10 Reasons Podcasting is Becoming New Blogging

In the last few years, we are introduced to several platforms that support communication. In the past times, blogging was for real. Then social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have introduced us to micro-blogging. But currently, podcasting is considered to be the new blogging. 

With podcasts by your side, you can reach out to ever-engaging audiences, regardless of time and location. So, this article will describe why the podcast is emerging as a new technique of blogging

They are becoming very popular

More than 20 million listeners increased in the last three years. And 14 million additionally said that they are weekly listeners. This drastic increase in the number of podcast listeners proves the popularity of podcasts, and it is rising with each day passing. With the adding of podcasts by the music streaming services, the young listeners started to subscribe as well. 

Most of the listeners begin by listening casually but soon become weekly podcast subscribers. All these facts indicate that with podcast marketing, you achieve the potential to reach out to your customers on a weekly basis. If you can do it regularly, your brand will get exposed to more people. With the increment in popularity, your brand’s popularity will increase as well.

Podcasts boost website traffic

A podcast is potential enough to improve your website traffic. When you replace your blog posts with podcast episodes, it will still be able to showcase your value towards the people. Offer your customers helpful resources or experiences that your competitors lack. 

Give your audience a reason to listen to your podcast by highlighting your value. This also gives them a reason to pay a visit to your site. As you keep on building an audience and attract more traffic, no sooner you will be able to turn those individuals into paying customers.

Podcasts command attention

In the case of blogs, the readers may read them casually and give them the least attention. If the introduction is boring, the readers will not read any further. 

In short, even if they read it, they will be less attentive towards it. But with podcasts, listeners will have to pay attention for real, or else they may miss out on an important insight.

Podcasts are cost-effective

It is very easy to get into podcasts, and you need to spend the least. There is no requirement of investing in costly equipment to give a start. 

If you are creative enough with your smartphone and with few basic types of equipment, you can get your podcasts on the air and keep them running.

Podcasts are good for mobile marketing

It is the era of smartphones. A massive number of people stay in touch by using their smartphones. Moreover, a countless number of audiences listen to podcasts through smartphones. 

It is the best opportunity for individuals who want to make use of podcasting for promoting their brands and establish relationships.

Podcasts offer massive brand awareness

If you want to make brand awareness, you will have to share your podcasts on different distribution channels. The more times people see your company’s name online, the more likely it is for them to remember you better. 

When people listen to your every episode, it means they are getting immersed in your brand. After they have been through few episodes, they will start to remember your style, voice, company name, etc.

During the commute, people tend to listen to something to spend their time at ease. As they are not required to pay attention too much or read, you can take advantage of the moment to attract your audience’s time in such moments. 

But with blog posts, it is not possible to do so. For example, people will listen to your podcast while driving and not read it anyway.

This is similar to blog commenting sites as it brings massive visitors to the site.

Podcasts add variation to your content marketing strategy

People will get quickly bored with seeing your old content over and over again. Including podcasts add a variety to your content marketing strategy. Try to provide your audience with something exciting and new. 

If you are not getting responses through a blog post, try for a podcast instead. The audience will hear the excitement in your voice and turn towards you more in no time, which in turn will increase your subscribers as well. Moreover, when you begin to post regular podcasts, your audience will get excited about your upcoming content every week.

Podcast contents can be repurposed well

The best thing about podcasts is that they can be easily repurposed. You can easily convert your shows into blog posts. Over there, you can add your show notes if you would like to add more content to your site. 

Moreover, you can save the episodes on flash drives and CDs. This makes it convenient for you to give them to potential clients or partners. You may also opt for podcast editing services to give your podcast a better shape.

Podcasts enhance brand loyalty

When you break your content into different episodes, it encourages people to revisit every week. It is somehow similar to the breaking down of blog posts into a series. Segment your podcasts, and end it on a cliffhanger. 

It will help in generating loyal listeners or audiences who will always come back to your podcast for hearing more. And at the correct time, you can convert those listeners into loyal customers as well.

Podcasts are well-searchable

The content that is search engine optimized helps people to find out about your business online. Similar to blog posts, podcasts are also searchable content. It means that if an individual searches for your services or products, it is most likely that they will also come across your podcast online. 

From that point, you can provide your audiences with engaging and informative content. If you are enough potential to spark their interest, they might contact you to learn about your business and finally opt for your services.

Search engines look for interesting, engaging, and unique content. So, you will need to act according and upload new content regularly for making an impact besides blogging. With having podcast marketing by your side, you get the opportunity to offer your audience new and exciting content.

People nowadays are too busy to read a whole blog post. As soon as they realize that it is a blog, they will not click. But, if they notice a podcast link, they will click it and listen. Also, most probably, they will subscribe to your podcast channel if they find it useful.

Thus, launching a podcast will not only support your audience but can also skyrocket it. The more visitors you get, the better rankings you will have, and more people will find you easily online.


With having the correct podcasts on your site, you will be able to five a better exposure to your brand as you will be reaching out to your target customers every week. This continuous expose will help your brand to expand and reach new customers. Blogging was the traditional way, but by incorporating podcasts in it, you can make it livelier.

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