8 Stats that Prove the Power of App Demo Videos

An app demonstration video explains the procedure of how an app works and illustrates the entire background in an understanding way. It is a captivating way to explain the application’s purpose and value to users. An app demonstration video is a kind of explainer video where an explanation regarding your application is generated. To understand the true power of app demonstration video, it is important to understand the concept of explainer video first.

8 Stats That Prove The Power Of App Demo Videos

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short Marketing video, made to represent the strategy of your company and the services provided by your products. It is a great way to communicate with customers and attract their attention towards your product so that a smooth generation of revenues starts in no time. Explainer videos are often located on the website’s main page or landing page to grab user attention instantly.

Explainer videos are a great way to introduce your product and explain its benefits. People find it easier to watch videos than read an entire essay regarding a product, and this is where explainer videos make an entrance. They make the work of companies a lot easier and help them generate huge revenue as well. 

Types of Explainer videos:

Whiteboard Explainer Video

It is a kind of video that is drawn with hands on a whiteboard to explain a phenomenon. It is an easy method with low cost which can also be made appealing by explaining style and tone. It is one of the cheapest methods to create an explainer video.

Animated Explainer video

This type of explanation requires the introduction of animation which can make the user experience fun and easy. However, there are different types of animations and it important to consider the facts and figures that which type of animation will attract the specific audience. They are often used to explain tech-related software or products. They allow the options to explore more creativity and complexity depending on the type of targeted audience and can also provide a great source of entertainment along with the information.

Live-Action Explainer Videos

It is another method to explain your product except that it uses a more realistic approach towards the explanation. It limits the team towards the real world and only allows them to approach the product in certain ways. But it also has its advantages. This method is used to explain a real product using real techniques which can also attract uses to have a real picture and inspire them to buy your product.

Stats representing the power of app demo videos:

  • Video content and its demands: 

Video content is enjoyed greatly by users throughout the world. These explainer videos target a specific audience and make their work a lot easier by providing them with all the required information. Statistics show that around 68% of people watch videos thoroughly while only 38% skim through them. This means that app demonstration videos have more chances of being watched thoroughly which enhances the learning experience of users, compelling them to buy your product. 

  • Video Marketing means more profit:

Explainer video production can bring a return on investment a lot more than what is put into the production procedure. Statistics reveal that around 88% of marketers are pleased with their video marketing revenue generation and app demo videos can help to represent the idea in the best way possible. App demo video marketing is a great way to generate huge profits due to its effectiveness. It is a good way for companies to reach out to their customers and attract them with the policies and turn viewers into potential customers.

  • Increase in purchasing decisions:

The decision-making of users comes down to the degree of engagement that an app demonstration video provides. Studies by Wyzowl have shown that eight of 10 users have purchased an application, after watching its related video. Including related videos in digital marketing, policy guides the users and attains their trust of making the right decision. Hence the reason purchasing decisions come down to demonstration videos and how well they explain the product to target audiences.

  • Increased traffic via digital marketing:

Digital marketing specifically explainer video production for an app proves that users are more attracted when facilitated with digital marketing schemes. According to Wyzowl, 86% of video marketers talked about the increase in traffic to their website using these strategies, while 94% claimed that explainer videos have helped their users to better understand their product and offers. This has directly helped marketers to increase their sales rate and the application sale rate has also increased because of the same reasons. These statistics prove the power of app demo videos.

  • Higher clicks on app demo videos:

App demonstration videos receive more clicks than simple marketing techniques or written platforms. This occurs because of users of the helpful nature of demo videos. A study revealed that demo videos received 41% more clicks than regular textual explanations while 4 out of 5 people think that these videos are helpful to watch. The human mind understands the spoken words and nothing can be more beneficial than a digital scheme to explain a point of view. Videos engage more people and help them understand every aspect but it is also necessary to generate attractive videos provided with effective style.

  • Rank in SEO:

Including an app demo video on your main page can help you appear at the top list of search engine optimization. This will give your application more recognition and the easier the experience becomes for users, the more they get attracted to buy your app or a design in your application. Studies reveal that a site containing an explainer video has 50% more chances to appear at the top of the search engine and gain more clicks and purchases. SEO helps to gather more attention because it shows your offers at the top of the list. Hence, it is important to keep SEO in mind when making app demonstration videos.

  • Way to reach out to customers:

In the end, everything comes down to an exceptional user experience that will help to generate more profit. A bad user experience will lose you a potential customer and the app development process may come to a halt due to a lack of engagement. Therefore, it is necessary to build a team of professionals who know how to attract users using app demo videos and ultimately lead them to make the final purchase. Studies have shown that around 63% of customers say that companies who utilize explainer videos, know how to reach out to their customers.

  • Chances of sharing with others:

If you are an app developer and want to let people make in-app purchases then chances are, you would also want them to share it with others. This will help your application to reach out to a vast audience and more user interaction means more purchases. Hence it is necessary to develop application demonstration videos in a unique and attractive style that can help you attain more users than usual. Studies have shown that 92 percent of mobile video viewers share the video with other people which can include family, friends, and other people who may have an interest in buying your product.


In a nutshell, it can be stated that application demonstration videos hold great power and have the ability to facilitate the users as well as developers to interact with each other and understand a complete point of view. But even this interaction can only be achieved if the explainer video can demonstrate the idea completely and thoroughly. A convincing tone is extremely necessary to hold users’ attention and help them make the final purchase. It all comes down to user experience and how pleased they are when they leave your app.

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