding way. Whiteboard animation is the best that is commonly used in educational videos to make every concept image enable. Drawing hand-in whiteboard animation videos create a feel of a guide who is training you. Using 3D animation in explaining complicated things like machine learning and working model is very useful. We should try to create a video that is focusing on storytelling rather than high-quality visuals and motion.

Kids love animation

Cartoons are most lovable by children and that is why animation will work best on kids who want to know the basic concepts of their subjects and are unable to understand them because of complicated teaching. The use of animation helps students to develop and understand serious topics in their preschool age in a very funny way.

Help to train employees

Some companies’ terms and conditions are so hard to explain through text to the new employees. And that is why they need to use animation videos to explain their policies and procedures through explainer videos. Explainer videos are also effective in explaining every sophisticated software and make it easier to understand. If you explain the rules through explainer videos then it saves both time and money. It enables your staff to grab and initialize their work quickly.

They are versatile

Animation explainer videos are greatly versatile. They can be used on multiple platforms for multiple motives. You can use your explainer video anywhere; on your website, your social media platforms, seminars, or talks.

Can be used at school and college classrooms

Explainer videos can be used in classrooms to make difficult concepts easy. Data that is consisting lots of numbers and graphs can be easily simplified by animation videos. When teachers use animation explainer videos to teach any subject then it becomes 200% understandable.

Expand online presence

Online learning is something that is growing in every school after this pandemic. Animated explainer videos can be a part of the online class curriculum. You can use it for admitting new students and attracting them to the engaging content. Explainer videos can also be used to explain the curriculum to newly admitted students.

Academic Video clips for Customers of Online Solutions

If your company provides an on the internet solution based upon progressed innovation, it might be testing to discuss to its individuals how precisely your solution work and how they can benefit from various functions and performances.

A collection of computer-animated explainer video clips that cover various functions of your solution can be a great service to inform your customers, offer them simple detailed directions, and conserve them lots of effort and time. And if you choose to include some new functions for your solution, it is simple to modify your explainer video clips and make the required modifications to them.

Additionally, computer-animated explainer video clips are extremely flexible. They can be utilized throughout several media systems for optimal impact. That implies you can utilize your explainer video clip on your site, in your accounts on social networks systems, on webinars, as well as offline in educating sessions, workshops, or talks.


The over instances of explainer video clips have shown to be an efficient device for the brand names to discuss and inform how they can add to universities with miraculous efficiency, owning target markets to try their item immediately.

You as well can own your target clients to try your item by providing the chance to make an informed choice. It can all be finished with an easy explainer video clip that narrates your brand name tale, shows how your item/service can help the education and learning market right, and influence the target market to line up with the contact us to activity.

Take Activities

At What a Tale our group of expert authors, developers, and animators will assistance you produce such top-quality explainer video clips that will help you produce more leads, increase sales, pitch to financiers and produce a distinct brand name worth.

Throughout the years we have effectively provided numerous video clips for start-ups and well enterprise-level businesses like Kellogg’s, Cannon, Basic Hired Financial institution, NBD Financial institution, Uber, ICRISAT, and a lot more.

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