The Rise of Social Media Marketing during the Corona Outbreak

What is your business? Do you work in a traditional workplace? To What extent has your business suffered the outbreak of COVID-19?

In this post, we’re going to discuss the importance of social media marketing at this very period and explain how it can save your brand position in the market.

Social media

Phones are not merely for calling anymore. With around 3 billion users, social media apps on smartphones are outstripping the initial application of cell phones.

It’s becoming the number one means of communication, education, advertisement, and entertainment especially, during the outbreak of coronavirus.

Different kinds of social media platforms are attracting people with various attitudes. For example, TikTok is for short video sharing and is merely for fun. This is why Gen Z comprises TikTok main users in the world.

Also, LinkedIn has focused on professional activities and employment. So, many students, professors, engineers, designers, companies, and generally experts have an account on it.

As another example, Research Gate is solely for researchers who want to share their articles and findings. As you can see, any kind of activity has now a specific social media network.

Apart from the entertaining aspect of social media, it’s a great opportunity for brands to build their marketing strategies on it.

Social media marketing

Marketing is, in particular, one of the most important usages of social media. Companies never had such a simple and cost-effective tool for brand awareness in the past.

In fact, social media networks are not merely for socializing but are tools for business. Using it, you can connect with your audience, increase brand awareness, build a sales funnel, and drive traffic to your site.

This is specifically a good opportunity for small businesses that don’t have a considerable marketing budget.

Social media marketing is such important that all brands have their own strategy or even assign the task to social media marketing agencies.

This is why there are many advertised social media marketing jobs on the internet.

Corona crisis and financial recession

The new version of the coronavirus has perhaps caused the biggest economic crisis after World War II.

The thing is that physical presence in cities and workplaces is the most dangerous action during this crisis. And this is exactly the weakness of traditional workplaces.

We’re facing now an unprecedented financial recession which will have lingering effects for years.

The question is how we can reduce the financial loss and endure this circumstance. Social media is actually the number one way by which you can remain healthy and simultaneously save your business.

Social media marketing tips during the COVID-19 crisis

Every threat will definitely harm many people/businesses but may benefit some others. As it can be seen, COVID-19 can have beneficial aspects for many businesses.

Social media is playing a pivotal role in this matter. In fact, those businesses that are based on online platforms are the winners of this crisis.

The more physical your business is, the more financial loss you’ll endure during the corona outbreak.

By the way, social media can help all businesses to reduce the detrimental effects of the current recession.

Here are several tips for this situation:

Don’t panic

Panicking is the biggest mistake people can make during every crisis, especially a viral pandemic.

Financial markets are now under pressure and trading is beyond brand control. But please stay patient; things will hopefully get better.

Fortunately, the spread of coronavirus is gradually reaching its peak and the decrease in daily new cases will start. Then, the current downturn will stop and your business can grow again.

Lockdowns will soon be removed and your bottom line will start to rise. Of course, even after deregulation from lockdowns, you need to be careful when coming to the public.

Pull your weight

The best decision you can make during the corona outbreak is to prevent worsening the problem. Try to #Stay_Home and wash your hand 20 times a day at least for 20 seconds.

 If you can, try to help others with anything you have. No matter how much, you can pull your weight and contribute to solving the issue.

Of course, if you have a considerable amount of deposit, the best way is to donate some money to help harmed people.

Disinfecting your home, car, or even your workplace is another useful activity. A psychological effect of these activities is that you don’t think only about your loss.

Don’t forget your previous customers

Even if you’re not selling much during the current circumstances, you don’t have to forget your customers.

They’re your best chance for another comeback. If you gain the trust of people they won’t change their brand and will keep purchasing from you.

So, try to keep in touch with them during the situation, especially using social media. People will use the internet and also social media more than they used to in the past. This is exactly why the internet usage has skyrocketed recently.

If you can reach out to them and inform them of your future plan, they won’t forget you and will come to buy immediately after the crisis.

Increase your social media presence

As we said before, the number of online people is now more than every time in history. The coronavirus had gathered people on social media and this can be an opportunity for many businesses to get more followers.

The “Stay Home” strategy has made many people do their purchases online. Millions of people are searching for different keywords on Google and also social media.

This is the best chance to drive this traffic to your site and increase your online sales. Of course, you need to perform some adjustments on your content according to the current situation.

You need to use the full potential of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to get maximum exposure during the crisis. You can revise some of your policies for these networks considering the new circumstance. For example, you can’t continue with the same Facebook PPC ads you had before the crisis.

Generate educating content

The important thing during the crisis is that you need to avoid posting about some luxury and expensive subjects.

People need to read and watch something related to their substantial requirements. The best approach you can take is to generate informative content that is related to both your industry and COVID-19.

For example, you can generate content related to the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of disinfection in workplaces, social distance, the relation between your industry and the current circumstance, etc.

Then, you should share your content on all your social media accounts and also on your website based on a certain schedule.

This can bring traffic to your accounts and help you generate more leads even during the crisis.

Use themes related to the COVID-19 crisis

Social feed themes are becoming more and more popular among social users, especially on Instagram.

When you use a theme, visitors will be impressed immediately after they visit your feed. A unique and creative theme can help them distinguish your account from others’.

This can be of great use these days because people are sensitive about the coronavirus. So, try to make a theme related to COVID-19 to increase your viewers.

Take the time to revise your site’s SEO 

Apart from all detrimental effects of the crisis, COVID-19 has provided you with a break you need to make the most out of.

One of the most effective changes you can make during the COVID-19 outbreak is to revise your site’s SEO.

It’s good to review new Google’s policies for ranking and the newest techniques to reach better ranks. Try to include them in your content management.

For example, Do-Follow links have been recently subject to penalties and it can significantly change your search visibility.

Try to include COVID-19 and its effects on your industry in your content because it is one of the most searched keywords these days.

Increase your online packages depending on your products/services

Although many brands might not be able to avoid physical presence, numerous products/services can be requested online.

Do your best in online marketing, especially using social media, to get ahead of this sales competition. Smart email marketing with the list of your clients is helpful and brings return clients and more sale.

Remember that the global demand has totally decreased and you can’t expect to have considerable sales.

So, you need to offer various online packages to attract as many customers as you can and reduce your financial loss.

We tried to describe several tips by which you can decrease the financial burden of the corona crisis. Of course, social media management during such a crisis won’t be easy. Try to do your best and be hopeful about the future.

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