Why Is Visual Branding So Freakin’ Expensive?

When creating a visual design to represent your company, you are required to use a distinct logo, color or a color palette, fonts, shapes, and other elements to use over and over and consistently. Your brand identity is essential for the success of your business so being consistent in your visual branding is a must.

This will allow you to generate a recognizable and trustworthy brand that people are more likely to remember.

Seems easy right? But why is visual branding so expensive?

Developing a brand is more than just ‘designing’

When you are starting your business, having a logo and deciding the official fonts and colors to use are required. However, a logo becomes just a simple illustration, and the other elements you use become no more than just fillers for a design if they do not help in representing your company and its values.

Everything you decide for your brand must have meaning because once you decide on it, there’s no turning back. Your theme and logo will represent your company’s image and will translate your vision to customers. You clearly don’t want your brand to be misunderstood and reach the wrong people, right?

Hiring a professional designer is expensive

It is important to know that visual branding is an in-depth process. Having just an idea about what you want to have on your logo is not enough. Is your company vegan? Do you want people to see a distinct illustration or image in your logo? Do you want your logo to look trustworthy,? etc. For these ideas to be compressed into a small but excellent design, it will usually take hours of planning, sketching, drawing, revising, and squeezing one’s creative juices.

This is what makes visual branding expensive. The process of developing a high-quality brand design takes not only time but also talent and expertise. 

Why you should invest in branding:

Just by clearly defining your brand image and promoting it using the right communication tools, you will undoubtedly be able to develop your popularity and retain your customers. Here are more reasons why it’s wise to invest in branding:

1. Branding builds trust.

The first reason why branding is important is that it present your value to your customers. A good brand always signifies customers what to expect when working with you. Good branding will help prove the legitimacy of your business and build the values that you want to establish with them. 

If the brand image of the company has been well established, it will serve to positively influence the public perception of the company. Consumers who care about your brand’s message will not hesitate to walk through your store doors. Thus, your brand image helps increase your sales and build customer loyalty. 

2. Brand identity helps to focus and clarify things. 

The identity of the brand becomes your declaration of intent. Your pole star and positioning statement. It becomes an important thing that you can lean on when a “new big opportunity” presents itself to you.

Does this match who you are, what you want to offer and what your customers can expect from your business? Other things that do not match can be safely discarded. Never mind that it looks awesome. It doesn’t make sense if you cannot stay on track.

3. Go beyond unremarkable business transactions.

When using a brand with a good image, there is confidence and a “feeling” of security compared to using generic brands. This ranges from brand packaging to shop signage or web presence.

Same with B2B customers, the feeling of trust that whatever you buy, is what you get; the reliability, that this business supports you with mutual partnership for success and they won’t disappoint you.

A good brand builds a relationship with its customers, more than just getting your customers to sign a contract, swipe their cards or close a deal it goes beyond that.

4. A well-defined brand will guide advertising and marketing.

Without a well-defined and powerful brand, it’s nearly hard to know what to say to consumers. What follows is what some would call a “shotgun” method. You have to blow everything up (sometimes in the same ad) and see what is left. The problem, of course, is that marketing isn’t free. Whatever the basis of your business, brand marketing that is done properly and intelligently will always necessitate a financial commitment.

5. A compelling brand attracts the best talent.

People are drawn to companies that are good, do a good job, and earn. Everyone wants to be part of a winning team. These are the ‘sexy’ and ‘cool’ companies that people just want to work for because they are already big and influential players in their industry. Alternatively, they provide unbelievable advantages or, more often than not, do “the coolest job.”

A powerful brand will naturally position you as a winning company that does great things. And that means that when a candidate has to choose who to give their life to, they are likely to choose you.

Startup branding: how much does it really cost?

In these price lists, we are going to contemplate the price of the development of basic visual identity. That is the creation of a logo + a basic identity manual that includes the different uses of the logo, applications, versions, colors, fonts, etc., and a couple of pieces of corporate stationery. We could also just say the price of a logo, but we believe that a visual identity should never be developed without minimally developing the scope and visual context of the brand.

The price for a business rebranding development will be practically the same since all the elements of the brand must be worked with the same depth as if it were new. It should be said that any price is approximate and is subject to your opinion and is based on your knowledge of the market. However, we will try to give more real and usual prices on logos.

With that said, let’s look at real numbers on how much a logo costs in 2021:

  • Beginner freelance: $250.00 – $350.00
  • Experienced freelance: ± $850.00
  • Designer with a reputation: it will depend on the level of influence, but if it is a well-known figure, it can charge from $2,000.00 onwards.
  • Small Design Studio: ± $950 – $1,500.00
  • Small reputable design studio: + $2,000.00
  • Medium advertising agency: + $2,000.00
  • Medium company with reputation: + $4,000.00
  • Large agency: + $10,000.00 and above

If we take into account all the factors, we understand that a logo costs between $150.00 and $30,000.00 or even more. However, the normal thing is that the price is around the most intermediate figures, such as the ones we have given you above, if we talk about agencies or normal studies in terms of reputation. In summary, when you ask for a quote to know exactly how much a logo costs, you should take a good look at its conditions and be clear about what it includes.

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Save Money On Marketing By Branding Correctly

Good brand marketing is a window to saving money if we compare it with the high investment costs that traditional marketing needs. Paying for promotions and advertisements on the web or social media networks are very accessible options, which do not involve excessive spending and can yield very good results. Everything is based on knowing your buyer persona and the needs that your brand can solve.

If you want to improve the image of your business and generate more trust through a solid visual identity, you can try applying the information you’ve learned here to get started now! 

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