Instagram Features Shop Icon on Your Nav Bar

The 2020 Instagram is continuously updating itself. The new modification on Instagram Features the Shop Icon on Your Navigation Bar. Instagram is testing the new “Shop” Tab in the Navbar at the bottom of the Instagram screen. It’s Instagram’s latest addition to the social media platform.

With every change comes excitement, especially if it brings convenience. But Is; the new 2020 Instagram featuring the Shop Tab on Our Navbar going to create ease??? 

Shop Tab Featured On The Nav Bar

Through a Global Test, Instagram would be replacing the customary Heart Tab on the Home Screen related to your Activity Tab with a Shopping Bag to represent the “Shop” Tab for selected users. This Global Instagram Testing is only for selected users and so not yet a permanent Tab on Instagram.

Replacement of The Heart and Shopping Bag Tab

The Shopping feature has long been available to Instagram Creators Accounts. However, the conventional heart Tab will be replaced by Instagram with the shopping bag Tab for the select Accounts, whether they use a Creators or Personal Profile in their Instagram App.  

By having the new Shop Tab in Instagram’s navigation menu, you can easily tap on the tab and be directed to the Instagram Shopping Section of Social Media introduced initially in May.

It’s an attribute that acts as an exhibition platform for any brand marketing their product and profile to the general people on the Instagram Social Media App through their page, content, posts, stories, and feed.

The U.S and The World’s Shopping Platform  

The Shopping feature was originally only available to Instagram Creator Accounts to manage their profiles and products. Through this Attribute, the Instagram users with a business would get a media storefront where their consumers can see, choose, buy, and use their product without leaving Instagram’s App grid.

However, the social media giant is now testing the highlight within all accounts. It was initially made available to Personal Account users in the U.S to access the business and brand accounts they follow. Henceforth, soon users globally will have access to the Shop component content, no matter what type of account they own and subscribe to on the Instagram Application.

Former Vs. Now

The former Instagram Shopping was accessible in the Explore Section. However, now a dedicated tab is given to the Shop tab in the Navigation menu. Those who aren’t part of the test would still only have access to the Explore Menu Search Selection attribute. 

Reformed Version of Instagram Shop

The reformed version of Instagram Shopping differs from the previous classification, and so does the way we used to access it. Henceforth, because of the changes in its type of accessibility, the Navigation Menu Tabs’ appearance has changed respectively. 

But that isn’t all; there are two different versions and usages to the Instagram Shopping available to personal, business, and creator accounts alike. 

Different Versions

The two different versions of Instagram Shop Attribute have contrasting usages for people and social media users. A difference that’s contemporary in its concept, considering what it used to be. The two versions are:

  • The First and Newest Version addition to the navigation bar tabs located below the users’ Instagram Screen will allow all Instagram Accounts and Users to view products, brands, and businesses they most follow and have the highest engagement in their accounts.

It’s a personalized feed of the product, brands, page, company, posts, and that every specific user follows, a curated marketing platform made specifically for each select user. 

  • The Second Version of the Instagram Shop will be accessible in the Explore Search Tab. It is designated to surface products and sellers from a more comprehensive selection of brands and retailers.

In this version of the search tab, the products are filtered by the different information and categories they represent. For instance, Beauty, Clothing, Accessories, Home, Jewelry and Watches, and Travel, which makes the platform more accessible.

It would be designated to illustrate brands and their company based on location information, product similarity, top posts, stories, and video rather than just following user engagement.  Henceforth, users won’t necessarily have to follow accounts to take advantage of their products through their content, posts, or videos. It would just appear as a relevant section to their previously followed pages.

In both versions of Instagram, consumers may buy products directly from the Instagram Accounts or use the select links to be redirected to the retailer’s website. 

Why Do I Have The Icon On The Instagram App?

The purpose behind making these two versions a test rather than a finalized change in the Instagram Shop is to determine the prime way to initiate and launch the feature to everyone else globally in the future. 

The Instagram Users who are qualified for this test will find the heart icon and activity data in a different section in the Instagram App. 

Where’s My Activity Icon?

You might ask, Where would my activity data go on the Instagram App? If the activity icon is replaced with the Shop Tab.

Well, we can reassure you that it’s not gone; but instead relocated to a different spot. If you are among the selected users for this test, you can currently find the Activity Tab at the top right-hand corner of your home feed, right next to your direct message icon.

Temporary or Permanent  

You may worry that this modification will be permanent for the activity tab, just like removing the follower activity section. But all is good; this reformed version wouldn’t have the same scenario result.

This intended test isn’t for omitting the activity tab, but rather it’s an addition that would draw users towards the shopping aspect of Instagram. It supports the Businesses and Brands on Instagram by allowing their listed products on Instagram to be seen by consumers and marketed in a relevant feed.

How Do You Add The Shop Icon On Instagram’s Navigation Bar?

You might ask; how to add the shop Icon?

We would have to say that it isn’t something you could add, just like any of the tabs on the networking media app. Instagram is testing this shopping attribute. Thus, unless the test phase goes in the right direction, we might not see it on our nav menu or profile any time soon.

Pros and Cons 

The Activity Tab’s relocation changes might be disappointing, but the new addition has polarity towards its advantages.

  • A better platform for Business and Creator Accounts since Instagram would be a free storefront for displaying their products and through the new changes gaining increased engagement and consumers for their products. 
  • An easier way for Consumers to manage, see, evaluate, and purchase products from different businesses through their posts, video, and page.
  • A more comparable market and podium for different products and more intelligent and assured consumers’ choices.

Instagram Shop

To get on board and take advantage of this Instagram feature shop on your navigation bar, you would need to fulfill a few criteria. Including having:

  1. Subscribe to a Business Account both on Instagram and Facebook, 
  2. Create a catalog manager or connecting to one of Instagram’s supported market platforms for your company, and 
  3. Get a verified Instagram Business or Creator account, 

The above are all attainable by knowing how to open and set up your shop attribute on Instagram. 

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